Elite Millionaire Maker Edition

The most daring and insane program any student has ever seen.

In order to be even accepted as a student, you had to go through 30 days of rough qualification training. The program is very intense. Not because poker is difficult, but because the program involves spending time with coaches that charged over 1000 Euro per hour. The materials created have never been for sale anywhere. And this for a good reason. 

Our famous CFP programs have made us millions of $$$ over the years. Our students made even more money than that. How do you know this is true? We only got paid when students actually won. We only got 50% of profits during their training time. We made money when students were BAD. We helped them improve, and once they are great, made the 100k, they kept all future profits for themselves. Despite that, we made millions because what we teach WORKS. Not like a school book with the “right theoretical answers” that never work in real life. Our stuff works as in “MONEY IN THE BANK”, “CASH IN THE POCKET” or however you want to call it.

We charged our players $50.000 after they made $100.000 in profits. You would probably stop reading if we sold you a course on the internet for $50.000 . Now you know why these courses were never up for sale.

The magic of compounding

Anybody can learn this in 1-3 months easily. That’s the maximum amount of time you will need to study the theory & course material. After that you will have to execute.
You will work with your coach on the small details and keep pushing your edge. The magic of compounding lies in the fact that every time you learn something new it is not only added as another piece of knowledge, but it also improves everything else you have learnt before.

Turning $100 into $200 is the same work like turning $10.000 into $20.000 and turning one million into two million. Our most successful students would even say that making the first thousand is a lot more difficult than making the second million.

When Jeff Bezos turned 80 Billion into 160 Billion, do you think he did ANYTHING different than before? I am pretty sure that making his first thousand dollars was A LOT harder than doubling the 80 Billion.

The point i am making is that people making thousand dollars per month are often doing the SAME thing than people making 100k/month. I am slightly exaggerating, but you need to understand the bigger point. If you keep doing the right things, compounding great knowledge, you can only imagine how far you can get.

The dirty untold secret.

Our students, players and CFP finishers are the WORST poker players, compared to people that learn poker elsewhere. This is not meant as a joke. The first player to finish the program (100k in 9 months after being broke) said that he was a bit disappointed because he thought he would learn more (!!!). Being broke, then making 100k in 9 months and then being disappointed. Search for “Imachampion Bestpokercoaching” on google if you want to find more references. You can also read case studies and look at our hall of fame.

Poker is not complicated. Otherwise it wouldn’t be such a popular game. You just need to focus and learn what works.

Not only did the guy (and others) become a poker millionaire, many students also went on to help the next generation succeed. We never claimed to be the “best” poker players. We let others get fancy titles while we rake in the real $$$. It’s the difference between the “perfect high school student getting a decent salary” and the people who actually make the real money.

Here are some of the conditions back then.

When you would make your first 10k month as a student, our Head Coach (Gordon) would say “this is baby money, i don’t want to hear from you again until you had a 10k day”. And this is the stuff we feel comfortable sharing. More details and stories would cause a real Internet witch hunt. The student (Jan “somebody”) mentioned in his interview (find it on our site) that he can only imagine what would have happened if he had been told about a 50k day instead…

The bad news.

We have no space in our big money CFP programs. They are full. We do run smaller programs for players wanting to do the first step. But not the “hardcore elite” type of program. It’s the story of almost all of our programs. People talk about it, the program fills up and that’s it. We refuse to compromise on quality and letting in more people. Think about it like a “limited edition” of a luxury brand. There are only so many spots available. Once they are gone, you have to wait for next season. Luckily some of our Elite players believe in giving back, but they wont do it for free. Coaches have to free up a lot of time and many became fathers, business men and of course stay sharp playing poker.

The good news.

You can learn the most important secrets in 1-3 months easily. Normally the commitment of a coach for a new student is a full year (because we get paid big money once the student makes the 100k, which doesn’t happen before 9 months).
We get so many requests from players and we have to disappoint so many on a daily basis by answering “we are full, sorry”.
So I asked some coaches “would you be willing to offer a bootcamp for a month, two or three”? The coaches were not against the idea. While they will not make big money, they remember how a coach helped them to succeed not too long ago. They don’t expect students to pay the 50.000 Euro + that they paid from their profits. Students have to show commitment though and be worthy holders of the strategy.

