How It Works


We give you custom-designed courses appropriate to your level. You will get practical lines that work, precise and effective like a German machine (hey, our founder is German after all!).


BPC coach is your mentor, your guide and your sparring partner. We push you to become the best poker player you can be. All you need to do, is show up for training, and listen to your coach.


Players trying to compete in today’s games by themselves, will stand no chance. Backed by our systems, experience, coaches and help from your study group, you will pick them apart with ease.


Who is coach Kazor?

Glen “Kazor” is a long-time PLO winner from United States, who has been working with BPC for a while, as the main coach of our PLO HU program.

The results of his students in the PLO HU program are nothing short of amazing, with his 1st student Rylan completing the PLO 60k contract in 6 months and 6 days.

That’s an average of €10k per month, which is incredible given the fact that Rylan NEVER played any PLO in his life before joining the PLO HU program. He was a complete PLO beginner – though, it has to be said, he already had good results in NLHU games.

Second PLO HU student “bottezon” is currently still in the 60k HU PLO program, and as we speak he is battling with our 6-max student Alessio to take down the March student rankings. Again, “bottezon” was a complete PLO beginner when joining the PLO HU program.

These students are in the hard-core 60k versions of the program, so if you have less time and dedication, your results may be different.

But one thing is clear; Kazor knows his stuff, and has a proven track of teaching the great game of Pot Limit Omaha to beginners and struggling players, to make them into crushers over time.

As for his current results and credentials, in 2017, he has have won at ~ 8bb/100 playing PLO500-PLO2k and occasionally higher with PLO1k being his most common game. His last 100k hands including some other variations he ran at ~10.5bb/100.

About Kazor:
• Two-Time PLO Player of the Year on PTR
• Very Successful Online Player at PLO500-PLO2k and occasionally higher
• Featured in Bluff Magazine
• Poker Strategy Writer for Poker Player Magazine
• Cardrunners Instructor
• BestPokerCoaching Head PLO Coach

We have prepared 2 versions of the program.

The first, “PLO 6-max Rookie”, is tailored towards beginners, players new to PLO or transitioning to PLO from other games. It’s also for you if you are already playing PLO, but are not winning at the tables consistently. In this program you will learn to beat PLO50.

The second, “PLO 6-max Baller“, is for the Intermediate/Advanced PLO Player. To join this program, you need a $3000 bankroll and existing skills to start playing PLO50 right away. If you are not at least breakeven at PLO25, this program is not for you.

The PLO Ballers will receive as much coaching as necessary to make you a crusher at the PLO tables as fast as humanly possible. Kazor is known for being very generous with his time, when it comes to students, as is often the case with players who enjoy the teaching process and seeing their students progress under their mentorship.

We could tell you X hours per week, but that will vary and depend on each player, as the program is adapted to individual players. Expect daily interaction, and regular coachings, 1-2 per week. You will get skype access to the coach, for 24/7 help and support. Exact details for your path of development will be decided by the coach when you join the program and present your situation.

The PLO Rookies will receive 1-2 weekly coachings per week, and work closely with the coach. The program will be develop you into a complete PLO player in a systematic way.

If you are eager to not just learn, but crush, the great game of Pot Limit Omaha…

If you agree that the fastest way to progress it to have a high-stakes PLO coach with a proven track record both as a player and as a coach, who turned PLO newbies into €10k+ crushers at Bestpokercoaching in a short amount of time…

If you believe it’s not enough to just watch strategy videos, but actually the community aspect of the coaching process is very important, since people with a common goal and ambition can help and push each other in good and bad times…

Then take action now.

Now is the best opportunity to take action and jump into this all-in (or part-time in Rookie version of the program).

The Security Deposit is reduced by 50% until May 27st 2018, after that it will be the full €500.

Find the requirements and the button to join the PLO coaching for profits program below.





