Meet Anselmo, our Portuguese 6-max coach

Anselmo is already part of the team coaching the CFP Brazil students and doing a very good job helping them moving up stakes.

On top of that, he is also a Coaching for Profits finisher, he was the first finisher in the CFP Brazil program.

Now is time for him to help even more students in the English version of our NL 6-max program!

We had a little interview with him to check up on him:


How is everything going in your life? What have you been doing?

Everything is good, I’ve been playing, coaching and enjoying the sun.

What about poker? How are your results after finishing your CFP contract?

I’m doing pretty well at the tables and beating NL50 with a good winrate.

How did BPC help achieve such results?

BPC taught me everything. I’m very confident about my game and in my capability of reading my opponents


What was the best part of being a Coaching for Profits student in the NL 6-max Brazil program?

The best part of being a Coaching for Profits student was to see that the strategy they teach really works.


How were the course and the coaching sessions in the NL 6-max Brazil program?

At first, the strategy was very clear. Then everything became even clearer with several coaching sessions and a lot of studying!


What is your experience coaching? For how long have you been doing it?

I’ve been coaching for 3 months and I’m really enjoying it! Every day I feel more and more confident in what I teaching!


How are you feeling about start coaching also in the English version of the NL 6-max program?

I feel very happy and makes me want more and more.


What do you think you have to offer BPC’s students?

My motivation, my experience at the tables and various details and tips I learned from several people that now I can pass on to my students.


If you give one advice to all the other players, what would that be?

Study as much as possible, watch videos, take notes, review hands with someone and do it over and over again.


What are your plans for poker in general? For short and long-term?

I want to beat NL100 by the end of the year and I want to make poker a profession from now on. For the long term,  I intend to reach the NL1000 tables and make poker my profession for the rest of my life!


Thank you very much for the interview, Anselmo! Keep crushing at the tables and keep teaching your students how to do the same!


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