How To Turn $50 into $100.000 in less than 9 months: CFP with HansTheGreat

About Sascha aka Hansthegreat today:

He is the best poker player in Croatia, one – if not THE – best poker player at his limit right now in the world. He is a true inspiration not only for the BPC community, but for every poker player in the world who wants to achieve something great. However, it hasn’t always been like that…

Before Entering Coaching For Profits (CFP):

Hans has had a small success but he was a micro-stakes player with no real net worth. He would win some, then go semi-broke.

He was an early member of the BPC community. Had already improved a lot through the courses. And had a good month due to his ability to grind, but he did not make money consistently.

The challenge:
Start with $50 at the lowest limit (NL2) and work his way up

Here is a link to his blog on BPC, where you can read his fascinating story and every detail from day 1.

Not every community is as helpful and positive like BPC. However, this does not mean that we should not spread our positive message, because, among some negative people, there is always the silent majority of smart readers who will be inspired by you.

It did not take too long until somebody had a great piece of “advice”. The worst part is that most people would deep down agree with him and think he is “realistic” and “reasonable”.

What I want you to understand is that there are LOT of guys like that on forums. This guy had more than 300 posts, was a member for almost 4 years and talks like a parent giving “advice”.

I cannot tell you (the reader) how important it is to NOT listen to advice on forums, unless you know the poster is very successful. It is typically the hobby of some messed up idiots to post their poor people thought process, which sounds “reasonable” to many because let’s face it: MOST PEOPLE SUCK and will never achieve anything.



On of the first things Gordon told to Hans is that he can not listen to what the idiots on the forum will say. He has to develop the ability to ignore and/or do the opposite of what others say.
If you want to make money at this game, you can’t listen to the propaganda of the losers who never made any money in their life.

Here is what happened a couple months later (after a LOT of struggles which you can read in detail about in Hans’ blog):

And what happened almost exactly 9 months after he started with $50 on NL2 

This is the graph for the whole challenge. Keep in mind the $100k consists of $72k made directly on the table (see graph below) and $28k through bonus & rakeback.

Keep in mind that Hans made the MAJORITY of his money once it made “click” in his mind and he fully understood AND applied what his coach Gordon taught him. He played high volume, but as you can see for about 400.000 hands (!!!) , he did NOT make much serious profits.

400k hands seems like an eternity and there are a lot of students who “got it” faster, but i bet 99,9% of readers like the idea of $100k profits after 9 months , starting with only a $50 bankroll.

The point is, most people would have given up. But at BPC we are DIFFERENT. We keep on providing updates even when we’re not crushing from the first day on.

There is a reason why you don’t see publicly documented success stories from day one anywhere else. It takes a lot of dedication and absolute will to never give up. Another reason why students document their progress publicly on blogs is because if we just told the world the results without proof, nobody would believe it’s real.

Because we’re BPC, you don’t have to just hope we’re telling you the truth. It is all publicly documented on independent sites and we’ll present more of those success case studies to you.

You ask why we’re different? Well, there is a reason why you have never read anything like this somewhere else…


The (amazing!) result:
In just 9 months, Hans has turned $50 into $100k. 

Hansthegreat (left) with his coach and mentor Gordon (right) in his home country (Croatia) at the BPC Event in Dubrovnik

Hans’ final report:

Hans’ Report (with graphs) on his CFP challenge and the future


Hansthegreat on the $teezy Show (starting at 5:32):


What Hans is doing now:

He created his first poker course. It is probably the best course sold on BPC right now.

How To Crush Fish in 2015

He also continued to study and improve on his own, keeping 100% of the profits.

He is realizing his dream of traveling around the world and of course he still is an essential part of the BPC community.

Other players look up to him for inspiration and in a true BPC manner, Hans answers questions and gives a lot of free advice to those who are smart enough to listen.

Update: Hans has already reached $500k in profits!






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