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How do you know that a poker coach and site is the real deal?

The reviews you can read here are the result of over hundred thousand hours of helping people all around the world to realise their dreams. 

Most were losing micro stakes players when joining us.
 We helped them, they worked hard and then became coaches to help others achieve the same

100k Finishers


Imachampion, The United States

Our first CFP student. He had the toughest condition of all students and it should come as no surprise that (very likely) he has the most money of all of them today. He is a true fighter, he went through ups and downs. Without him, there would be no CFP program. If he had not played those 300k hands in one month (this was Gordon’s condition to join a CFP deal), you would not be reading about all the other people here. In some way, we all owe him thanks for being the FIRST of the group that showed what discipline and “never give up” really means. Making 100k in 9 months was just the start.

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Rovar, Slovenia

One of our first students. Border cop, losing poker player and a family with a lot of children to take care of. Always a good spirit, always positive. Whenever some of the young guys complain about “how tough” everything is, we point them to Rovar who made the 100k while getting babies and working a full time job. He somehow always managed to put in the time. As a coach, he was able to teach the next generation not only poker, but most importantly the right attitude to win at this game.

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Ilidek, Poland

“My most difficult student” is what his coach Gordon would say while at the same time admiring his attitude and perseverance. Pawel is a fighter like nobody else. When others would give up, he would just get started. Search and find the blog of “Ilidek” , go through the stories of the broke meathead womanizer who now has deep pockets and a wife. He was one of the first students and one of the main reasons why this program exists at all.

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HansTheGreat, Croatia

The second student in the program. The first HU student. The hardest worker of all and no wonder he went on to make more than $500k for himself. He has a great spirit and never gave up despite all the hate and ridicule he received at the start, especially after 300k breakeven hands (!). But as we know, a good fighter never gives up and success works exponential. He finished the program with 2 30k+ months.

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In terms of win rate and organisation he is one of the best HU players there has ever been online. You can search anywhere you want, you will have a hard time finding a 30bb/100 win rate over more than 100k hands anywhere.

He helped to systematize our knowledge. If you think that Germans can be obsessive about order, you will realise what an understatement this is with JurassicDaniel. Rovar attributes most of his success to the coachings with him. No wonder, he belongs to the first generation of 100k finishers that made CFP possible in the first place.

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€60k Finishers


Rylan, Russia

He came to us as a complete maniac that would dump 10 buy-ins in as much as 30 minutes. He said about himself “I am not very smart”. While humble, we do not agree. His coach Gordon still says that he was the best student in regards to simply listening and following the coaches advice. His famous quote “Just listen to what your coach says and do it” summarises his secret to success. He holds the records for being the fast 60k HU and 60k PLO HU finisher

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@vars, Latvia

He is one of the few players that started our coaching while being a winning player at NL 100. He credits BPC for getting him there through courses. He was however losing at NL200 (read his case study!) over a big sample. We turned it around and helped him become a big winner at NL200 and higher. Today his record month has been higher than $50.000 and the former penny pincher has become one of the biggest mid/high stakes winners.

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Somebody, Slovenia

Low income boring SNG player. Joined BPC, finished in style, making 10k months while being a student. Soon 20k months and today 50k month is considered a mediocre disappointment. He is living with his girlfriend and other players in a big and nice Villa in Thailand. He plays high-stakes online, big live games in Macao and recently final tables at the WSOP event. For some reason he uses up all his luck before our BPC cash games, where he is very welcomed by everybody.

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Goodfake, Poland

Hard worker, started like so many other players on the lower stakes. His intelligence was often a problem for him, because he was full of ideas and crazy plays. Once he found a good balance, nothing could stop him. He held the record BPC month for some time. He also improved himself in a lot of other areas in life, which you can read about in his blog

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Nubson, Poland

Nubson got engaged at our second BPC event in Dubrovnik. Since then he did not only finish the program, but he also became one of our most popular coaches. A few years later he is a father of two, still on the outlook for new edges and always looking to improve. He is a very grateful person and we value him in our community as a solid and reliable member.

