Still playing the microstakes? Not for long. Bye-bye micros, hello NL100! 




Let's get one thing straight - the poker world of today in 2017 is tough.

The days of the mega-fish are gone. There was a time when they were happily donating money to anybody with an internet connection.

That's not the case anymore. 

Players have improved. They are reading poker books, watching training videos, and debating on poker forums.

Competition is increasing.

Poker sites are making it harder and harder for many players to make profit.

Those who don't cut it anymore, cry "Everybody is solid!" or "The games have dried up!" As you will soon see, nothing could be further from the truth. There's plenty of money to be made. Poker is still too good be true.

The only difference is, you have to be better. You have to know more than the basics. That's not enough anymore. You have to work on your game.

If not, you will be the one bleeding money at the tables. If not today, then tomorrow when the games get tougher and leave you behind. And you won't be alone.

Some studies show that 93% of poker players lose money at the tables. That's how poker works. Most lose, and those who know how to win, take all the winnings. And the poker sites, of course. They love the losers, the losers keep the games going.

Which side do you want to be on?

Are you making big money in poker? Or are you losing deposits to poker rooms and other regs? Do you want poker to be a source of income for you, like it is for our students?

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get the result that you have always gotten. If you want change and make big money playing poker, you need to do something different than before.


There are three secrets to success that nobody has told you before.

And the reason nobody has told you was not because they wanted to hide something from you. Actually, it’s even worse.

They did not know any better.

I’m not going to play any games with you or let you wait any longer.

What you should know that none of those secrets is special in itself. It is the combination of those which creates the success stories that you have read about.

Here they are:

Success Secret # 1: A Step-by-Step Coaching Program 

Now i told you that this is not a revolutionary idea. And no, BPC did not invent the idea of Step-by-Step coaching programs.

It is so obvious, yet nobody else is doing it.

The problem with most coaching sites is that they have thousands of videos with another thousand different concepts and ideas. Some of them might be even good. But unfortunately you don’t live long enough to find out which. 

Keep in mind, no theoretical concept has EVER failed in theory. Most theoretical concepts COMPLETELY FAIL in practice. 

This is the reason why some guys actually sound quite smart on forums, but they are just as broke as you are.

At BPC you will only learn what you need to know. You will only learn what actually makes money. We don’t spend any time on stuff that sounds good, but doesn’t help.

We have Step-By-Step systems in place and gone will be forever the days of confusion. 


Success Secret # 2: Mentoring AND Coaching 

Mentoring is NOT the same thing as coaching.

A coach tells you to fold K7o against a 3bet. A coach will figure out what you are doing wrong and help you fixing it.

A mentor is more than that.

He has gone your path himself. He will tell you which mistakes you can avoid.

He will help you to surround yourself with the right people.

He will also kick your ass when you become lazy. He will not accept your excuses, but will help you overcome them.

At BPC we coach & mentor you. 


Success Secret # 3: JUST FUCKING DO IT 

No plan has ever failed on paper. It is on the tables, in “real life” when push comes to shove.

You simply have to DO IT instead of talking about it.

We will make sure you DO things. This is what differentiates us from the rest. WE GET SHIT DONE.





We welcome all players of all levels. Whether you are a beginner, or simply struggling to win at the tables - we will build up your game step by step.


We understand not everybody can play every day. If you have commitments (family, job, school), do not worry. There is absolutelly no requirement on how much you "have" to play or study. You progress at your own pace. You can push yourself hard, or take it easy. YOU decide. You can also take breaks and vacations.


You are not simply getting coaching - this is a program. The curriculum is built based on years of experience and having coached hundreds of students. We know what works, and what doesn't. You will get the best of it. No need to figure out by yourself which topics to study. It's all waiting here for you.


We have good and safe rakeback deals exclusively for our students. You can take them, or just continue playing on your favourite rooms. The choice is YOURS.



Once you make €5000 with us, our agreement is completed. You will track your results regularly and make reports in your CFP account on our website (which you will get after joining).

If you quit before reaching €5000 in profits, you simply pay the % of your winnings you have made up to that point. You will NEVER have to pay a penalty or more than a share of your profits, even if you have to quit for whatever reason.

We understand that sometimes life happens. So you can quit our coaching program at any point. You don't have to worry about being tied into a long-term contract you cannot fullfil.