Players new to PLO or transitioning to PLO from other games

Players with PLO experience who are not beating PLO25 yet


Through coachings, video lessons and forum hands (on-demand: submit any hand and get a video answer from our coaches in 48 hours or sooner), you will learn to beat PLO50 before you finish the program.


Once you make €5000 with us, our agreement is completed. If you quit before reaching €5000 in profits, you simply pay the % of your winnings you have made up to that point.

PROFIT SPLIT: 50% for the player, 50% for BPC

We do not charge for the study materials or for the amount of coaching you will receive. We share your profits, 50:50.

Choose your payment option on the next page

By joining, you agree to the T&C (which you can read here)





Intermediate/Advanced PLO Players

Players who are already playiong PLO50 or higher


Through regular private coaching tailored to your specific leaks and our video library, you will learn to beat mid-high stakes PLO, making €10k+ per month as you finish program. See above for examples of previous PLO students with 60k contract.


Once you make €60,000 with us, our agreement is completed. If you quit before reaching €60,000 in profits, you simply pay the % of your winnings you have made up to that point.

PROFIT SPLIT: 50% for the player, 50% for BPC

We do not charge for the study materials or for the amount of coaching you will receive. We share your profits, 50:50.

Choose your payment option on the next page

By joining, you agree to the T&C (which you can read here)


WOW .. you opened up my eyes!!!


We have done 5 lessons now and we already plugged 4 or 5 major leaks and i learned some new concepts.

The way he teaches you is pretty awesome.

He is really clear explaining some concepts and why the mistakes you make are wrong, but does it in a very respectful way.

Kazor is very chill and easy to talk to.

A lot of the times we go after the 1 hour mark with coaching and im the one who has to say we should round it up so i dont feel guilty for taking up to much time.

We will see what the future brings but right now taking coaching with kazor seems like one of the best decisions in poker i have made so far.


Really loving the coaching.

On the first session we went through my HEM and looked for PF spots where I could improve by adjusting my ranges, like I was 3betting some hands that aren’t too good to 3bet. On the second session I got a ton of valuable feedback on spots that I could have played better, like often an aggressive line would have been better and when I raise I should be more balanced with my range. Kazor also noticed that many of my bets would have been better at a different size, which I completely agreed with. Also we discussed some other hands which I should bet (or raise) in those spots to make me more balanced, and to make the hands easier to play for me.

Looking forward to my next sessions.


Feel very grateful for being coached by Kazor. It definitely took my game to the next level. Talking about Kazor – he’s very open and nice guy to discuss whatever you have difficulties with. So yeah, thank you


He explains everything very thoroughly, and goes through the thought process from start to finish for decisions on all streets.


Opened my eyes on playing spots in a different way. since then the improvement in my game have been huge. I recommend him for every player willing to become better.


He showed me how to analyze my game in HEM in some simple ways and had some obviously helpful advice directly off the bat (after looking through HEM). Then we went through some hands, where he showed me some different approaches to them. Even though the hour was already over he had no problem analyzing few more hands with me (Thanks again for that).
So once again I can recommend Kazor to all you guys.


As a NLHE 6max cash player moving over to PLO 6max cash he has been a huge help

If I had attempted to transition over myself I would have developed a ton of fundamental leaks that Kazor has kept out of my game. He has also opened my eyes to a ton of interesting lines that are unique to PLO that I would not have thought of myself.

Kazor is always available and definitely seems to genuinely care about how I do in between our sessions and I would recommend him to any PLO player looking to improve or learn the game for the first time


Ive had like 15-20 hours of coaching by now and although my english is not the best i think ive improved a lot during our sessions.
Especially talking hands after play is pretty awesome with him because he generally goes into great detail when we do that.
He’s just a very nice guy and has always shown a lot of interest in everything i do besides plo, u can really talk with him about a lot of different things.
his temper is very calm which makes u feel always in control when hes sweating you.

