Drasko Starts Crushing in Intermediate

Today we stop by to meet Drasko from Montenegro.

He has recently moved from the Micro group to the Intermediate, and we ask him a few questions to get to know him a little better.


How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?

I saw an advertising (looking for a job) for some mind games.

Didn’t know what it was at all. I applied and it was for a poker academy.

Got in, played for a year and I liked it. I just continue playing and learning ever since.


How did BPC help you to improve your game?

BPC help me a lot. I was playing like a robot before, didn’t know math very well and skipped some basics before learning more advanced strategies.

Drasko Crusher Intermediate

Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like a lot about it?

I live in Podgorica, Montenegro. Life is

Life is good (I’m always looking for the bright side of life…:)  

My city is in perfect geography position, I can go to the sea in less than 1 hour. It’s pretty sunny and I love it.

Drasko Crusher Intermediate

What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?

I love the game and I don’t need any special motivation.

But seven months ago I got a little baby girl so I want to be more skilled than ever and work very hard to become a great player.

Can you recall a special moment or hand in poker, which was interesting/meaningful/memorable for you during your time in BPC?

Not really, it has been so manny 🙂


Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?

I’ve got this pretty cool line that I’ve heard once.

I don’t know if is it gonna be good for others players but it’s great for me! So here it is: “Hard work will always beat talent if the talent doesn’t work hard”.

It’s not mine by the way  😉


If you could give 1 advice to your other players, what would that be?

Listen to the coaches, they have done this before and they know what they’re talking about.


Thank you very much for your time Drasko! Keep crushing at the tables!


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