More good news.

These Elite finishers (they have been in this program!) will teach you everything and you will get access to our secret video library that makes beating poker as easy as stealing candy from children. Of course, in 3 months you will not make a million. You will be given the secret key, access to the Matrix and to the information that all good professionals will never tell you.

The 3-Months Poker Millionaire Maker.

The 3-Months Poker Millionaire Maker is a training program and is the crown jewel of poker training. It’s fun, it’s powerful and you will learn things about poker that you have never learnt before.

How The 3 months will look like

From the first day on you will get access to all materials as well as the contact details of your dedicated VIP concierge who is also a real expert and knows his stuff.

Month 1:

* You will watch the first lessons in the Library in order to get a great foundation so that your training lessons with the Elite coach will be as valuable as possible for you. This will also help you to be able to make money playing from day 1
* You will have the first lesson with the Elite coach and will be able to actually have the first big aha moments

Month 2:
* You will study the Library as much as you can as well as putting in good hours playing
* You will have more lessons with the Elite Coach
* The VIP concierge will make sure that you stay on track and will assist in all matters

Month 3:
* This is your time to play and study. It is your first test to “be on your own”. By now you will
   have a perfect routine and the systems in place. Remember, I said you can learn the secret
   even in one month, but of course it takes practise
* After the month is over, you will have a deep check-up and more sessions with the Elite Coach
* Your VIP concierge and Elite Coach will answer all your questions and make sure you are set up well for the future

After the 3months you are set. We will of course still look out for you and answer questions. We will also provide ongoing support and coaching if you choose to.

What happens after finishing the program?

We will always be here for you. If you decide to continue, we will arrange everything for you. You will not have to worry about finishing the program and then “hung dry” and alone. We are always here to help and will find a way to have a good arrangement if you decide to do so. We suggest to always keep improving, that is one of the secrets of compounding money.

How much does the program cost?

The price for the 3-Months Poker Millionaire Maker program is 6.000 USD. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. Please don’t ask for any discounts. There won’t be any even if you are an Influencer with 10 million followers, Elon Musk or Kanye himself.
Students have paid individually over 100.000 USD for this knowledge.
I could write a nice “marketing story” that we are a charity, but you should know we’re not. We believe in giving back, but we’re no charity. So why do we even offer this program? We have no spots to accept new students into this program and there is a waiting list for the CFP version. Before allowing new students in, we need coach(es) to be able to commit to at least one year. That’s a big commitment and serious contract for the coach as well. Coaches are more easily willing to commit 3 months. BPC was started to give people a chance to taste the sweet life of becoming great at poker. Truth told, if we had enough coaches to commit for a year, you would never read about this offer. We’d make another 50k per player instead of doing a 3-month program, where we have to ask for a lot less. Whatever you will have to pay, it’s pennies to the real value. We haven’t sold this content in over 7 years and we receive the right to take away this offer at any point.

No discounts. No promotions.

You will never see a discount, coupon code or special promotion for this program. Not today, not tomorrow, not in a year.
You are getting a full service from real crushers of the game. They will be available for you 24/7 (with some sleep inbetween). You get access to material that is not up for sale anywhere else. In the words of the famous mastercard slogan, this is “priceless”.

What is the difference between Coaching For Profits (CFP) and the Millionaire Maker 3-Months Bootcamp

Millionaire Maker Edition:
You will have your own VIP coach who takes care of all arrangements. Your wish, it will be fulfilled. Besides the coaches, the VIP coach is also always there to help you with literally anything you need. Help setting up the HUD, figuring out how to install something or literally anything you can think of. Think about it like flying first class.

Millionaire Maker Bootcamp:
There will be no profit sharing. All profits go 100% to you. You paid for the bootcamp, that’s it. There are no additional costs.

Learn about the history of BPC and CFP

Student Case Studies

“BPC will really teach you how to make money.”

HansTheGreat, €100000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“It’s an amazing feeling when each month you look back, and see how much better you are now.”

