HansTheGreat graph compilation

If you’ve been around Best Poker Coaching for a while, you have probably read about HansTheGreat’s story.

If you’re new and haven’t read about it yet, I’ll write a short version for you.

Before starting the challenge that would change his life, HansTheGreat was playing poker based on some courses he got from Best Poker Coaching. 

He had some small success but was not winning all that much.

Hans challenged Gordon by teasing him about only “making HU players win”. This was a reference to the famous “Imachampion” and other HU players. Imachampion went from Zero to Hero, making 100k in 9months.

Gordon declined, but Hans stayed persistent. Seeing how dedicated Hans was, Gordon proposed a challenge to him:

Start playing NL2 with $50 bankroll and turn it into $10.000.

That was an easy task for him. The second part of the challenge was turning the $10.000 into $100.000.

With his dedication and work ethic, he finished the challenge very quickly.

In fact, the turned that $50 starting bankroll into $100.000 in just 9 months.

Hans getting his award from Gordon, and then both celebrating.

And he didn’t stop there, he continued after the program on his own. He hit $250.000 and recently reached $500.000 in winnings.

Hans has always been very active in his blog, posting results and graphs.

And as I promised in the name of the article, I’ll show you a compilation of his best graphs!

When you grind a lot daily, you can always get some sick results in a very short period of time.

HansTheGreat hit some results people wish to get in a month in just a few days!

6.7k in 3 days (Challenge Days 186, 187 and 188)

7k in 3 days (Challenge Days 122, 123 and 124)

8.4k in 3 days (Challenge Days 176, 177 and 178)


There are also results for longer periods of time.

Check some of his monthly graphs:

August 2016

September – October 2016

November – December 2016


And of course, there are some milestones:

Hans graph after finishing the $100.000 challenge.

1 million hands graph after starting the challenge.

2 million hands graph after starting the challenge.

Graph after finishing the $500.000 challenge.


These graphs are absolutely insane!

Results like that just come to show that if you work hard enough, nice things happens.

But don’t think it is easy. Even for Hans, the road to success was difficult.

If you check his graph in the $100.000 challenge, you’ll see that he broke even for 400.000 hands before start crushing.

If things are not going very well for you at the moment, just keep pushing, keep studying.

Eventually, hard work and dedication pay off!


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  1. Gordon Gekko
    Gordon Gekko says:

    When you have to push a student to take a day off when they are so sick and can barely speak… (HANS!!!!), then you know you got a winner.
    Some crybabies in the program need to meditate after 2 hours and go to Mommy after a bad beat.

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