We do not charge for the study materials or for the amount of coaching you will receive. We share your profits, 50:50. That means you only pay us, if we you make money in our program.

If you don't profit, you don't pay anything. Payments are done 1x monthly. After you reach your profit target (€5k), you have completed the program and from that point on you keep all of your profits.



Before joining you will have to transfer a security deposit. When you complete the program, you will get the deposit back.




We know what it takes to win, and we are damn good at showing our students how to win.

You don't have to take our word for it; we publicly document each student's progress from day 1.

We are the only ones in the poker coaching business who do this - ask yourself why?

Our success rates are unprecedented.

We are the industry leaders.

Below, you can see a screenshot of our monthly rankings for 2015 & 2016 - our internal "competition" for our Coaching for Profits students.

We believe in total transparency, so we don't mind publishing results live as they happen. For good or for worse. Mostly for good, as you can see...


Not so long ago, these guys were sitting where you are sitting right now.

Behind the computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone... Looking for a good poker coach, to learn how to crush the games, make money from anywhere in the world, and escape the boring office jobs...

We are a great community of players of all levels and different game formats, who support and motivate each other.

Watch the testimonial videos from our students below, see their graphs, and listen to what they have to say about joining our Coaching for Profits program.

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There are many, MANY success stories in the BestPokerCoaching community, and you can find more testimonials by clicking here and here.

In fact, our success stories are getting plenty of attention and recognition in all of the major online poker authorities, as you can see below.

TwoPlusTwo, where we have our own forum and the longest-standing and best-rated thread in the coaching forum. 

HighstakesDB, where we also have our own forum, and our guys are being interviewed regularly… 

PocketFives also noticed our success stories, and just had an interview with our coach m1ndCtrl.


We are constantly improving our poker strategy.

We measure the success of specific lines, strategies and methods. 

We also constantly measure and improve the effectiveness of different coaching formats and methods.

You can be assured that BPC is up-to-date with the latest coaching-techniques. 

We are the experts on this and know which coaching works best.

We understand that each student learns in a different way and as such we will be flexible to adapt. Specific formats and methods will change based on what works best. 

We never forget: The faster we make YOU win, the faster WE win as well!

It is in our best interest to give you the best and most effective coaching.

Typical coaching formats and methods we use are, but are not limited to: 

  • Individual 1-1 Coaching (one student, one coach) 
  • Session Review (you prepare hands from a specific session and review them with your coach/group) 
  • Hand Review (you prepare trouble hands) 
  • Topic (you or the coach prepares hands about a specific topic. For example 3bet pots, turn check-raises, preflop ranges) 
  • Live sessions (The coach watches you playing. We rarely us this) 
  • Group coachings (this is pretty much like 1-1 coaching if one person prepares the hands/topic, with the exception that other people can watch and learn at the same time) 
  • Video Review (the student records himself playing and giving his thoughts in live. The coach watches the recording, speaks his thoughts and sends back the video to the student.) 
  • Prepared Video Materials (poker courses, specific videos about a specific topic) 
  • E-books/Articles and Idiot-Proof Guides 
  • Database Analysis (student sends his database/ last 10k hands and the coach analyses the plays of the student and checks if the student correctly applied lessons. This method will be used more frequently) 
  • Posting hands on forums (coaches and other students comment) 
  • Mindset/Motivation/Productivity Coaching (typically we don't "coach" this, we LIVE it every day and DO it) 
  • Homework/Studying Material 
  • QnA with the Coach/Head Coach/Successful CFP Alumni/ CEO

There is a reason our students (you can become one of them in a matter of minutes) make so much noise in the poker community and crush at the tables, month after month.

Our proven programs are simple to follow. 

Students follow a no-bullshit step by step system, which worked for many before them so well. 


And we are constantly improving. 


Our students typically complete even our big, 60k EUR programs in 5, 7, 12 months.  

Yet, we cannot "promise" to you that you will finish in a certain period as well. 

Some might take a bit longer, but ultimately it will only depend on how badly you really want it. 

What we can promise to you, is that after finishing one of our programs... 

  • you will know exactly what you have to do to survive and crush at poker in the long-term. 
  • you will understand why what we teach works, what you were doing wrong - and why you were doing it 
  • and last, but not least, you will know the steps you have to take to make $10k+ per month, each month.

