Dorin is Crushing the Heads-up Tables!

Dorin is one of our students in the NL Heads-Up Coaching for Profits program. He is doing pretty well so far this month

His progress in the program is constantly improving, and this month it has been his best month so far in the program, winning a little over €9k.

There are still some days left in the month, so he can push to get the €10k month!

Here is the interview we had with him:


When did you start playing poker and when you decided to take it more seriously?

I started playing poker in my first year in college, made big plans and started my “fish road”. The intention to take it seriously was

The intention to take it seriously was always there but I didn’t know how to organize myself and didn’t have a strategic plan.


When and why did you decide to join Coaching for Profits in the NLHU Program?

It was a few months ago, don’t remember the exact date for sure. I did this because I wanted to make money playing poker since this is something I like and gives me a lot of satisfaction – and making money out of it sounds awesome!


In which stake did you start and which stakes you’re playing now?

I started playing NL2 and now I play up to NL500. Soon I’ll add some NL600 tables. The target is the sky!


Which poker formats have you played, and why HU is a better fit for you?

Before, I played NL 6max and 9max. I like HU just because it is the best format to learn your opponent and to exploit him!


How did BPC help you to improve your game?

BPC offered me a strategy, a plan, great coaches and a lot of tools to work on my game.

Dorin’s progress in the HU program

Who has been your favorite coach so far in the NLHU program? The one that influenced your game the most?

Every coach has his credit, I like them all – Ivan likes to chat and gives great motivational things on top of strategy.

Nubson is straightforward telling what to do so you learn how to print money

Daniel likes to go deeper and open our eyes so we evolve in the future. 

Lauri – I was close to him while he was in the program so I can easily ask him questions as a friend.

And there is Gordon, who is straight to the point with a simple strategy which shows results. 

I am taking things for each one of them so that I improve myself and as I said, the sky is the limit!

I guess the sky is not the limit for Dorin!

All in all, how do you like the program so far? Study material, coaching sessions, etc.

I like it a lot. With the new changes being implemented now, I think it will be even better and simpler than before.


Has the BPC Community helped so far in any possible way? How?

There are some changes and we might be helping each other a lot more now. So far I made some groups with a few BPC members so we can work on our game together.


In your opinion, what is the best part of being in the Coaching for Profits NLHU program?

Learning all the strategy and a lot of other things, including getting to know people from all over the world.


There is always room to improve, what you think you need to do to get even better results?

I have a lot to work on my game. But this is a step by step process – for now, the main part is the standard lines.


What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?

My pleasure to play poker and making a lot of money in the process 😀


From your progress so far in the program, how much time do you think it’ll take to finish your contract?

I set myself a goal to finish the program in maximum 6 months. I’m hoping for 4 months, but if swings or anything bad happens, 6 months should be enough.


Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?

Just think about your other options. If you want to work for someone 8 to 9hs per day to make €500o/month, go for it, otherwise, focus, be patient and keep it simple!


If you could give one advice to the other players, what would that be?

Keep it simple, play straightforward and get the value when u have the hand! 
Thank you very much for your time, Dorin! Keep pushing to get even better months than this one!


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