Learn How to Beat the 6-Max Microstakes and Small Stakes (up to NL50) and move to NL100+

Finally, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan For Turning Your Poker Sessions Into…

(HINT: You won’t be the first one…)

Average microstakes players just don’t get it…

There was a time when having a general idea of how poker works from TV and forums was enough, but today (if you actually want to win at the tables and move up to higher stakes) you need to do more.

So how do you do it?

How do you turn yourself from a losing or break-even player stuck at the micros into a consistent winner, moving up the stakes?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

FACT: Poker Players Need Practical Strategies

(…Which You Can Actually Learn Fast And Use At The Tables Tomorrow)

We’re not here to confuse you with complex details of range building, blocker effects or any of that “smart sounding” stuff you probably think you need to know to start winning… You don’t.

If you’re here, you already understand the importance of improving your poker game. The better player you become, the more money you will win at this game.

I will explain to you how and why you can improve, build your bankroll and climb up the stakes faster than you imagine it right now (using the 80:20 principle).

But first, let’s get one thing straight…

The poker world of today in 2017 is tough.

The days of the mega-fish are gone. There was a time when they were happily donating money to anybody with an internet connection.

That’s not the case anymore. 

Players have improved. They are reading poker books, watching training videos, and debating on poker forums.

Competition is increasing.

Poker sites are making it harder and harder for many players to make profit.

Those who don’t cut it anymore, cry “Everybody is solid!” or “The games have dried up!” As you will soon see, nothing could be further from the truth. There’s plenty of money to be made. Poker is still too good be true.

The only difference is, you have to be better. You have to know more than the basics. That’s not enough anymore. You have to work on your game.

If not, you will be the one bleeding money at the tables. If not today, then tomorrow when the games get tougher and leave you behind. And you won’t be alone.

Some studies show that over 90% of poker players lose money at the tables. That’s how poker works. Most lose, and those who know how to win, take ALL the winnings. And the poker sites, of course. They love the losers, the losers keep the games going.

Which side do you want to be on?

Are you making big money in poker? Or are you losing deposits to poker rooms and other regs? Do you want poker to be a source of income for you, like it is for our students?

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get the result that you have always gotten. If you want change and make big money playing poker, you need to do something different than before.

And this is where Coaching for Profits comes in.

Coaching for profits:

  • Gives you a shortcut to proven strategies that are working for other winning players…
  • Removes any risk from your side, since you only have to pay for coaching if the strategies work for YOU (you only pay, if you win)…

In other words, coaching for profits gives you winning strategies, that are proven at the tables and updated constantly: The lifeblood of any poker player. And it does so risk-free.

So that’s why all those successful poker players you have seen in our community, decided to get training with us.

As a Coahing for Profits NL 6-max Micro Student, you will get all the tools you need to turn your poker sessions into a source of profit, and move up the stakes faster that you ever thought was possible.

What You’ll Learn In The NL 6-MAX MICRO  Coaching for Profits Program

There are three secrets to success that nobody has told you before.

And the reason nobody has told you was not because they wanted to hide something from you. Actually, it’s even worse.

They did not know any better.

I’m not going to play any games with you or let you wait any longer.

What you should know that none of those secrets is special in itself. It is the combination of those which creates the success stories that you have read about.

Here they are:

Success Secret # 1: A Step-by-Step Coaching Program 

Now I told you that this is not a revolutionary idea. And no, BPC did not invent the idea of Step-by-Step coaching programs.

It is so obvious, yet nobody else is doing it.

The problem with most coaching sites is that they have thousands of videos with another thousand different concepts and ideas. Some of them might be even good. But unfortunately you don’t live long enough to find out which. 

Keep in mind, no theoretical concept has EVER failed in theory. Most theoretical concepts COMPLETELY FAIL in practice. 

This is the reason why some guys actually sound quite smart on forums, but they are just as broke as you are.

At BPC you will only learn what you need to know. You will only learn what actually makes money. We don’t spend any time on stuff that sounds good, but doesn’t help.

We have Step-By-Step systems in place and gone will be forever the days of confusion. 


Success Secret # 2: Mentoring AND Coaching 

Mentoring is NOT the same thing as coaching.

A coach tells you to fold K7o against a 3bet. A coach will figure out what you are doing wrong and help you fixing it.

A mentor is more than that.

He has gone your path himself. He will tell you which mistakes you can avoid.

He will help you to surround yourself with the right people.

He will also kick your ass when you become lazy. He will not accept your excuses, but will help you overcome them.