And the beauty of it is, once you're done, you will keep 100% of your profits for the rest of your poker career.

Sounds good? 

Well, like we said, you're dealing with real professionals here who get shit done and have proven it over and over again! 

Let's take a quick look at our team, so you will get a better idea of what type of professionals you are dealing with.

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In no particular order, our team includes the following heavyweights of the poker coaching world...

  • WSOP Bracelet winner (Kasino Krime)… 

  • The best SNG player of 2015 in the world (bencb789)… 
  • The most respected DB analyst and Holdem Manager expert poker has ever seen (Alan Jackson of Pokermetrics)… 
  • We integrate our best students into our coaching team. These are guys who topped the monthly rankings month after month with their €10k+ months while still inside our coaching programs! 
  • As well as a supporting cast made up of some of the sharpest coaches from RunItOnce and PokerStrategy (Era7er, Asimos, w34z3l...) who are currently crushing the stakes up to NL500 ZOOM on Pokerstars (recognized as the toughest 6-max games out there), and even higher on normal tables...

There are more and more players making a name for themselves and moving up the stakes every month in our community - you can join them in just a few minutes.

All under the watchful eye of the self-made poker millionaire Gordon.

For those of you who don't know his reputation...

  • Gordon made some of the best and most popular videos in history of PokerStrategy as "Raskolnikov" before deciding to create
  • He pioneered his unique approach to poker and coaching which has become known as the "no-bullshit poker" in the online poker community.
  • Today he is the head coach of, as well as exploring other venues with some of the best business minds on this planet.
  • His passion is education, which he translated into creating the dominant force in online poker coaching industry.




At BPC everybody gets a fair shot at making it in poker. If you have less experience, and a smaller bankroll, but you are dedicated, we will help you. 

If you are ready to fast-track your progress and start making money at the poker tables as soon as possible, this is your best chance. 

We will teach you everything you need to know. 

This involves how to use advanced tools, how to learn poker math in a very simple way and MANY other great strategies. 


You will get a complete plan for any situation.

Preflop, postflop, 3-betting and calling 3-bets. When to bluff and when to bluff-catch... 

We cover ALL of it. 

You will never feel lost or confused during a hand anymore.

Our custom-built courses are designed to build your game from the ground up, step by step, topic by topic.

First of all, before you even touch strategy, you will get a series of videos which will completely change the way you see poker (if you are not a big winner yet).

To see what I am talking about, here's a short sample from a seminar for our best students, so you will get a better idea of the mental game principles involved:

After you go through the mindset section, you will get the strategy courses. 


Each course has 40-50 videos, some a lot more. You will get over a hundred hours worth of materials dissecting the art of crushing the 6-max tables. We will guide you every step of the way. 


The courses are broken down into modules by topic, and each module contains several units. Inside of those units, there are instructional videos and written materials, checklist and cheat-sheet downloads, etc.

You will progress through different courses, level by level: 


1. Starter course will teach you the basics, topic by topic. Even if you are completely new to poker, or have never won at the tables - by the time you finish this boot-camp, you will know EXACTLY what to do to start making money at the tables. 

2. Intermediate Course expands on the topic of the Starter course, giving you additional weapons as you start making more creative moves, and battling tougher opponents. Here you will start learning how to adapt at the tables, and what options are available to you beyond the basics. This is where you start hitting your €5k+ months. 

3. Advanced course: This is the GTO-based course made with our top coaches and students. The style of play changes as you try to beat up NL400 and higher. This will be probably out of your reach if you join the MICRO program, since you will complete it by the time you reach this level. 

4. Coaching session libraries: We record every coaching session, and are building a monster 6-max library, for every level imaginable. We have sessions on NL2-5, NL10, NL25... Hands played by real students, and analysed by our team of coaches. This is pure gold for any player climbing up in stakes. 


You will be blown away by the amount of materials available to you. No other training site can compete with us. 

If you were to buy all these materials you will get, you would pay in the thousands of euros to get your hands on them... If they would be for sale, that is. They are exclusive to our students. 

This is why I say that joining the program will be the most profitable decision you will ever make. 


For a €500 deposit (which you get back after finishing the program), you get access to thousands of euros worth of materials, and coaching on top. 