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m1ndCrtl, Bulgaria

Our guy who can’t help himself but to make special moves at the poker table. These type of people either crush or go down very badly. Luckily Ivan is one of those that stays strong and knows when to stop the fancy plays, but also when to use them. He is – of course – also a coach. Other members are very grateful to him because of his strong mindset and how he is able to motivate and help others in the group that are struggling. Lauri (you also see him here in the list) gives most of the credit of his success to Ivan. This is one of the great things about our community. Those who made it help others become even better.

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Marvolio, Romania

Discipline should be his second name. He won the rankings for putting in the most hours every single time. You might think that all he did was playing poker. You’re wrong. He also trained for marathon and other endurance sports. We might soon see him running the Ironman in Hawaii. He certainly has the pocket change now to take care of it.

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hugobaret, Estonia

Family man, teacher, marathon runner, investor, professional poker player and luckily also a coach here at BPC. The man used to be a professional poker player but started losing more and more. Right before he wanted to give up he gave it one last shot and joined BPC. The rest is history. He also held the record for best winning month inside of CFP until he became a coach and his students beat him to it (Vendel and Markus). Today he lives on a warm southern Island and in the summer back in his home in Estonia.

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Maestro, Czech Republic

If you want to hear funny, weird and totally messed up stories from anywhere in the planet, Tomas is your guy. His play is either genius or completely hopeless. We were almost worried that he would not make it. 2 months of absence living live, going on a “downswing”. Oh well. He is a real champ after all, he turned it all around and finished the program. He did not change as a person, we still enjoy all the funny moments from Thailand, Jamaica, Colombia or wherever he feels to go next!

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Alloin, Latvia

This young man from Latvia put some of his coaches into desperation, but this should serve you the reader only as motivation. No matter how bad your mistakes are. No matter how bad you tilt. If you keep fighting and pushing, you WILL succeed. This sounds like generic advice, but it is very different if you LIVE it. Alloin lives this attitude.

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Steezy, The Netherlands

He is known as Mr Dubrovnik. Until the event, he has “only” made 30k. He always put in the time, but it never made “click” for big winnings. That changed and he finished the program in style with a 30k month, which is still the record in our 6-max program for all the 60k finishers. Only Hans and Imachamp have beaten him in regards to higher monthly winnings.

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Janez became known first by his funny videos vlogs that everybody enjoyed to watch. He has a special type of dry humor, some of which you can also enjoy in his responses to haters. He soon started to join the BPC team and had pretty much every role imaginable. While finishing the HU contract, he took on more and more responsibility inside the company. He worked on scaling our CFP program, organising coaches, improved marketing and many other things. Today he focuses and specialises in marketing automation.

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Fred, Wales

Our salsa dancer, popular coach did not start very promising as you can see in his graph. It took some time, but once he got the “aha moment”, he took off like a rocket. He is today also part of the Thailand crew, but still spends time at his home country in Wales. People even accused him of being a paid actor, well the internet never ceases to amaze. He can take it as a compliment!

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nisselioni, Sweden

With Crunky, he is part of our strong men viking team from Sweden. He also has many children and is quite a friendly guy. Just be nice to him and nothing will happen :). He even surpassed his friend and coach Crunky and today holds the record of the best CFP HU month (as a student) with 18k Euro. He also works now as a coach.


Vidarbusk, Norway

One of our more quiet and very friendly fellows. He studied math, but grew a keen interest in poker. He had his ups and downs, but he had the spirit to endure.

After finishing the program, he decided that his real passion and future will be in academics and we are happy to have been a part of his poker career.

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Myst, Slovenia

This slovenian finisher was introduced to poker by some friends a few years ago. After PokerStars bought FullTilt and he got his bankroll back he realized the games were not as they used to be and it was when he started the NLHU Soldier program. Got invited by Maestro to join a grindhouse in Thailand.

