How To Beat Procrastination Forever in 3 Minutes

Guys, it’s really easy. I have mentioned before that procrastination happens because

YOUR COMFORT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR DREAMS

Maybe you don’t have dreams? Maybe they are not big enough so you can achieve them by doing nothing.

Ok, either way, even if you don’t have dreams, there is a very old method that works in 100% of cases.

THIS METHOD ALWAYS WORKS. You might be too much of a pu$$y to try it out (because you already know the truth deep down!!!), but it does work:

  • Step 1: Define a task you need to get done and add a date to it
  • Step 2: Send an amount of money to a friend
  • Step 3: The friend controls if you have done the task and only then will he return the money. If you have not completed the task 100%, he is NOT allowed to return you even 1 cent.

Some people will be so apathetic that they don’t care about the money lost. They lack complete ambition if they let the money go. The real problem they have is that they still have enough to be mediocre. Those people need a big electro shock to be woken up!


My advice:

Repeat this process until you are completely broke. If that’s what you have to do, this is what you have to do. Now if you give some “good parent” advice of how this is irresponsible, let me ask you about the alternative…? I’d rather be a bum out on the streets than wasting my life. I don’t know what the real difference would be anyways.

Watch the movie SAW

Worst case: You will be broke, but at least you have fast forwarded your life and you understand that you really don’t care at all about money and/or achieving your goals

Best case: At some moment you will wake up and realize that you can’t continue like that. There are quite a lot of famous & successful people who have once been homeless. You can read this article in case you don’t believe me.



3 Advanced Strategies (RICH PEOPLE ONLY):

Some of us have some personal pride and honor going on. This means that if we give our word, it is motivation enough to keep it. We would never give random bs excuses because of our word and trust that people put into us mean something.

1) Here is something that works for me. I work quite well under pressure and can get a lot of things done. Actually, I love working under pressure because it makes me feel more alive. So whenever I procrastinate, I know that there is not enough pressure for me to get something done. In this case promise somebody to get task x done by day x. It is a softer version than the strategy outlined above, but it works quite well for those who would not use bs excuses

2) Artificially lower your available liquidity of money

Let’s say you’re earning 10x more than you really “need” (aka what you are currently spending). This sends a message to your brain that you already have more than enough and don’t need to work hard.

What you can do is lock up your money in the most illiquid way possible (buying a house, apartment… locking it up in a way where accessing the money would cause a lot of pain and work… ideally more work than is needed for you to finish the task you’re procrastinating on!!!

3) Buy stuff and increase your lifestyle in order to match your income

Yep. This is rarely advice you hear because the wannabe “good guys” with “solid advice” would tell you to save a lot of money, right? Well, I’m not against saving money, but if your relative level of security leads to you becoming lazy, for what reason do you save the money in the first place?


Well, all of those strategies, simple or advanced are not really needed if your passion and dreams are big enough. But hey, the truth is that not all of us are reincarnations of Carnegie, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk.

So for all of us mortals, we can use these strategies to get closer to where we want to be.

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