How to Become a Poker Millionaire

This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with Bestpokercoaching (BPC in short) — and for those BPC veterans that don’t know where in the heck to find all our best content.

It’s also a road map of sorts.

You see — all poker players are at various levels of STUCK.  There’s just so much to learn.

From beginner to seasoned pro — we are all looking to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge. It’s our defining characteristic.

This page is here to help you locate the resources you need to master the game of poker. And it does NOT matter whether you play No-limit Heads UP, PLO, MTT’s or SNGs. The principles to success in poker have been and will be the same.


The System

It’s the same system every successful business (outside of poker!) uses to grow into a billion dollar company. It is the system that BPC repeatedly – with big success – uses to turn losing players and recreational players into big winners. It is the same system BPC uses to turn seasoned professionals into even BIGGER winners. It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate ecommerce. It is also the same system Pokerstars uses to dominate online poker.

This system works for everybody from newbies to seasoned poker professionals. It works for PLO, MTT, Holdem and every other type of poker.

This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of logic.

There are only three ways to make more money at poker:

  • Increase the number of hours you play (aka MINDSET)
  • Increase the average amount of money you make each hand  (aka POKER STRATEGY)
  • Increase the number of hands you play per hour   (aka PRODUCTIVITY)

The thing that holds all of those 3 parts together, we call it MANAGING YOURSELF. Because this sounds rather boring and not very motivating, we call it the “Poker Millionaire System” . The best poker players control and manage those 3 parts the best way. You should view yourself as the manager of yourself. 

This might sound a bit schizophrenic, but you get the idea.

Read this page + explanation of our system carefully.  Read it multiple times and commit it to memory.

This is the stuff they don’t teach you anywhere else.


Here are the steps:

    1. The Poker Mindset
    2. The Right Poker Strategy
    3. Productivity
    4. Just do it
    5. Coaching For Profits

We’ll examine each of these steps in the process on this page and point you to the resources we have available to understand this on a deeper level

Some of these resources are freely available on the BPC Blog (LINK LINK).  Other resources are for sale in the form of poker courses (video courses and poker e-books) or by becoming part of our elite team by joining the Coaching For Profits program.


Step 1 – The Poker Mindset

Increasing the hours you play

There may be nothing more important than having the right attitude or poker mindset simply because every other part of the process is dependent upon the ability to PUT IN THE HOURS when it is needed.

No amount of knowledge and advanced poker strategy will help you if you’re not willing to put in the hours needed. It’s like having a Ferrari in your garage, but never using it.

Maybe you are confused because you don’t see how “mindset” and “playing many hours” connect. Stay with me and read further and i guarantee you’ll have a revelation. The simple truth is that somebody who puts in double as much time as YOU has AT LEAST double the edge. And you’re here to look for that edge, right?

The question is HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT ???

Now it is time to become BRUTALLY honest with yourself. The answer to the following question will not determine IF you are successful at poker, but HOW FAST you will succeed. Here is the question:

1) WHAT are you willing to do in order to become a better poker player:

a) Invest 20hours per week

b) Invest 40 hours per week

c) Invest 60 hours per week

d) Invest 80+ hours per week, move to a different country, live on an absolute minimum budget if needed

e) Do all of d) , quit your job + upset your family/friends/girlfriend + sell your mother in law


You probably guessed right that if you answered e), your chances of super fast success are really high, because you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes. Well, selling your mother in law was not meant to be serious, because i assume you’d do that for free without hesitation 😉

Some of you might ask yourself: What about some “balance” in life?

You’re messed up and should definitely read the article:

You might also think that mental coaches are important and that you have psychological issues. Well, to keep it short, i do NOT believe in any of this crap. If you are paying money to any mental/psycho coach, FIRE THEM TODAY and save yourself some money.

This mental stuff is for the top 1%. The high performers. It is called high performance coaching for a reason. There is a 99% chance that you are NOT a high performer (yet). BPC will turn you into one.

Still not convinced? You can read more about the scam of mindset coaching

If you don’t agree (yet), no worries, let’s move on. The one thing we can agree about is that if you want to improve your profits that you make at poker, you should go to people who have DONE IT (BPC!!!) and NOT to those who only TALK about it.

Motivation gets you started, Habits keep you going

Your poker mindset is closely related to the hours that you are willing to put in. Why? Look, you have 24hours each day. Let’s deduct 7 hours for sleep and 2 hours for eating. That leaves you with 15 hours of disposable time that you have control over.

How much of that time are you wasting? Depending on how honest you are, that number will be a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 15hours.