At BPC we coach & mentor you. 


Success Secret # 3: JUST FUCKING DO IT 

No plan has ever failed on paper. It is on the tables, in “real life” when push comes to shove.

You simply have to DO IT instead of talking about it.

We will make sure you DO things. This is what differentiates us from the rest. WE GET SHIT DONE.

“Before, I was trying to do it all by myself, as many people do. And I was getting nowhere. Joining the coaching for profits program was the best decision of my life. They are just so good, that nobody else could even come close.”


“It was my big breakthrough. BPC is really going to teach you how to make money in poker.”


“Find a good coach, and do what he says. From BPC, I got everything I need to make 10k EUR per month.”


“I can’t even understand, how I was able to play before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place.”


“I couldn’t imagine before that this could have been achieved by me.”


“It’s so easy, and yet we make more money than in most jobs. It’s crazy, if you think about it.”


“They know exactly what to do at BPC. I’m a better player, and also a better person now.”


Welcome to CFP

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting started in CFP.


Lesson 1: Create your CFP Account
Lesson 2: Your CFP Account – Dashboard Explanation
Lesson 3: How to Update Your Bankroll in CFP
Lesson 4: How to Make Financial Transactions in CFP
Lesson 5: BPC Communication Guidelines
Lesson 6: IMPORTANT: White-listing the CFP Email Addresses


Lesson 1: 10 Commandments of CFP
Lesson 2: How to finish CFP as soon as possible
Lesson 3: Where does your money come from
Lesson 4: How to set up your poker environment
Lesson 5: The 3 Success Factors
Lesson 6: Why you DON’T run bad
Lesson 7: Wunderlist Guide


Lesson 1: Which limit should I play and when can I move up?
Lesson 2: How to post hands on the forum
Lesson 3: NL 6-max Forum Coaches
Lesson 4: Coaching Calendar and How To Attend sessions
Lesson 5: How to ask questions during a coaching session
Lesson 6: How to prepare a coaching session (Hand replayer)
Lesson 7: Exporting and Uploading your database


Lesson 1: Table Selection Principles
Lesson 2: Table Selection – Common Excuses
Lesson 3: Which Poker Room is the BEST to play on?
Lesson 4: Checklist Before Playing
Lesson 5: How to Start a Session

The Complete NL 6-Max Micro Strategy Bootcamp

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about beating the micros and small stakes up to NL50. You’ll learn about the right type of strategies for the right opponents, and exactly how to execute it!


Lesson 1: Intro to NL 6-Max Micro Course
Lesson 2: Meet Your Coaches


Lesson 1: No-Bullshit 6-Max Poker
Lesson 2: How to Start a Session & Game Selection
Lesson 3: FAQs Before Playing
Lesson 4: Preflop Standard Lines
Lesson 5: Checklist Before Playing


Lesson 1: Call or Fold Facing a CB
Lesson 2: Facing a Raise on the Flop
Lesson 3: Facing a Raise on the Flop: Revisited
Lesson 4: Call or Raise OESD or FD on the Flop (SRP)
Lesson 5: Multiway on the Flop as a Preflop Caller
Lesson 6: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: We CB Flop, Get called. Bet turn (2nd barrel)?
Lesson 2: We CB Flop, Get called. Bet turn (2nd barrel) with Draws?
Lesson 3: We CB Flop, Get called. Bet turn (2nd barrel) with 2nd Pair?
Lesson 4: We Bet Glop, Villain Calls. We Bet Turn and Villain Raises
Lesson 5: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: Value Betting the River (3barrel) in Single Raised Pots
Lesson 2: Value Betting the River (3barrel) in Single Raised Pots 2
Lesson 3: Flop was Checked, Bet Turn and River
Lesson 4: Bluff Catching on the River
Lesson 5: Bluff Catching on the River 2
Lesson 6: We Get Raised on the River
Lesson 7: Facing River Donk Bets
Lesson 8: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: Light 3betting Pots
Lesson 2: How to Play vs Flop Raise in 3bet pots (We 3bet)
Lesson 3: How to Play Against Min-3bets
Lesson 4: How to Play Pocket Pairs After Calling the 3bet
Lesson 5: Villain Bets River in 3bet Pots – Call or Fold?
Lesson 6: How to Continue on the Turn in 3bet Pots as Preflop Caller
Lesson 7: Heads-Up Spots in 3bet Pots
Lesson 8: Other Spots in Multiway 3bet Pots
Lesson 9: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: How to Deal with Donk Bets
Lesson 2: How to Deal with Donk Bets – Examples
Lesson 3: How to Deal with Donk Bets – Examples 2
Lesson 4: How to Deal with Donk Bets – Examples 3
Lesson 5: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: How to Play AK
Lesson 2: How to Play QQ, KK, AA (SRP)
Lesson 3: How to Play AQ, AJ and AT
Lesson 4: How to Play KQ, KJ, KT (SRP)
Lesson 5: How to Play Medium Pocket Pairs 66-88
Lesson 6: How to Play Small Pocket Pairs 22-55
Lesson 7: How to Play Pocket Pairs 99, TT and JJ
Lesson 8: How to Play Medium Suited Connectors
Lesson 9: How to Play Low Suited Connectors: 98 or worse
Lesson 10: How to Play Weak Overpairs
Lesson 11: How to Play Strong Overpairs
Lesson 12: How to Play A2s-A9s (SRP)
Lesson 13: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: How to Play vs Fish
Lesson 2: How to Play vs Fish in Limped Pots
Lesson 3: When to Bluff on 4-straight Boards
Lesson 4: How to React to Weird Lines
Lesson 5: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: How to Play vs Shortstacks (60bb or less) in SRP
Lesson 2: Playing Weak Hands from the Button
Lesson 3: Playing Weak Hands from the Big Blind
Lesson 4: How to React to Weird Lines
Lesson 5: Upload Your DB after Playing 10,000 Hands


