Is €10k in a month good for you? What about €10k in a week?

Today we catch up with Lauri, from Estonia. If you’re a CFP student, you have probably seen his name on top of the leaderboards a lot of times. He is the NLHU Soldier student “hugocabret”.

He made €10k in November, so we talked a little about how he achieved that. (He already made another €10k this month! Check the graphs below!)


How do you feel about your first 10k month?

After I achieved it I felt really great, like the king of the world, or at least like a guy who can beat this game. Winning 10k in a month is something that was always my goal (and probably every student’s goal) since I joined the program. I worked and learned more than I had in the last 7-8 years (since I started playing).

What was your biggest monthly result before joining?

Actually, back in 2009, I had one month where I won $10,2K but it was because I won big a tournament for $11,3K. In cash games, my best month was around $6,5K, but the dollar was very weak at that time, so it was around €5000. My best year so far was 2011. I won around $31K. This year I’ve won around $45K (€41,5K) already. And the games were a lot easier back then.


What helped you the most for achieving this monster month?

I think it was thanks to all the coachings sessions where the coaches pointed out my leaks. Starting in the starter group sessions with M1ndCrtl and ending with 1 on 1 sessions with the coaches: Nubson, JurassicDaniel and Jan. A particularly eye-opening coaching session was with Nubson, where I understood that I wasn’t fighting enough for pots. Since then my game changed a lot.


What did you do differently this month in comparison to the months before?

On November 10th I asked my coach M1ndCrtl if the next coaching could be about fighting the regulars to protect my tables, and he asked if I was playing vs aggressive villains. I wasn’t. So he told the prophetic words: “those aggro fishes are extremely profitable and they are the ones that will boost your winnings over 10k”. So I started to play against aggressive guys and thanks to an upswing, I hit the magical number.

This also helped me start playing up to 400NL at the beginning of the month. At the end, I was adding NL600 tables

Lauri with m1ndCrtl in BPC event in Malta.


Do you have a tip for fellow grinders, who also want to make a 10k month? What do you have to do for it?

For HU students: follow the standard lines blindly. Don’t try to find excuses to not do it. These things really work. Participate in the coaching sessions, be active, ask questions and do what you are told to do.


Is there something more what you would like to mention in that connection?

I’d like to thank Gordon for creating all programs and also all HU coaches for sharing their knowledge and helping the students to achieve their goals.


How do you think did the BPC Camp in Malta help you to achieve your goal?

I think that I am where I am now mostly because of the camp. It was the best investment (aside from joining CFP) that I have ever made poker-wise. Before Malta, I played 1249h and my hourly was about €13. After, I played 687h and my hourly is €35. So it was a true boost in my game all the inspiration and motivation that I got from there.


Could you take away some inspiration from it?

Yessss! The most inspirational thing was the awarding ceremony – see all the guys who made it and their journey. Of course, all the presentations were great. The tournament and go kart were a lot of fun, although I got the Donkey Trophy in tournament… I got terrible cards at the beginning. Also, it was great meeting Gordon, M1ndCrtl, Nubson and other great guys and a girl 🙂

 I just don’t have enough words to describe how great it was. Thank you, Ella, for organizing all that!

Lauri getting his Donkey Trophy from Gordon.

This interview was made in the begin of the month and, as you saw, was about him hitting a €10k month. But that’s not good enough for “hugocabret”, he made €10k again, this time in a week!

His record day:

Congratulations Lauri! I’m very happy to see you getting those outstanding results! Keep it up!

With that pace, in 2 weeks, we’ll have another interview to tell people you finished your €60k program! Maybe even less! 🙂

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