Heads Up student topped the rankings with €15k in a month!

Another Coaching for Profits student is crushing at the tables. And this time he topped the rankings for the 2nd time! Congratulations Alessandro for making incredible 15k euros in January! What a great result.

Alessandro is currently living in London which is a cool place but it is extremely expensive, in his opinion. He also likes the environment over there, because it is mentally stimulating. But he is planning to come back to Italy and then start traveling.

And, as usual, we made an interview with him, check it out!

How do you feel about making 15k in 1 month and having topped the rankings?
Nothing special really, I want to stay humble and focus on playing well.

Do you think this is something that anybody can do it? What does it take to achieve this mark at poker?
Yeah definitely. Again, I do not think it is anything special, just work hard and with time it will happen. It’s all about giving up on what you are for what you want to become.

What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?
Putting the hours, no doubt about it (I am the first one who doesn’t work hard enough). In my opinion, you always need to stay hungry while being grateful for what you have.

What is the biggest difference from before and after you joined the NL Heads Up program?
I almost always know what to do in specific spots, the program is quite in depth and help you analyze any type of spots. I still make loads of mistakes but I also have awareness of them.


Can you list 3 things that you learned after you joined BPC?
– Being part of a community helps a lot, especially in bad moments. Even for people like me who are introverted.
– I can play poker full time.
– The more you put in the more you get out of it.

How do you like the structure and materials of our programs?
I like the fact that whenever I want I can study and get better, this means I can go and post/comment hands and other people will always help. The same applies to the studying material, everything is recorded which gives us a huge database of videos to continue to study whenever anyone of us feels like it.

We heard that you are considering to quit your job and focus only on poker. This is a big step, what are your plans from now on?
That’s right, I just did it. The plan is to travel the world while playing poker, I can’t wait to start.

Congratulations Alessandro! Thanks for you time.
Keep crushing and good luck on your jorney!

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