While he was in Thailand his results were up and down, later he travelled to places like Bali, Singapur, Australia, Vietnam which didn’t help much his progress in the program but gave him some nice memories.

Was moved to the advanced HU group after winning €5275 at the tables, and after that he had some swingy months and some more trips to Malta, Italy and Thailand (again), where he is living now (again!)

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Crunky, Sweden

Not every CFP journey starts as a big success. Sometimes you have to make a switch. This was certainly the case with Crunky. 6-max just did not cater to his strength. While he wasn’t losing, his progress simply wasn’t great. We suggested to make a change and give HU a try. Well, you can listen to the rest in the interviews. It turned out quite well and he also made a CFP record month, but soon got beaten by his country man and student, Vendel. He is a father of 4 and looks like you would expect a Viking to look like.

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Hucol, Colombia

He said that he did not even really know how to play poker when joining our coaching for profits program. That tells you everything you need to know. Sometimes knowing nothing is better than knowing something bad. He came from the world of sports betting and has family and children in Colombia. He also passed on his knowledge to the next generation as a coach! Gracias!

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He prefers his privacy. He studied and played on the side while still putting in the hours. His nick name stems from his time as an exchange student in Sweden. As you can see, in his free time he likes to go and spend time in nature.

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Dlecheff, Bulgaria

He started the CFP program while working as a bar keeper in Germany and learning the language. He improved step by step as you can see in his graph and finished in style. As you can see in the pictures he is today part of the BPC Thailand Villa. He gave a lot of help and value to students as a coach and is reaching for new heights as a player.

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MadridistaDude, Russia

Started the program as NL 6-max student early in 2015 and switched to HU 5 months after. Was very active when he joined the program and then circumstances changed and he kept things for himself. He finished the €60k program in 2 years and 11 months.

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Danel, Estonia

Struggling 6-max player before, crusher after. He already had a $40.000 month after finishing the BPC poker school. This is the type of money he has never even dreamt of making in a year not too long ago. He has bought his own apartment, travels with his girl friend around the world and is eager to keep on learning and improving. He is very friendly in person, but even more aggressive on the tables. He is always one of the biggest winners in the cash games at our live events


randomwalkin, Italy / UK

Although he had a job for most of the time he was a BPC student, he decided to quit after a few good months. He started playing poker when he was 19, deposited €25 and never looked back.
He had to move down 3 times in his attempt to move up to NL400 and he had to beat laziness and procrastination. He said: “Laziness and procrastination are my biggest problems, I still haven’t figured out a solution for that. I’m too lazy to find it.”

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Jaybee1982, Brazil

When not crushing at the tables (with his ridiculous winrate of over 9bb/100!) John teaches English and is an avid follower of his home soccer team, Ajax, having never missed a game. While this particular journey was not the easiest, or the fastest, it goes to show that if you continue to apply yourself, listen, apply what you learn, and persevere that you will accomplish your goal. As BPC’s slogan states, “Champions stand up one more time than the rest!” John here is surely a champion, having never quit on his desire to turn poker into a lucrative income. 

€30k Finishers


Lateralus, Serbia

Lateralus was one of the many guys that started at NL2, more or less a complete beginner. Gordon remembers giving a few lessons and Lateralus was always the one who asked the most questions. Long story short, he finished and keeps printing money ever since. He is also supportive of many of his country men, supporting and coaching them. As you might know, he is like so many finishers also a coach with a very big heart.

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justplayff, The Netherlands

Firstly, after finishing high school Rutger “justplayff” was planning to go to university and study fiscal economics. But he took a risk and instead of having 9 to 5 job after 3-4 years of studying, Rutger joined BPC coaching for profits program and successfully completed it. Started at NL2 and finished playing NL100. His biggest takeaway is: “Put in the work, believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever you want.”

