How to go from playing microstakes to making $50,000 per month

You don’t often get a chance to hear the “inside perspective” of somebody who went from 6-max micros to the 6-max high-stakes.

Truth be told, most of these guys don’t want to reveal how they got to where they are today. Nobody wants to reveal his secrets that took him to the top.

I told you that our community is different, and we actively help each other succeed, and push each other to the top.

In the presentation below Atvars, one of our most successful 6-max students talks about his road from microstakes to the top and the obstacles he faced on the way.

Notable points in this video:

0:00 Introduction and Atvars’ story
7:55 What made Atvars successful
11:46 How learning and self-criticism helps
16:35 The importance of being obsessed, ambitious dreamer
22:16 His Coaching For Profits results and his opinion about goals
26:22 Why is poker so much better option than a regular job
27:52 Atvars’ first tip for success in poker – goals
32:31 Atvars’ second tip for success in poker – coaching
37:33 Atvars’ third tip for success in poker – perfectionism
43:48 Mistakes and how much those affect your game


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