First NL 6-max ZOOM Rookie Finisher!

Luciano is the first Coaching for Profits finisher in the ZOOM Rookie program!

He finished his €5.000 contract last week and will keep all of the future profits for himself.

As usual, we had a little interview with him to check how was his experience in the program:


What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now?

Now I feel more a lot comfortable and confident in my game while I’m playing my sessions.


Which 3 things did you learn?

I learned the importance of being disciplined, how to make correct range analysis on Equilab and use it to make the best decision possible.

And the most important thing: it’s better to overfold than to overcall.

ZOOM Rookie Finisher


How was it like to get coached by Asimos?

It was great, he has a huge knowledge about poker and is always willing to help.


What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?

One of the most important things, If not the most, is to have discipline, not only while playing but in all background stuff, like your environment, bankroll management, warm up before your sessions, session reviews, hand analysis, stop loss, etc


How do you like the structure, material and the coaching sessions of the program?

Everything is very good and very well organized. It covers all the possible situations and the coaching sessions clear your head you’re If you’re not used to charts and manuals.


Now that you’re finished, what are your plans for the future poker-wise?

I’ll continue playing ZOOM on my own and will also take some shots at MTTs.


Congratulations Luciano! Keep crushing at the tables!


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