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Leandro was our first member from Brazil. He finished the program after 2 years. It took a lot longer, but this is mainly due to the fact that he started to work for BPC and continued poker on the side. People are very thankful for him always being a very friendly coach, always helping the students. He also became the head of our BPC Brazil/Portugal CFP program, which has produced quite a few finishers.

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Sipak, Czech Rep.

Even if poker was part-time, he pulled through and finished the PLO 6-max cash game program in 2 years. He put in the hours and was moved to the Advanced group of Asimos, where he got the final push to reach higher stakes and finish the program.

€10k Finishers


gkw303, Brazil

As a part-time player, he managed to finish the program in 1 year and 11 months. For 1 year he played on PokerStars and only made €3k. After listening to his coach advice, he switched to a different site and made €7k in 3 months.



German NL 6max Micro student “6maxbottezon” was always systematic, always used the coaching sessions to ask questions. Thus, it wasn’t surprising when he completed 10k challenge. Classical BPC success story! Advice that he gives to other player is more than simple: “Just listen to your coaches and you’ll be fine.”


c0l0, Poland

When Bartosz aka “c0l0” joined BPC, he couldn’t afford a flight from Poland to Croatia. He progressed step by step. A real mental change happened at the BPC Event in Malta. There is something magic about BPC Events. The “obvious” thing clicked. He simply put in the hours, played 200hours and making 4k at NL25 in one month all of the sudden was easy game. He finished in glorly and now can be found anywhere between Thailand and Croatia.


adamlandelius, Sweden

A friend introduced poker to Adam in 2014. He was lucky in the beginning and won $100 in a $1 Spin & Go.
He thought he was the best player in the world and ended up losing everything. After joining the NL 6-max program, it didn’t take too long for him to start winning at the tables.

“After studying the preflop and postflop standard lines I managed to go from a losing player to a winning one in only a couple of days.”
With w34s3l’s help, Adam survived a 3-months breakeven period and ended up finishing his €10.000 contract!

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iwanbpc, Croatia

Ivan was a part time player from Croatia. He wasn’t playing many hours, but was playing almost every single day. He took a bit longer, finishing the program in 2.5 years


PhDMishka, Slovenia

She is the first woman to finish a CFP program. Although shee has a full-time job as a researcher at a science facility still manages to play poker 5 times per week. On top of the MTTs, she plays €15 hyper turbo SNG.
Made €3000 in her last month in the program after reaching the final table in the same MTT only a few days apart, finishing 5th in the first and 2nd in the second.

Read more about her in the blog >>

€5k Finishers


s3cr3t, Slovenia

Tadej aka “s3cr3t” decided to give poker another chance and joined BPC 6-max micro team. After hours of work he completed 5k program. He didn’t use much of 1on1 coaching but decided to grind his way to the finish line instead.



In the program, he started playing the lowest limit possible, NL2. After 8 weeks, he was already in the intermediate group playing NL20.
Jacob struggled at first in NL20, but after 30k hands, things started turning around and he started beating this limit.
From that point forward, Jacob continued grinding the small stakes until finishing his €5.000 contract!

Juan Pablo

ZiLoG, Argentina

He played poker as a hobby for a few of years before joining BPC. NLHU wasn’t his first choice. He started in the NL 6-max program and struggled there for a while.
You can clearly see when he switched to the HU program in the graph. Not very long after that, he finished the HU Starter program!


alfalvsou, Portugal

He joined the program in July and had the goal to finish in one year, at his anniversary on July 2nd.
Since he was playing NL4, he knew he had work pretty hard to achieve it.. After a little over a month without good results, he decided to join the Outstanding Mind Academy.
“”The reasons that helped me do that was probably joining the Outstanding Mind Academy with m1ndCrtl and teaming up with Chris to discuss hands and study! “”
After joining the intermediate group it was just grinding and grinding Until he finished the program on the 4th of July, two days after his initial goal!


