Hard work pays off! Interview with Tucka, our €60k NL 6-Max CRUSHER finalist

Every person’s dream is to turn his hobby into something that one can live off. Tucka, our NL 6-Max CRUSHER finisher proved that these aren’t just dreams, it can be our reality. But don’t start thinking that it’s all fun. Sometimes ‘all work and no play’ could make Tucka ‘go crazy’, but he never thought of giving up. He shared his history as well as some of his secret ways to success that will help not only newcomers, but the ones who are already in the middle of their poker struggle.

Tautvydas is a 28-year old player from Lithuania, used to work in accounting and played poker part-time as a way to relax. The way things were back then you can even hardly  call a hobby, more like entertainment. (much more productive than watching TV, as it turned out).

But one evening, one simple  assumption changed everything. Here is what Tucka shared with us when we asked what made him start taking poker seriously:

After losing 2 or 3 heads up matches to the same guy at a tiny home game Sit&Go at university years ago, I got suspicious that it might not be luck and he is owning me! 🙂 We finished the game around 3am, I went upstairs to my room, found some videos on Youtube and got hooked on improving in this fascinating game!”

On that night, he stayed up until 8am watching video and learning more about poker.

For the next 2-3 years he played S&G and MTTs until working full-time and progressing through his professional career and tournaments schedule did not match well.

“At that time, I decided to move to online cash. After trying to learn on my own for a few years, I got stuck at 25nl and then chose to join BPC 6-max Micro program. “

No success comes easy, all players have their downtimes. Some can’t handle the pressure and quit. Tucka on the other hand, had his fair share of mental blockages and limiting beliefs.

“Many things required significant effort and time to be changed. Perhaps the biggest one was to substitute “my poker logic”, i.e. how I like to play the game and what feels comfortable/safe with the, as Asimos calls it, “Poker logic”, i.e. equity, ranges etc.”

He never thought about giving up because he always knew that there is a solution to any difficult situation. So he turned to his coach (Asimos) for help.

“If you can’t solve it yourself, find someone who can help.”

This is a part where Bestpokercoaching comes to the rescue. We don’t just offer a program and leave our students be. Our coaches support everyone and help students with their struggles. Tucka had many coachings with Asimos where they fixed leaks, improved mental game, and many more.

What might also come hard for someone who is starting their poker career is to find support and understanding from friends, family.

We all can agree that people tend to be skeptical when it comes to poker. Most people still have prejudices regarding poker, all think that it’s nothing more than gambling and pure luck. But luckily for Tucka his family is not as conservative.

At the beginning they were a little unsure of my choice to start playing the game more seriously. That changed when they saw the long hours I was putting in playing and the professionalism/work ethic required for preparing and attending the coaching sessions.”

And that’s what we tell all students. If you want to be successful, put in the hours and the work. Now you see it being said again by someone who made it.

And if you want proof, just look at the graph below. For 600k hands his profits were close to nothing. But he never gave up.

Poker is where learning can be fun and bring you joy, not only by becoming smarter and absorbing new knowledge, but also by earning real money!

Tucka told us that one of the highlights in his career was earning his first (close to) 5k EUR month. And that was not all. Before finishing the program Tuka was very close to his first 10k month hitting an 8k EUR profit.

“And there were a lot of “little” highlights when you learn something off the tables and it works in game – that feeling never gets old ;)”

Tucka is a successful full-time poker player for over 2 years now and we asked him to share some advice for those who only start their BPC journey:

“The learning process, and profits, work exponentially in poker. Therefore, suggest building one’s game slowly on a strong foundation from one source. It is very important to learn from only one source at the beginning as it allows you to have a consistent thinking process with no contradictions. You have clear understanding why you do X but not Y. Simple logic to start with and add layers of advanced stuff over time. BPC is great for that! ;)”

Tucka is not only a great player with a big future ahead of him, but a good teacher as well. Being close to finishing his contract, he started coaching other students as well.

Now, he is keeping all the profits to himself while also coaching  other students from the 6-max Crusher Advanced group and helping them reach his level.

Nobody promised that success comes easily. As Malkolm Glandwell said: “If you put 10,000 hours of practice into something, you can become an expert”. It might take more or less time, but the principle remains: only deliberate effort can make you an expert.

Success depends on you. But it’s important to find a way that will lead to it no matter what. And that’s exactly what we do here at BestPokerCoaching.

Congratulations Tucka!

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