Why do we let you in at this price? Because we KNOW you will make a fortune, and in the end, both you and BPC will make a lot of money working together.


Alan Jackson is known for his videos on BlueFirePoker, focused on utilizing detailed stats to increase your edge at the table. 

He uses thousands of custom filters to break down and evaluate your game in every possible situation. That is why we work together with him. 

BPC, like Alan, remove subjective opinions and base our strategies on scientific, understandable and verifiable data. 

Alan is also the ultimate HUD creator in the game, and is personally creating and constantly developing our HUDs, which our students will get to use exclusively.


  • For everybody who is NOT beating NL10 or higher over a 100k hand sample size (if you already beat NL10 over a big sample size, then you qualify for the NL 6-max CRUSHER program) 
  • For everybody who plays NL10 or below and wants to start making real money 
  • For everybody who is tired of playing micro-stakes 
  • For recreational players who want to improve at their hobby and also make some money instead of losing 
  • For everybody who wishes to progress at their OWN pace 


4-5 times each week you can attend our coaching (in the future it even will be every single day at least once). The coaching is between 1-2 hours long and we focus on one specific topic and/or student in each session. Every question will be answered. 

Database Reports every 10k hands (or 20k hands depending on the topic).

Our chief scientist Alan Jackson (the best and most respected database analyst for high stakes professionals in the world!) is part of BPC and creates with the coaches of each discipline (in this case he is actually a good 6max player himself) a detailed and advanced filtering system. Based on these filters, we create a report for you which will show you WHERE you are doing mistakes in your game.

Our video library (always updated) with custom tailored videos for each topic. 

Our famous and proven method of using step-by-step lessons will be supported by our extensive video library. For each topic, you will not only get a lesson plan written, but also practical videos that show you how to DO the things you have learnt. And after you have played, you’ll get the database report. 


Let’s just say more than enough and more than you can ever use.

You will be able to speak to a coach 3 times a week and soon every single day. 

If you are super motivated and have a lot of time, take advantage of this offer!

If you have a full time job, no worries, you can join the coaching whenever you got some free time. 

You get 10 hours of coaching each week, 40 hours every month. 

If it takes you 6 months to complete the program, then you will have gotten around 240 hours of coaching. 

How we calculated this number 

  • 5 hours of live coaching, 3 hours of video materials, 2 hours of our database service 
  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free 
  • You also get free access to our productivity software “CFP-web-application”, which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve 
  • You also get custom developed HUDS and other cool stuff for free  
  • The truth is that this number could be a lot higher, for example if you play a lot. On the other side if you only play 5k hands a week, then you’ll use less of the database service. Our live coaching will soon be 7 days a week, which means around 10-14 hours of live coaching alone. 
  • Also, our video library is quite big, so you could easily spend 10 hours watching videos, but we believe that we should not count video-hours as full coaching hours. That’s why the number is lower. In other words, it is up to you, but there will be more than enough coaching for you. 


Value lies in the eye of the spectator! 

In the past you would have paid 500 Euro/hour to have high quality coaching with us. That means you will get 20.000 Euro worth of coaching every month (40 hours x 500 Euro). 

Ok, this number is too high of course, because we don’t need to re-create each video for everybody again.

Also, while Gordon would charge today at least 1000 Euro/hour , a coach for micro-stakes would not charge that much.

So let’s be “reasonable” and say instead of 20.000 Euro/month, the value is more around 2.000 Euro each month. 

Don’t worry, we don’t charge you anything. In case you have forgotten, you pay NOTHING until you win!

Look, we’re not a charity.

The only reason we can offer you so much value at such a little price is because our coaching simply WORKS.




(click on the image to read about each student)



How does it all work?

(a.k.a. "7 steps to poker glory")

1. We give you group and individual coaching via Teamviewer, Skype, and GoToWebinar (free tools) 

2. We give you super-awesome custom designed video courses, bursting with quality content 

3. We pretty much tell you exactly what to do to win lots of money 

4. Meanwhile, you play and crush at the tables like a boss (you play as much as you want/can, there are no requirements) 

5. At the end of the month, you pay us a share of your profits, usually 50%

6. If you need to grow your bankroll and are working hard to climb up, we can postpone or reduce the monthly payment 

7. If you don't make any profits, you don't pay us (since 50% of zero is... well, zero :))

What exactly happens after you join? 