Why are you wasting this time? There are several possible reasons:

  • You are surrounded by and spend most time with mediocre people, perhaps even losers
  • You have low expectations and believe that 4 hours of play each day is all you can do. Some broke asshole coaches (who sound very Zen!) might even tell you that this is how you should do things
  • No reason WHY. Maybe you’re somewhat comfortable at where you are in life right now
  • Nobody has told you what exactly to do (that excuse goes away after today!)
  • You have other commitments that you don’t like

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you can fix all of those issues.

Here is a checklist of things you can do TODAY to increase your profits:


  • Put your DREAM FUTURE into written words (aka i will have 10million by 2016, i will play NL400 by October etc)
  • PLAY MORE (very deep and surprising lol)
  • Eliminate all people out of your life who are an obstacle to your DREAM (whether that is poker or anything else)
  • If you are too comfortable with your current money position (1st world problem, but our head coach Gordon suffered from this), then find a way to RISK it all in order to grow. This is NOT advised for the newbie/poor, although the hard truth is that they don’t have much to risk in the first place (What does a poor person have that a rich person wants? => NOTHING 😉 )
  • If you don’t have exact action steps, read the free resources on this site and buy premium courses/products. If you are very serious about this, join the coaching for profits program
  • Time track yourself ( is a free tool for this) for one week. EVERY single hour. After the week go through it and compare it to your DREAM FUTURE and cut out EVERYTHING that is in the way. You’ll be amazed how much extra time you will have. It will not be easy, because most people do not want to face the brutally honest truth on how they waste their time


If you have followed these steps, you will have enough time so you can implement the things you will learn in step 2.



Increasing the average profit that you make per hand


This might shock you but you DO NOT have a poker strategy problem. It is rather easy to gain new knowledge in poker. It is not rocket science or advanced physics. Contrary to what you are told, the math at poker is also rather easy and actually non-existent up to a certain level.

As you know, there are about a hundred different poker training sites out there with tens of thousand of videos. The REAL problem you have is finding the RIGHT material that actually works. If all those videos were great, we’d see a lot more successful players, right?

If you want to become the best poker theoretician, you should absolutely NOT get involved with BPC. If you want to make the most amount of $ in the shortest time, then you’re at the right place.

Now would be the time for me to tell you that i really don’t like to brag, but that i have to show you some results of our students – just to prove that our material works.

Well, the truth is that we do like to brag with the results of our students. It’s completely fine to be proud of good work. We work so hard, we sweat, we cry and fight. I’m sure deep down You like to brag – or at least receive admiration for the good work you have done. Many people pretend to be humble – while very few really are.

Before we start proving you that our stuff works, I want to make sure that you know that my admiration goes to the STUDENTS who have done it. THEY played, THEY had to fight the tough fights. BPC simply provided the tools and environment to make it happen.

Well, the main point is to show you that our material works. I simply want to get this out of the way so we can now focus on what matters to YOU, the RIGHT poker strategy.

Here’s why the right strategy matters…

What if I told you that every time you play a hand, you make $0,10 profit if you follow a specific strategy?

All you would now have to do is play 100.000 hands each month and you’d make $10.000 profit every single month. Because you have solved Step 1 (Mindset), you will be able to put in the hours needed to play 100.000 hands (or whatever the equivalent is at MTT’s, SNGs).

What if you improve your strategy (or move up in limits) so that you profit $1 per hand. With only 50.000 hands played each month, you’d be looking at $50.000 profit.

To show you how important Step1 (Mindset) is. If you play only 10.000 hands per month with a $1 profit per hand, you’re only making as much money as the person with $0,10 profit per hand although you are a 10 times better player than him !!!

Ok, but you’re probably asking me, HOW do you make 10cents profit per hand in the first place. The system to get this done is always the same.

There are 3 different stages:


NOOB = Does not understand much, although thinks he does. Needs specific charts and standard lines, because they are still better and more successful than his “own” theory of things. Needs discipline to follow them

Price range for premium strategy products: $1- $100  

INTERMEDIATE = Mastered the standard lines and charts. Understands the advantage they gave him, but also their limitations and understands in which situations he should adapt and deviate from those standard lines. Is learning to weigh the factors involved in making a decision

Price range for premium strategy products: $70- $500

PRO = Understands each situation and the factors involved at a great depth. Is a master at weighing those factors and understands the underlying math at a deeper level and knows how to utilize it in unclear spots

Price range for premium strategy products: $1000 – $100.000

So where do you see yourself:

Noob: Losing player OR making up to $2k/month regularly

Intermediate: $3k-$10k/month regular income

Pro: $10k+/month regular income

I know you might not like to read this part. I could have created a different ranking, because most of you will fall into the n00b or intermediate category. Those of you who are students of BPC know that this ranking is already very soft, because we actually have high expectations of you. We KNOW that you can do 10x better than you think of yourself

HERE are some free articles/video/quizzes for each level

Ok, i assume you have read our free material or had the courage and ambition to get yourself a premium product. What to do now? How do you turn new knowledge into more MONEY



How To Increase The Number Of Hands Per Hour – Without Losing Quality 

You have probably asked yourself what the big difference is between Step 1 (the ability to play as many hours as possible) and Step3 playing as many hands per hour as possible. Doesn’t Step 1 also count as productivity?