Lesson 1: Random Hands
Lesson 2: Random Hands (Any Topic)
Lesson 3: Random Hands (Every Trouble Hand Permitted)
Lesson 4: Random Hands (Ask Gordon Anything)

Poker Science for Micro Stakes Players

In this course, you’ll learn about strategies from behind the curtain with our poker scientist Alan Jackson.


Lesson 1: Monthly Report Explanation
Lesson 2: Improving the System, Month-by-Month


Lesson 1: Download June Report
Lesson 2: Optimal Postflop Sizing
Lesson 3: Question hands on Optimal Bet Sizing
Lesson 4: Play after the flop was checked around


Lesson 1: Download July Report
Lesson 2: How regulars and recreational players bet on the river
Lesson 3: Fine tuning post flop bet sizing
Lesson 4: Play vs an opponent check
Lesson 5: Differences in regular vs recreational river play


Lesson 1: Download August Report
Lesson 2: How to play in limped pots
Lesson 3: How to play in 3bet Pots


Lesson 1: Download September Report
Lesson 2: Isolated pots
Lesson 3: Table Selection


Lesson 1: Download October Report
Lesson 2: High success bluff spots
Lesson 3: Turn play when the flop was checked around
Lesson 4: Play in multiway pots
Lesson 5: Value of backdoors


Lesson 1: Download November Report
Lesson 2: Thin value betting
Lesson 3: Critical Spot Filters
Lesson 4: Recreational river play by player type
Lesson 5: Post flop value betting


Lesson 1: Download December Report
Lesson 2: Value betting
Lesson 3: High success bluff spots
Lesson 4: High success bluff spots (part 2)
Lesson 5: Table selection revisited


Lesson 1: Download January Report
Lesson 2: Thin Value Betting and Sizing
Lesson 3: Thin Value Betting and Sizing (part 2)
Lesson 4: Turn play when the flop was checked around


Lesson 1: Download February Report
Lesson 2: Turn play when the flop was checked around pt 2
Lesson 3: Theory & Practice – Micro Turn Thin Value Betting
Lesson 4: Homework: Turn thin value betting

Poker Tools You Need and How To Use Them Correctly

You do NOT need all of these tools to be a successful poker player. However, they will increase your profitability at the tables.


Lesson 1: Equilab
Lesson 2: Uhlvar Equity Practice App


Lesson 1: Download your HUD
Lesson 2: Setting up your Starter No-Bullshit HUD
Lesson 3: HUD Stat Explanation, part 1
Lesson 4: HUD Stat Explanation, part 2


Lesson 1: Tagging Hands
Lesson 2: Creating custom tags
Lesson 3: Selecting tagged hands
Lesson 4: Tagging Hands
Lesson 5: Creating custom tags
Lesson 6: Selecting tagged hands
Bonus: A special welcome gift from the BPC team to you – Filters


Lesson 1: BPC Flopzilla series – part 1
Lesson 2: BPC Flopzilla series – part 2
Lesson 3: BPC Flopzilla series – part 3


Lesson 1: Multitabling with Ease

You’ll also get access to…

CFP 6-Max Micro Coaching Session Archive

Here you can find the last 10 coaching sessions, in case you have missed any of them. Older sessions are not archived. Any important or “best of” material is regularly added to the other courses that you have available.

