Darwin is done with our 60k Coaching For Profits Program!

We are happy to congratulate Darwin aka “hucol” for his success. Before he joined Best Poker Coaching, he had almost no experience playing poker at all and now he knows how to make the big bucks at the poker tables.

We already interviewed him before, nonetheless, we want to know more so we ask him some more questions: 

Read his whole blog HERE and see how was the road to finish his Coaching for Profits journey
What is the biggest difference from before to now?
Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. I was a complete newbie.Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it
Which things did you learn?
The most important things BPC teaches you are:
  • Going the simple and effective way
  • Focusing on results and not on BS theory
  • Work hard every day for your objectives
  • Always try to improve a little bit more  

What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?

Work hard! Put in the hours! Follow what the system and the coaches tell you! BPC is the only place that approaches poker as a business and you can start making money before being a good player, which makes this learning road easier for you, but you have to follow exactly what they teach you.
Can anybody do it? What does it take to complete the program?
I had less than 6 months of experience in poker when I joined and I didn’t have a single losing month in BPC.
The reason I joined, was because Gordon said that he could turn any stupid player into a profitable player. If only this player is willing to put in the work. I was that stupid one (in poker terms).
So I think anyone can do it. You just need to put in the hours and follow the system and the instructions of the coaches, once you are doing money the easy way, they will guide you to improve more.
How do you like the structure, material and the coaching of the program?
Everything is excellent and well structured! In BPC they teach you what you need to do to make money and how to continue growing step by step, but you decide how fast you go with those steps.
What are your plans for the future poker-wise and also in your personal life or other plans (whatever you feel like mentioning)?

Obviously, now I want to take the benefit of haven taken the program and enjoy all profits for myself. I want to continue put in a lot of effort to improve in poker and mindset. I want to grow in this poker world to have the best option to give good things to my family.
On top of that, I am on the way to learn some investment strategies to achieve more passive income.
Thanks you Gordon for creating this program and thanks to the coaches: Janez, m1ndcrtl, Jan, Daniel and Nubson! They made it possible!
Thank you, Darwin! Enjoy all profit for yourself now! 🙂
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