Danel is done!

After one year and one month, Danel finishes his €60k CFP Crusher contract!

Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off!

As usual, we asked him a few questions right after he accomplished his goal.


What is the biggest difference from the player you were before starting CFP, and the player you are now?

After working with BPC, I can think about poker in a more realistic way and know in which what areas I need to focus on to make a good living out of the game.


I remember you started the program on fire and then was a little slower (that can be seen in your graph), what happened that held you back?

The beginning was very nice, the style they taught me fits my game very well and I followed their instructions on the most parts.

The slow progression on the second half, was mainly because I had to deal with many issues not related to poker, so my focus was somewhere else.

At the same time, I was studying some advanced concepts and wasn’t able to think objectively about it, so my game was very chaotic at times as I was concentrating on the wrong things.


What would you advise other students to do to prevent this from happening to them?

Clear out the things that hold you back and do the things that YOU want to do.


What are the most important things that you learned?

Everything we do, we do for a good reason. Analyzing hands, understanding opponents.

If you want to make money, you must work constantly on your game.


Danel taking notes in the poker seminar in Malta.


What someone that has just started on the program should do in order to finish it as soon as possible?

They have to listen to their coach and do what the instructions say.

Study so much, that when you’re playing, the game seems easy you.

Also, work on your mindset! That’s a very important thing to do!


How do you like the structure, material and the coaching of the program?

It is very well structured, at first you have to go through a lot of basic concepts so you can learn more advanced strategies.

BPC gives you powerful tools and materials, which gives you a solid understanding of the game.


What was the most valuable lesson/experience you took from the Poker Camp in Malta?

What I liked the most was meeting other players/team members and making new friends who have similar goals and visions in life.

The seminar itself was very motivational, with Gordon and other smart people teaching us.

Danel listening closely to what Gordon has to say.

What are your plans for the future poker-wise and also in your personal life or any other plan?

I want to improve the quality of my game and my mindset. I’m working on bigger goals at the moment 🙂


Thank you very much for taking a time answering the questions!

And congratulations again for finishing the program!

Keep crushing at the tables! 🙂


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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    There’s a recurring theme in all these interviews about what advice they’d give to others just starting and it’s the simplest thing – listen to instructions. It’s amazing how so many simply refuse to do that. Oh well, more money for us then!

    Also, that photo of Danel and Gordon is just begging to be a meme.

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