Bonus: Tilt Free Today Course

Learn how to stop losing money at the tables due to emotional decisions! This course will give you all the tools and resources you need to become tilt free in under 30 days. Get over the gambler’s fallacy and stop tilting today!

Bonus: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind E-Book

It is not enough to know good poker strategy if you want to crush at the tables consistently. You need the correct state of mind as well! The book is very compact with real practical advice and cuts out all the “psycho-babble” that you simply don’t need. None of our products have filler material and this book is no exception. I’ve taken a lot of my time and picked the best of everything. The language is rough, but it WILL motivate you!

HOW DOES THE COACHING LOOK LIKE? Progressive coaching formats

(…Which Will Push You To Become The Best Poker Player You Can Be)

4-5 times each week you can attend our coaching (in the future it even will be every single day at least once). The coaching is between 1-2 hours long and we focus on one specific topic and/or student in each session. Every question will be answered. 

Database Reports every 10k hands (or 20k hands depending on the topic).

Our chief scientist Alan Jackson (the best and most respected database analyst for high stakes professionals in the world!) is part of BPC and creates with the coaches of each discipline (in this case he is actually a good 6max player himself) a detailed and advanced filtering system. Based on these filters, we create a report for you which will show you WHERE you are doing mistakes in your game.

Our video library (always updated) with custom tailored videos for each topic. 

Our famous and proven method of using step-by-step lessons will be supported by our extensive video library. For each topic, you will not only get a lesson plan written, but also practical videos that show you how to DO the things you have learnt. And after you have played, you’ll get the database report. 


Let’s just say more than enough and more than you can ever use.

You will be able to speak to a coach 3 times a week and soon every single day. 

If you are super motivated and have a lot of time, take advantage of this offer!

If you have a full time job, no worries, you can join the coaching whenever you got some free time. 

You get 10 hours of coaching each week, 40 hours every month. 

If it takes you 6 months to complete the program, then you will have gotten around 240 hours of coaching. 

How we calculated this number 

  • 5 hours of live coaching, 3 hours of video materials, 2 hours of our database service 
  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free 
  • You also get free access to our productivity software “CFP-web-application”, which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve 
  • You also get custom developed HUDS and other cool stuff for free  
  • The truth is that this number could be a lot higher, for example if you play a lot. On the other side if you only play 5k hands a week, then you’ll use less of the database service. Our live coaching will soon be 7 days a week, which means around 10-14 hours of live coaching alone. 
  • Also, our video library is quite big, so you could easily spend 10 hours watching videos, but we believe that we should not count video-hours as full coaching hours. That’s why the number is lower. In other words, it is up to you, but there will be more than enough coaching for you. 


Value lies in the eye of the spectator! 

In the past you would have paid 500 Euro/hour to have high quality coaching with us. That means you will get 20.000 Euro worth of coaching every month (40 hours x 500 Euro). 

Ok, this number is too high of course, because we don’t need to re-create each video for everybody again.

Also, while Gordon would charge today at least 1000 Euro/hour , a coach for micro-stakes would not charge that much.

So let’s be “reasonable” and say instead of 20.000 Euro/month, the value is more around 2.000 Euro each month. 

Don’t worry, we don’t charge you anything. In case you have forgotten, you pay NOTHING until you win!

Look, we’re not a charity.

The only reason we can offer you so much value at such a little price is because our coaching simply WORKS.

All we ask from YOU is to make regular updates.

What You’ll Get:

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:


  • Access to your coaching calendar (you can start joining coaching sessions from day 1)


  • Welcome To CFP
  • The Complete NL 6-max Micro Strategy Bootcamp
  • Poker Science for Microstakes Players
  • Poker Tools You Need and How To Use Them Correctly
  • CFP 6-Max Micro Coaching Sessions Archive
  • BONUS: Tilt Free Today Course
  • BONUS: Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind E-Book

Coaching Program Details:

  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Skill Required: No Previous Skill Required. We welcome all players of all levels. Whether you are a beginner, or simply struggling to win at the tables – we will build up your game step by step.
  • How many hours do I have to play: As much as you want/can. We understand not everybody can play every day. If you have commitments (family, job, school), do not worry. There is absolutely no requirement on how much you “have” to play or study. You progress at your own pace. You can push yourself hard, or take it easy. YOU decide. You can also take breaks and vacations.
  • Can I play on any Poker Room I want: Yes. We have good and safe rake-back deals exclusively for our students. You can take them, or just continue playing on your favorite rooms. The choice is YOURS.
  • Profit Target: €5000

    Once you make €5000 with us, our agreement is completed. You will track your results regularly and make reports in your CFP account on our website (which you will get after joining). If you quit before reaching €5000 in profits, you simply pay the % of your winnings you have made up to that point. You will NEVER have to pay a penalty or more than a share of your profits, even if you have to quit for whatever reason.

