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What our Customers say

Before, I was trying to do it all by myself, as many people do. And I was getting nowhere. Joining the coaching for profits program was the best decision of my life. They are just so good, that nobody else could even come close.

AtvarsCompleted 6-max CFP program

Find a good coach, and do what he says. From BPC, I got everything I need to make 10k EUR per month.

Mikhail "Rylan"
Mikhail "Rylan"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

It was my big breakthrough. BPC is really going to teach you how to make money in poker.

Sasha "HansTheGreat"
Sasha "HansTheGreat"Completed 6-max CFP program

After working with BPC, I can think about poker in a more realistic way and know in which what areas I need to focus on to make a good living out of the game.

DanelCompleted 6-max CFP program

I joined the program and now I enjoy my freedom as a professional poker player! When you find a good balance between learning and grinding, you can make it. That’s the value of a good poker network! I’m also taking shots at higher stakes games and aim for a good run so I can stay there. So very exciting poker times for me! And this whole journey started at BPC… 

Sebastiaan "Steezy"
Sebastiaan "Steezy"Completed 6-max CFP program

I’ve managed to accomplish more in 1 year and 8 months since knowing Gordon and entering CFP program than I did with more than 12 years of working at my old job.

RovarCompleted Heads-Up CFP program

I am very satisfied with all learning materials, everything is very well structured and organized. Don’t think that you are smarter or that doing something else is better. Just shut up, listen and do it. Nothing else. Before CFP I was a recreational break-even micro player. Now I am beating games up to NL200.

Alex "Lateralus"
Alex "Lateralus"Completed 6-max CFP program

I’d like to thank Gordon for creating all programs and also all HU coaches for sharing their knowledge and helping the students to achieve their goals. The things that helped me the most for achieving monster months are – all the coachings sessions where the coaches pointed out my leaks. Starting in the starter group sessions with M1ndCrtl and ending with 1 on 1 sessions with the coaches: Nubson, JurassicDaniel and Jan. A particularly eye-opening coaching session was with Nubson, where I understood that I wasn’t fighting enough for pots. Since then my game changed a lot.

Lauri "Hugocabret"
Lauri "Hugocabret"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

My advice for everybody is simple: don’t be smarter than the coaches and put in more volume! It’s not rocket science, everyone can do it!

Bartosz "c0l0"
Bartosz "c0l0"Completed 6-max CFP program

“You can be sure they will tell you every little secret, because they only get paid if you win.”

Jan "Somebody"
Jan "Somebody"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

My approach to learning the game is much more systematical now.  Before BPC I was watching videos on random subjects, now I’m really trying to learn an aspect of the game in depth before moving to the next subject.

ImreCompleted Tournament (MTT) Coaching Program

Gordon was easy to understand, but also tough with me because I was the first CFP student that he worked with. He also made me improve a lot as a person, so it was really great to be able to go through the whole process with him.

Steven "Imachampion"
Steven "Imachampion"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

My mental game has improved a lot since joining the program. I know how to improve my game now. I know what things to look for or study to get better at the game and move up the stakes.

Rutger "justplayff"
Rutger "justplayff"Completed 6-max CFP program

“I simply earn a lot more money than before. That’s what I care about.”

Maciej "Nubson"
Maciej "Nubson"Completed Heads-Up CFP program
I would say by far the most valuable thing I took away from BPC as a student were the people I surrounded myself with. It is just one amazing community. Some people had it easy others struggled, but we all helped each other to be better in every way possible.
Ivan "m1ndCtrl"
Ivan "m1ndCtrl"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

BPC helped me a lot. After studying the preflop and postflop standard lines I managed to go from a losing player to a winning one in only a couple of days.  BPC also helped me to realize the importance of table selection and playing on the best poker rooms.

AdamCompleted 6-max CFP program

“It’s so easy, and yet we make more money than in most jobs. It’s crazy, if you think about it.”

Vegar "Vidarbusk"
Vegar "Vidarbusk"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

I joined BPC because I needed a solid strategy and had serious mental leaks and lack of discipline. BPC put me in the right direction, now I can survive to downswings and never tilt!

Juan Pablo
Juan PabloJuan Pablo

“I can’t even understand, how I was able to play before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place.”

Junnuss "Alloin"
Junnuss "Alloin"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

They know exactly what to do. I’m a better player, and also a better person now.

Piotr "Goodfake"
Piotr "Goodfake"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

My mental game improved and I got a lot better! My game is pretty solid now and I really understand what it takes to make money these days. My advice for anyone joining CFP would be to listen to your coaches and follow the system! Remember stop/loss rules, put in the volume and appreciate that you are in the position to become a successful poker player!

Jakob "Jaschka"
Jakob "Jaschka"Completed 6-max CFP program

Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. I was a complete newbie. Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it.

Darwin "Hucol"
Darwin "Hucol"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

I learned how to keep focusing on important things and understand motivation. I learned how to be motivated most of the time and push myself even if I am not. Especially M1ndctrl was of big help.

Tomas "Maestro"
Tomas "Maestro"Completed Heads-Up CFP program

I like a lot the way the learning process is structured on BPC and I like even more the fact that Gordon is constantly looking for ways to improve. One thing is to know how to play, another thing is to know how to make money. BPC teaches you how to make money!

AlfredoCompleted 6-max CFP program

Everything is very good and very well organized. It covers all the possible situations and the coaching sessions clear your head you’re If you’re not used to charts and manuals.

LucianoCompleted 6-max ZOOM CFP program

I learned how to win at the tables, how to think properly and learned about what matters the most and what doesn’t. Everything is very intuitive and organized, I took advantage of all components (general strategy, coachings and Alan Jackson’s reviews).

RicardoCompleted 6-max CFP program

To be successful in the program, you need to do everything that you’re told. Yes, it’s not easy at first, but you need to take notes, participate in the sessions and play as much as possible to get where you want to be. A nice thing that happened to me was to study with other students, this helps a lot! We study together, evolve together and we motivate each other!

AnselmoCompleted 6-max CFP program

I have learned how to win money with Poker. That was my highest goal, but on top of that, the program has helped me with how to manage my time and how to prioritize.

Jonas "Kanelbullar"
Jonas "Kanelbullar"Completed Heads-Up CPF program

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