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Meet Hans, he started in our poker coaching program on NL2

That’s not his real name, but he is known as “HansTheGreat” in the online poker community. 

He started playing 6-max on NL2. And only 9 months later he was finished with the $100k coaching program.

Hans was a 24-year-old IT student when he joined our coaching program.

He liked poker, and like many guys out there, he tried many “advanced” methods and all the other stuff that you can find on the internet.

You know what we are talking about.

Forums, training sites with videos, books… You have probably tried many of them yourself.

And, if you are like Hans and 99% of the other poker players out there, they also didn’t work for you.

They might teach you how to avoid losing money, but that’s not what Hans wanted. He wanted to win.

So he got fed up with all this and joined what he considered to be clearly the best coaching team out there.

Yup, that’s us.

When he joined our coaching program, he had a bankroll of $50.

He started playing 6-max on NL2, the lowest of the microstakes.

9 months later he was finished with the $100k coaching program.

hans graph

 For a shot of Hans’ play, here’s a hand review from Gordon with Hans’ hands:


With BestPokerCoaching (in short BPC), Hans turned $50 into $100 000 in 9 months!

This was all publicly documented on his blog from day 1, by the way.

And Hans didn’t stop there. He has already reached $500 000 in profit!

If that got your interest, you can read more about his story in his blog post here.

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