No-bullshit 6-max eBook

Winning system for micro & small stakes 6-max cash games. Includes preflop charts and a HUD.

Video: Gordon & HansTheGreat about following the lines

✓ A bulletproof preflop strategy for any situation.

✓ A postflop decision tree that explains when to bet, raise, call or fold with any specific hand.

✓ We will cover both single-raised and 3-bet pots.


Poker equity calculator

Develop your poker intuition. With this cool app, training is super-fast. And fun.

VIDEO: Practical demonstration of the app

✓ Select different scenarios (preflop, postflop, turn…)

✓ Select differend flop textures (wet, dry, connected…)

✓ Track your average Error and performance over time


Secrets of the Millionaire Poker Mind

Improve your mindset in order to become a winning poker player.

VIDEO: Intro video from Gordon

✓ Understand why it is not enough to know good poker strategy

✓ Know exactly which steps you have to take in order to remove mental blocks that prevent success

✓ See very clearly what the difference between “psycho babble” and real practical advice is


6-Max Preflop Chart

Take the first step to beat the NL 6-Max cash game tables.

VIDEO: How to use the preflop chart

✓ A complete preflop chart for every 6-max position

✓ Covers all possible scenarios at the 6-max tables

✓ Advanced and beginner-friendly variations included

✓ Includes printer-friendly and desktop-wallpaper versions


Preflop MTT Push/Fold Chart

WPT Champion reveals his preflop system for winning online tournaments.

VIDEO: Intro about the Push/Fold Chart from Julian

✓ Which hands to go all in with <15bb stack

✓ Easy to read chart that tells you what to do

✓ NOTE: Use the chart only in printed form (banned by PokerStars)


Pot Odds Chart

Improve knowledge on how much percentage you need in order to make a profitable decision.

✓ Understand how often you need to win when you are calling a bet

✓ Understand how often you need to win when you are bluffing

✓ Includes all the commonly used bet sizes, in a small simple table


Spin & Go Preflop Chart

The first step to beating Spin Go’s is having a COMPLETE PLAN for preflop play.

✓ A complete preflop chart for every position

✓ Covers 99% of possible scenarios that can happen in Spin & Go tournaments (pushing all-in, 3-betting, calling 3-bets…)

✓ Includes 2 printer-friendly and 2 desktop-wallpaper versions


Implied Odds Chart

Start making better decisions based on how much you’ll profit.


Outs to Equity Chart

Memorize this chart and make faster and better decisions while playing.


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