Fair question. It seems like it is a very similar skill, but actually it isn’t. It is the same difference between going to the gym in the first place and lifting more weight every time. Those are two different skills.

BEFORE you can lift some weights, you need to GO to the gym in the first place. Many people struggle with this step. Before you’re not in the gym, you can’t even lift 1 pound.
We could also say that Step1 is about HAVING an hourly rate in the first place, while in Step2 we IMPROVE the hourly rate and in Step3 we MAXIMIZE it.


The biggest secret to higher productivity is AUTOMATION.

Most people got brainwashed by bad coaches into thinking that auto-piloting is a BAD thing. Well, imagine all your automated decisions are GOOD.

All of us have a LIMITED amount of energy. When i talk about energy, i am talking about the fuel in the car that keeps the motor going. When you are exhausted, you are low on energy.

Even if you have HUGE amounts of Energy and a good stamina, you are still LIMITED. Maybe limited only after 16hours of play, but still limited.

This means that conserving this decision making energy and only using it when really needed is an important skill to develop. Maybe you’re not convinced, but you’ll see that i’m right after thinking about the following:

How would your life look like if you thought every time you walked and breathed? If you always had to think how exactly to move your feet etc… you would not have much energy left for anything else in life.

In poker the equivalent would be having pocket A:spade: A:club: and thinking for 10 seconds on what to do. It would be a pity if you would waste all your energy on this type of spot and then you’re in a hurry and have no time left when your opponent puts you to the test for a full buy-in or even your tournament life.

This is an extreme example, but my point is that if you are able to automate MANY simple spots & recurring situations, then you will have the energy and time needed to solve the more complex situations.

Every successful multi-tabling grinder knows this (subconsciously). The famous Nanonoko is a master at this.

Here are some specific action steps that you can use and apply to your game today:

* Master all standard situations that occur frequently so you can solve them in a technical way WITHOUT having to think. Start with preflop spots. The minimum you should know are your standard preflop opening ranges. The level of mastery you want to have one day is BLINDLY knowing on how to react to more complex preflop scenarios WITHOUT having to think much

* When you multi-table, only look at each table ONCE. ONE TIME, look, think quickly, make a decision. The only time you are allowed to move to another table (with your mouse and eyes!) before having made a decision is when it is a super – huge decision (all-in spot or something similar). Then you can quickly decide on other tables so you don’t time out

* NEVER time-out. NEVER. Always stay in control. Rather make a bad “active” mistake instead of leaving things to fate and timing out. If you time-out too often, then you’re playing too many tables

* Go outside your comfort zone. If your normal number of tables is 6, then try 8. You will see that it will become normal to you at some point. If you can only play one table at this moment, you need to automate more decisions!!! 

What is more important, Quality (step 2) or Quantity (step 3) ?

This is not a very easy question to answer, because a good/easy question has a measurable answer.  At BPC we like to measure things.

What is heavier, 1kilo of stones or one kilo of paper ? (Think for a bit 😉 )

The truth is that after a certain level, talent becomes important at poker. That level starts to come in at around $10k+ monthly profits. Soon some people will find out that they got a great talent at step3, but are only “very good” at step2. Others will not like to play too many tables, but their game has an incredible quality.

There is no real answer here besides “whatever makes you more profits”. Keep in mind we’re talking on a very high level. I do NOT want to see micro stakes players pretending to have any of those problems. That is like a 200kg guy taking high performance marathon running training.


Step 4 – JUST DO IT. Improve it. Rinse and Repeat

You literally got all the “theory” that you need. Now it is YOU who has to go out into the wild and DO IT.

There is no deeper science behind this than to actually just f***ing DO IT!

Everything that you can think of in order to NOT start NOW, TODAY is a pathetic excuse.

“Let me just wait until i have my new apartment”

” Let me just wait until i have a 1k bankroll”

” I can’t start right now because of xxx “

There is no such thing as an excuse. It’s your internal bullshit that holds you back. You might believe your own bullshit, but for every reason why you can NOT do it, i can show you a minority, supressed, one-legged, blind person with arthritis and carpal tunnel, who DOES IT ANYWAYS!



This step is only for those who are extra-ambitious. You can become rich and make decent money by following step 1-4. But some of you lack the discipline or have other leaks that are obstacles in your way to the first million.

Coaching For Profits is the ass-kicking program and the flagship program of BPC. It is the fastest way to succeed and to get where you want to be in poker. Unless you are regularly making $20k+ each month, this program will speed up your success like nothing else.

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