    We understand that sometimes life happens. So you can quit our coaching program at any point. You don’t have to worry about being tied into a long-term contract you cannot fullfil.

  • Profit Split: 50% for the player, 50% for BPC.

    We do not charge for the study materials or for the amount of coaching you will receive. We share your profits, 50:50. That means you only pay us, if we you make money in our program. If you don’t profit, you don’t pay anything. Payments are done 1x monthly. After you reach your profit target (€5000), you have completed the program and from that point on you keep all of your profits.

  • Security Deposit: €500. Before joining you will have to transfer a security deposit. When you complete the program, you will get the deposit back.
  • Expected Completion Time: 3 – 7 Months.

    Our students typically complete even our big, 60k EUR programs in 5, 7, 12 months. Yet, we cannot “promise” to you that you will finish in a certain period as well. Some might take a bit longer, but ultimately it will only depend on how badly you really want it. 

Who Should Join the 6-Max Micro CFP Program

Beginning Poker Players

Develop a profitable game right from the start. Don’t waste time trying to figure our things on your own. Trust the system that produces winners year after year, and save yourself the time and money of trying to “reinvent the wheel”!

Losing and Break-Even Players

There’s nothing harder than trying to turn things around by yourself. It’s you who are the problem in the first place. Most likely, you will “try” different things, but in the end keep repeating the same mistakes. So let us fix that for you.

Players Transitioning From Other Poker Formats

New to online 6-max cash games? Give your game the jump-start it needs. Let us take care of researching what works best and why, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.

Microstakes Players

This program is for everybody who is NOT beating NL10 or higher over a 100k hand sample size (if you already beat NL10 over a big sample size, then you qualify for the NL 6-max CRUSHER program).

Recreational Players

This program is for recreational players who want to improve at their hobby and also make some money instead of losing. It’s for everybody who wishes to progress at their OWN pace.

Ambitious Players

If you are playing NL10 or below and want to start making real money, this program is for you. It’s for everybody who is tired of playing micro-stakes.

How It Works


We give you custom designed 6-max courses with practical lines THAT WORK. These courses include charts, standard lines, videos, lectures, practical examples, and everything else you’ll need to crush the micro stakes. We pretty much tell you exactly what to do to win lots of money. You just have to watch and listen, take notes and put what you’ve learned into practice.


We give you both group and individual coaching via Teamviewer, Skype, and GoToWebinar (all free tools and easy to use). All your questions will be answered and you will never feel left behind. There are no questions too big or too small, as our coaches have solved and answered everything before a hundred times over. We have the best coaches in the game today and they know what they’re talking about.


Meanwhile, you play and crush at the tables like a boss (you play as much as you want/can, there are no requirements). At the end of the month, you pay us a share of your profits, usually 25-50%. If you need to grow your bankroll and are working hard to climb up, we can postpone or reduce the monthly payment. If you don’t make any profits, you don’t pay us (since 50% of zero is… well, zero!)

About Your Head Coach

For those of you who don’t know his reputation…

Gordon is the Founder and Head Coach of BestPokerCoaching. Prior to creating the best poker community on the planet, Gordon was a high-stakes professional, who made 7 figures during his active playing career. He also made some of the best and most popular videos in history of PokerStrategy as “Raskolnikov”.

His passion is education, which he translated into creating the dominant force in online poker coaching industry: BestPokerCoaching. He has personally coached some of the biggest winners in online poker today, and continues to transform players from losing microstakes players to high stakes crushers.

The self-made millionaire pioneered his unique approach to poker and coaching which has become known as the “no-bullshit poker” in the online poker community. Today he is the head coach of BestPokerCoaching.com, as well as exploring other venues with some of the best business minds on this planet.