(besides your graph exploding into the sky!)

DAY 1 

1. You get instant access to the super-awesome custom designed video courses for your program, which you will be studying over the next months 

2. You get our Skype contacts and VIP support to guide you all the way and answer any questions you might have

3. You get access to the coaching calendar, and can start joining coaching sessions immediately if you want (yes, even on Day 1)

4. You get access to your tracking account, where you will be entering your daily results every time you play 

5. Let the grind begin! 


DAY 2 

That's it. We did it all on day one. :)

And how exactly do I join?

(I just transfer the deposit, and that's it?)

Yes, it's as simple as that. Click the button below, transfer the deposit via the shopping cart and the ride of your life begins right NOW!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is coaching for profits?" 

A: Coaching For Profits gives YOU the chance to get coaching for free from the BPC team in return for a % of the profits that you make in the future. BPC wants to enable EVERYBODY to join this program (no matter what the size of your bankroll is). The BPC Coaching for profits team is very professional and the most successful in the world. 

Anybody can learn how to make money in this game, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to studying and playing. With coaching for profits, you risk nothing in case the program does not work for you. You do not have to pay us by the hour - you do not have to pay us anything, if you do not make profits at the tables.

Q: "How Does The Player Pay His Share to BPC?" 

A: Payments are made 1x month. At the end of the month, we take a look at the player's situation, his overall profits, his bankroll, and the stage in his development. Considering all of the factors, we make a decision on how much we will request from the player for the particular month. 

In most cases this will be 50% of the profits, as agreed by our standard contract. We will consider exceptions if we see the student puts in extra effort. This has resulted in the past with students getting 2 months free coaching after finishing the program or later cash outs. 

Q: "What is in the agreement between the student and CFP?"

In short, by joining the program you agree to pay % of your profits until you reach the program profit target. You also agree not to share our materials with anybody.

Please read the detailed version here: Entire Agreement.

Q: "How many hours do I have to play and study?" 

A: As much as you want. Play at your own pace. We push our students to play more and improve fast, because this has proven to show the best results. However, we will never force you to play more than you really want. 

Sometimes you will be required to play a certain amount of hands before we can make a database analysis or give you another type of coaching, simply because progress can only be measured after you have applied the knowledge in practice. However, you can play those required hands in as many days as you wish. 

At the end of the day, it is up to you. There are no official minimum requirements.

Q: "Can I play on any Poker Rooms/Sites Want?" 

You play on whatever site you wish to play. BPC does not care. We want you to make money! 

We have good rakeback deals exclusivelly for our students, which are very profitable and SAFE. We heard too many stories of people losing money on "banana" poker rooms, so we decided to help out here. However, you do not have to take our deals, if you don't want to.

Q: "Is There An Approval Process To The Program? Would I Be Automatically Accepted?" 

A: If you meet the requirements for the programs (BR needed), you will be accepted. Currently we are in the open-door period, meaning there will be no particular selection process. This will change in the future, as soon as we fill up our available spots. When could this happen? It depends on many factors, it could be next week, or next month. Only time will tell. 

Q: "How much time do I have to complete the program?" 

A: There is no time limit on the program. You can do the program for as long as it takes for you to finish. The program is complete when you reach the profit target. If you have a job or other obligations, and cannot play as much as you would like, it will take you longer. We have many students with jobs, school obligations, or families, and they progress at their own pace.

Q: "Can I Quit CFP if somehing happens?" 

A: If you want to quit, terminating the contract is simple. You simply pay out the % share depending on how much profits you have made until that point, and the contract is cancelled. There are no additional fees or penalties. So in the worst case scenario, you lose a % of your winnings if you decide to quit before.

Q: "My English Is Not Very Good. Can I Still Join The Coaching Program?" 

A: Yes, of course. We have players from all over the world, with different levels of English. Nobody so far had complained they have problems following the program because of English. As long as you understand the basics, you not have any problems.  

In fact, your English will even improve as you practice it regularly. You will have plenty of time to go through the materials, and make sure you understand what you need to know. Remember, this is poker, not Shakespeare - you only need to know the poker terms and basic English, to get really good at the game. 

So, do not worry about English being too hard for you. Many players were concerned, but after joining they realize it is no problem at all. 

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