triptrap, Estonia

Imre has a very long history with poker, he has been playing professionally/semi professionally since 2003. A few months after that, the SNG program closed its doors and all the students were moved to the new CFP Bronze MTT program. This change was crucial for Imre because, in one month, he won a nice prize after winning a tournament and finished his €5.000 contract!


lucky00strik, Portugal

Anselmo was playing SNGs and MTTs with good results, until Portugal (his home country) changed its legislation regarding poker.
With a closed Poker market, he saw the games he used to play dry up and decided it was time to change formats.That was when he joined the NL 6-max Brazil program. After starting to listen and playing more consistently, you could always count on him leading the leaderboard of the program.
Towards the end of his contract, he started coaching the beginner students in the CFP Brazil program.

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Since the beginning of CFP, Ricardo was a very hard-working student. He was studying 3-5 hours and playing 8-10 hours per day, 6 days a week. Playing a lot granted him a lot of 1 on 1 coaching sessions. W34s3l was his coach in most of them. He saw how much Ricardo was working between sessions and helped him deal with the variance he faced during the program. Besides w34s3l, one more person helped him during his journey, Alfredo (another CFP finisher) was his study buddy and they pushed each other up.
With all this help and hard work, it was just a matter of time for him to finish his €5.000 contract.

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Luciano started playing poker 12 years ago. Recently, he decided to take it more seriously because he wants to be free from the corporate world he is stuck in.
To do it, he joined the ZOOM program and started studying and hitting the tables in his free time. His coach Asimos said he stood out since the first month. Despite his job, he was the student in the group that were playing the most hands and hours. Started in the lowest limit possible (NL2) and moved up remarkably fast due to his hard work.
Less than 2 months after a big downswing, Luciano finished his €5.000 contract and became the first ZOOM Rookie finisher!

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Danwan, Sweden

This NL 6-max Zoom finisher from Sweden started playing NL10 fast tables on 888 and moved to NL30 really fast. The shots in NL50 also worked and he moved to NL200 shortly after that. He finished the program in 3 months and 23 days.



He started playing at NL2. He only started to take poker seriously when he joined CFP.
He learned in the program how to be more disciplined, how to control tilt and learned he need to put in the hours to improve. and finished playing at NL25+ after 1 year and 7 months..



kacekov, Portugal

Joined the 6-max Micro Brazil program but was an MTT player before. He had never played 6-max. Very dedicated student, never missing coaching sessions.
Started at the lowest stake (NL2) and 11 months after he finished playing NL50 consistently. During the program he never had a losing month.


degonzalezpena1, UK

This MTT finisher joined the program in January 2017 and his first NL holdem hand was played after he watched the course material. During the program, he suffered a few downswings that lasted for months, which is normal for this format. Finished the program after winning a $16.50 tournament for $3652.
Fun fact about this MTT is that the HU coach m1ndCrtl finished in the 3rd place.

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Slone, Finland

Also a part-time player, he Dealt with tilt issues during the program, but that didn’t prevent him from pushing through. He finished the program in 1 year and 2 months


javierklet, Spain

Spanish player who, like many other students, was introduced to the game by a friend when he was 17. When Spain changed it’s regulations he stopped playing poker (2012). Played live poker with good results for 1.5 years after that and decided to prove to himself he can also win online so he joined CFP.
He finished the program playing NL50-100

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Emetty, Sweden

Another swedish finisher. During his time on the program, he was studying applied mathematics in college. Was always disciplined in building a strong mindset to avoid tilting. He finished 1.5 years later.


Hong Kong

Joined as a 6-max student and after a while, he wanted to learn another format so he switched to PLO 6-max program. Took him 1 year and 1 month to reach the target and finish the PLO program.


Dimasd, Romania

Dumitru finished his 5k PLO program in 1 year and 10 months. It took him a while since he was a part time player and had some changes with the job but he really improved his game as he said to us. He was one of the most consistent PLO student in 2019 attending almost all coachings and most of the time being the only prepared student for the session with hands and questions.