Did you ever wonder why some players sound smart on the forums, but others make all the money with “simple” ABC poker?

Learn To Crush Fish From "HansTheGreat", The Real Crusher Who Went From $50 to $100,000 In Less Than 9 Months


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HansTheGreat reached $100k in 9 months starting with just $50.

He continued and reached $500k in profits after just a few more months.

In this course, he reveals the strategies he used to crush the fish and how you can do it too.


30 video lessons that teach you not only how to find and crush the fish, but everyone else at the table

HansTheGreat's Note Taking System

HansTheGreat's HUD


CHAPTER 1 - General

In this chapter, you will get an overview of the personalities of the player that we call "the fish".

Who is it, how many types of fish there are, and what are the particular 'obvious' mistakes they do that separate them from regular players.
Videos list:
1.1. The Fish (13:12)
1.2. Fish Species - Part 1 (22:19)
1.2. Fish Species - Part 2 (21:08)

CHAPTER 2 - Preflop

This chapter covers everything you need to know to have a rock-solid preflop game that gives you an easier time postflop with the fish.
Videos list:
2.1. Open Raising (21:08)
2.2. IsoRaising - Part 1 (15:16)
2.2. IsoRaising - Part 2 (25:10)
2.3. Limping (21:35)
2.4. Cold Calling - Part 1 (21:23)
2.4. Cold Calling - Part 2 (31:29)
2.5. Over Calling (21.15)
2.6.1. 3Betting (23:07)
2.6.2. Iso3Betting (21:53)
2.7. Squeezing (31:17)
2.8. Facing 3Bets (26:39)
2.9. 4Bet Pots+ (18:29)

CHAPTER 3 - Postflop

This chapter focuses on postflop strategy and starts with the general guidelines for the postflop play then expands in each individual lesson on the most common spots that you find yourself when playing against the fish.
Videos list:
3.1. Postflop General (09:36)
3.2. Facing Donk Bets - Part 1 (24:40)
3.2. Facing Donk Bets - Part 2 (22:56)
3.2. Facing Donk Bets - Part 3 (27:00)
3.3. Simple Betting (23:24)
3.4. Value Betting (20:43)
3.5. Facing Bets (16:29)
3.6 Check Raising (19:39)
3.7 Facing Check Raise - Part 1 (08:37)
3.7 Facing Check Raise - Part 2 (20:22)
3.7 Facing Check Raise - Part 3 (19:24)
3.8 Bluffing (19:38)
3.9 3Bet Pots (19:46)
3.10 HansTheGreat Note Taking System (15:13)

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HansTheGreat's HUD

You can download for free HansTheGreat's HM2 HUD. It's the same HUD he was using during the video lessons.

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HansTheGreat Note Taking System

There are some notes that can increase your edge over the fish even more.

With these notes you are able to take lines that normally you wouldn't be able to.

They can very frequently turn something that would normally be a spew or a very bad play into a genius move.

As a bonus lesson, Hans shares with you his note-taking system that helped him reach $100k and later $500k in profits.

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