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Any Automation Tool
15k Hands

Any New Courses
25k Hands

Any Bootcamp
50k Hands

Any Masterclass
100k Hands

How To Get Started?

How To Get Started?



Download the Poker Apps and create an account

There are 2 Apps you can get

PokerBros app from GooglePlay or Appstore and create your account.

SupremaPoker app from SupremaPoker.net and create your account.

You can download any of the two or both.



Join BPC's Recommended Club

After you create your account and log in, click on the Magnifier Icon to Join A Club

Enter these details:
Club ID: 23083
Referrer ID: 960608

Enter these details:
Club ID: 1083800
Referrer ID: 354677



Deposit and start playing to collect hands

Contact @BPCApps on telegram to get accepted into the club and get your first chips in.

That's it! You can start collecting hands.

>>Click Here To Contact BPCApps Admin


Contact @BPCApps on Telegram or write to support@bestpokercoaching.com

Yes, they are very safe. And your deposits are guaranteed in case the site goes down or something unlikely happens. 

You can deposit and withdraw money via different methods like Paypal, BTC, Neteller, Skrill.

The short answer yes. But you will need to purchase a license for that (not from BPC). It is useful if you are playing high stakes, but not that needed at micro stakes.

The site has a tagging system by itself which can help you identify easy opponents with 2 clicks.

At the moment only China and Belgium (only on SupremaPoker) are restricted to enter the apps.

No. If you’re already a player on the apps, we will note the current number of hands you have there and count from there.

If you’re new, there’s nothing to check.

All hands are tracked inside the apps.

The total number of hands played is tracked inside your app. Simply log in and check the Career section.

Crushing The Apps Course

Learn to play on the apps where BPC students got "banned" for winning too much

|-> Don't worry, everyone was happy in the end 🙂

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