Crunky finished the €60k HU Soldier

Marcus (or Crunky as he is known in the community) from Sweden finished his €60.000 Hu Soldier Coaching for Profits program. Congratulations! We had an interview with him to get to know him better and ask how was his experience in…

Krzysztof "mafiagustawa" 6-max Elite Student Interview

Krzysztof "mafiagustawa" is a 6-max Elite Student

Leandro - 6-Max Brazil Coach

Leandro is a student in 6-max Crusher Program close to finishing (86%) but also a coach for the Brazilian 6-max students.    You can click here to also read the written interview with him.

Marcus - Coaching for Profits HU Soldier Student Interview

  Marcus is a student in our NLHU Soldier coaching program. He is almost halfway through to the 60k euro profit target. His graph below: You can read a written interview with him by clicking here.

Matic - Coaching for Profits 6-Max Elite Student Interview

Matic is more than halfway through the NL 6-max ELITE coaching program  See below his graph: Click here to read our latest written interview with him.

Reece - Coaching for Profits Heads Up Soldier Student Interview

https://vimeo.com/318226119  Reece "L1fe" is a student in our NLHU Soldier Coaching for Profits program on his way to his 60k euro goal.   You can read his story on his blog here.

Rylan - Coaching for Profits Heads Up and PLO HU (2 x 60K) Finisher Interview

Rylan completed our NLHU Soldier Coaching program and earned €60,000 in profits in 7 months and 17 days as our student.  His graph:   He then went away and finish a second program, CFP PLO HU and earned another  €60,000…

Nico - Coaching for Profits MTT Student Interview

https://vimeo.com/318225798Nico is one of the advanced students in our MTT Silver coaching program.

Maestro - Coaching for Profits Heads Up 60K Finisher Interview

https://vimeo.com/318225589Thomas "Maestro" finished our Heads-Up Soldier Coaching for profits program, and made €60,000 in profits at the tables as our student. You can read an interview about his success here. This is his graph: Today,…