BestPokerCoaching Is Different

Yes, you can find other training sites that claim to teach poker, but most of them are stuck in the past, using outdated methodology – showing you random poker videos. BestPokerCoaching training program is unique because it’s built and taught by real poker crushers who actually show you their best lines and tricks that work for them at the tables today. What makes us unique, is that we only get paid, if YOU win. We have no reason to hold anything back – it’s in our best interest to give you all the support we can to make you win as much as you can, as fast as you can.

In other words, we aren’t simply here to collect our hourly rate for the session, and then go home and forget about you. We’re in the trenches together with you. We believe that the best way to prove yourself as a coach, is to put your money where your mouth is. And that’s exactly why we invented Coaching for Profits. The student only pays, if we deliver. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You’ve found your home.

Join Now!


Security Deposit: €500

(The Security Deposit will be returned to you after you complete the program)

Join the coaching program or get left behind as the games of 2017 get tougher.

5 Core Courses
100+ Video Lessons

Regular coaching sessions

– PLUS –

Elite membership in the most supportive and ambitious poker community on the planet!

Choose your payment option on the next page

By joining, you agree to the T&C (which you can read here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What is coaching for profits?”

A: Coaching For Profits gives YOU the chance to get coaching for free from the BPC team in return for a % of the profits that you make in the future. BPC wants to enable EVERYBODY to join this program (no matter what the size of your bankroll is). The BPC Coaching for profits team is very professional and the most successful in the world.

Anybody can learn how to make money in this game, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to studying and playing. With coaching for profits, you risk nothing in case the program does not work for you. You do not have to pay us by the hour – you do not have to pay us anything if you do not make profits at the tables.

Q: “How Does The Player Pay His Share to BPC?”

A: Payments are made 1x month. At the end of the month, we take a look at the player’s situation, his overall profits, his bankroll, and the stage in his development. Considering all of the factors, we make a decision on how much we will request from the player for the particular month.

In most cases this will be 50% of the profits, as agreed by our standard contract. We will consider exceptions if we see the student puts in extra effort. This has resulted in the past with students getting 2 months free coaching after finishing the program or later cash outs.

Q: “What is in the agreement between the student and CFP?”

A: In short, by joining the program you agree to pay % of your profits until you reach the program profit target. You also agree not to share our materials with anybody.

Please read the detailed version here: Entire Agreement.

Q: “How many hours do I have to play and study?”

A: As much as you want. Play at your own pace. We push our students to play more and improve fast because this has proven to show the best results. However, we will never force you to play more than you really want.

Sometimes you will be required to play a certain amount of hands before we can make a database analysis or give you another type of coaching, simply because progress can only be measured after you have applied the knowledge in practice. However, you can play those required hands in as many days as you wish.

At the end of the day, it is up to you. There are no official minimum requirements.

Q: “Can I play on any Poker Rooms/Sites Want?”

A: You play on whatever site you wish to play. BPC does not care. We want you to make money!

We have good rakeback deals exclusive for our students, which are very profitable and SAFE. We heard too many stories of people losing money on “banana” poker rooms, so we decided to help out here. However, you do not have to take our deals, if you don’t want to.

Q: “Is There An Approval Process To The Program? Would I Be Automatically Accepted?”

A: If you meet the requirements for the programs (BR needed), you will be accepted. Currently, we are in the open-door period, meaning there will be no particular selection process. This will change in the future, as soon as we fill up our available spots. When could this happen? It depends on many factors, it could be next week or next month. Only time will tell.

Q: “How much time do I have to complete the program?”

A: There is no time limit on the program. You can do the program for as long as it takes for you to finish. The program is complete when you reach the profit target. If you have a job or other obligations, and cannot play as much as you would like, it will take you longer. We have many students with jobs, school obligations, or families, and they progress at their own pace.

Q: “Can I Quit CFP if something happens?”

A: If you want to quit, terminating the contract is simple. You simply pay out the % share depending on how much profits you have made until that point, and the contract is canceled. There are no additional fees or penalties. So in the worst case scenario, you lose a % of your winnings if you decide to quit before.

Q: “My English Is Not Very Good. Can I Still Join The Coaching Program?”

A: Yes, of course. We have players from all over the world, with different levels of English. Nobody so far had complained they have problems following the program because of English. As long as you understand the basics, you don’t have any problems.

In fact, your English will even improve as you practice it regularly. You will have plenty of time to go through the materials and make sure you understand what you need to know. Remember, this is poker, not Shakespeare – you only need to know the poker terms and basic English, to get really good at the game.

So, do not worry about English being too hard for you. Many players were concerned, but after joining they realized it is not a problem at all.