You probably wont find another coach who’s offering such a good mix of content/very good guy


With only a few sessions, its mainly been fundamentals and leak plugging, and i think he has done a great job in those areas. he explains things well, and i feel like my thought process during hands have really improved. the transition to plo was rocky, and i had lost a lot of confidence, but with his guidance, i feel good about how things are heading, and am excited to continue building on each lesson.


I’ve been coached by kazor for about 6 weeks now and he’s been an immense help in my game. he’s very clear when he coaches, and genuinely cares about your growth as a player. he is definitely an A+ coach


have had several coaches throughout my “poker career”, several I disagreed immensely with their coaching styles, they do not coach me at all. They told me what to do in certain situations and when I was alone at the tables I had no clue how to implement what I learned.

Kazor was much different,  he is very down to earth and relaxed, he has excellent preparation for his coaching sessions.

He taught many things that I added countless winnings to my winrate that most regular players have no clue about.

I started at plo 25 when I used Kazor’s services went up to plo 200. If you are looking for a poker coach, look no further…


Absolutely brilliant. His level of analysis about my game & was top level & we spoke in great detail about certain spots where I had room for improvement.

Really great guy & cannot wait for my sessions with him.

Fully recommended!



Click on the questions to see the answer:

What is coaching for profits?

Coaching For Profits gives you the chance to get coaching for free from the BPC team in return for a % of the profits that you make in the future. This means you only pay for coaching if what we teach works and you win money. If you don’t win, you don’t pay us anything. We are able to offer this deal because we have a very high success rate with our students.

Who can join the program?

How much time do I have to complete the program?

There is no time limit on the program. You can do the program for as long as it takes for you to finish. The program is complete when you reach the profit target. If you have a job or other obligations, and cannot play as much as you would like, it will take you longer. We have many students with jobs, school obligations, or families, and they progress at their own pace. They are not all poker professionals, but many a side income for themselves and their families.

How many hours do I have to play and study?

As much as you want. Play at your own pace. We push our students to play more and improve fast, because this has proven to show the best results. However, we will never force you to play more than you really want.

Can I Quit CFP Or Freeze The Contract (Vacation, Moving)?

Since you can improve at your own pace, it is fine to freeze the contract for a maximum of one month in a row (you don’t need a “reason”). Freezing means not playing/updating at all. However you have to inform us in advance, so we know you did not disappear.

If you want to quit, terminating the contract is simple. You simply pay out the % share depending on how much profits you have made until that point, and the contract is cancelled. There are no additional fees or penalties. So in the worst case scenario, you lose a % of your winnings if you decide to quit before reaching the end.

How Does The Player Pay His Share to BPC?

Payments are made once per month. At the end of the month, we take a look at the player’s situation, his overall profits, his bankroll, and the stage in his development. Considering all of the factors, we make a decision on how much we will request from the player for the particular month. In most cases this will be 25%-50% of the profits, as agreed by our standard contract. We will consider exceptions if we see the student puts in extra effort. This has resulted in the past with students getting 2 months free coaching after finishing the program or postponed payment.

Are there any extra cost after joining?

No. After you join the program, you get all the study materials and coaching for free. There are no hidden extra costs. You will receive the complete coaching package, everything you need to make you a big winner at this game.

My English Is Not Very Good. Can I Still Join The Coaching Program?

Yes, of course. We have players from all over the world, with different levels of English. Many players were concerned, but after joining they realize it is no problem at all. As long as you understand the basics, you will be fine. In fact, your English will even improve in the program after watching all the videos.

Which Rooms/Sites Will I Play On?

We have the best rakeback deals on the planet. We get them because we have good relationships with poker rooms and our affiliate partners. We are also able to put pressure on them as a group, so we have more power. If you find a better deal on the market, we will match it and beat it.

The rakeback deals we can get are exclusive, and only available to our CFP students.

We also research the rooms in detail, and know which rooms are the best to play on at any given moment. You will get access to private rooms, and “under-the-table” deals. In other words, you will play on the rooms where the “insiders” play. Think fish… Lot’s of fish!