Atvars, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“At BPC they push people to become the best version of themselves. We always support each other.”

m1ndCtrl, €60000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I’ve managed to accomplish more in 1 year and 8 months  than I did in more than 12 years working at my old job”

Rovar, €100000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Joining BPC was one of the best decisions of my life”

Jan "Somebody", €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I simply earn a lot more money than before. That is all I care about”

Nubson, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“They know exactly what to do. I’m a better player and also a better person now”

GoodFake, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I got everything I needed to make €10.000+ per month”

Rylan, €120000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it.”

Hucol, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“It’s crazy, how you can make so much money with easy-to-learn strategies”

Vidarbusk, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I can’t even understand how I was able to win before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place”

Alloin, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I have learned how to win money with Poker. That was my highest goal, but on top of that, the program has helped me with how to manage my time and how to prioritize”

Kanelbullar, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I learned how to win at the tables, how to think properly and learned about what matters the most and what doesn’t.”

Ricardo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Now I know that the only way to reach my full potential is working hard and having courage. Waiting for the perfect conditions is a way to set myself up for failure.”

Bartosz, €10000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I learned how to keep focused on important things and understand motivation”

Maestro, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it.”

Lauri, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before BPC I was a recreational break-even micro player, now I am beating games up to NL500”

Lateralus, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“My mental game improve and I got a lot better!”

Jaschka, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“After working with BPC I can think about poker in a more realistic way and know in which areas I need to focus to make a good living out of the game”

Danel, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC improved my tilt issues immensely and made me realize that I need to go all in (play and study at least 8 hours daily on average)”

S3CR3T, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC showed and proved they can turn anyone from zero to a champion”

Marvolio, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I know how to improve my game now. I know what things to look for or study to get better at the game and move up the stakes.”

justplayff, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“After I joined CFP I have 12 out of 12 months in the profit”

Carlos, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I’m more disciplined now. My thought process and hand reading skills are miles better now.”

Michael, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I like the way the learning process is structured on BPC and I like even more the fact that Gordon is constantly looking for ways to improve”

Alfredo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Everything is very good and very well organized”

Luciano, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC put me in the right direction. Now I can survive the downswings and never tilt”

Juan Pablo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“To be successful in the program you just need to do everything you’re told”

Anselmo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“If you ask me from both things which one is the most important for me, poker I might not play for the rest of my life, but the social skills I learned will stay for me for the rest of my life, and for that I thank BPC.”

Leandro, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I didn’t only learn strategy and correct mentality. BPC also helped me change my attitude, helped me break my perceived limits of what I can do and improved my organization as well.”

Myst, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Your focus should be on doing the right thing and BPC has got the experience for that.”

Alessandro, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“All the video courses and poker science lessons are pure gold and our Bible as BPC students.”

Alessio, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Thanks to BPC I have a much more solid game overall.”

Javier, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC help me a lot. I was playing like a robot before, didn’t know math very well and skipped some basics before learning more advanced strategies.”

Scareface, €1261 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“As I had seen from just following the NOBS 6-max preflop charts and standard lines at the micro stakes, BPC knew what they were talking about.”

jaybee1982, €22448 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC helped me to get back into poker after my 1.5-year pause when I was an owner of a hookah bar.”

Mr. Greed, €31509 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“M1ndCtrl is very good at motivational stuff. I got some great advice from him, and it seems to be helping a lot.”

Danxity, €32274 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“We have to learn how to control them and make good decisions at the tables. If we are able to do that, success will come.”

TheProject20, €24702 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“He went broke regularly or crippled his bankroll, which was obviously fixed by joining BPC.”

xcreminatr, €18487 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“WTF are you reading this, you should be playing now!”

Knelse, €22069 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“They give you everything you need to learn the game.”

Mariusica230, €1322 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I think the decision to join CFP was the best one I could have made regarding poker.”

Gothicrow, €9612 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining CFP, I was just randomly guessing at the tables.”

Estpatcrick, €14489 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC showed me how badly I played poker in cash games.”

Kenji, €1747 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“The results in BPC have been tremendous. My game changed in a way I could never expect.”

Sun1s, €6237 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

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Below you can see our Top 50 monthly performances from our internal rankings. All achieved while students were learning. Students made a lot more on their own after graduating.

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