CASE STUDY: ilidek Rockets to Program Completion

“llidek” has done what many BPC students dream of – reaching the six-figure club. This player from Poland earned €100,000 in profits in two years, three months, and 25 days as a student – quite an impressive accomplishment.

He has now completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program and looking to share his knowledge with others. How did he get to that €100K finish? It didn’t come easy and came with plenty of hard work, dedication, and training from BPC.



Before joining up with BPC, ilidek was a mediocre NL25 6max player. Like many students who seek out BPC, he was having some success but not quite where he hoped to be.

BPC seemed like a nice option. After hearing about others having success and learning about the training and community support, he decided to sign up in early 2013. He was ready for the program and despite some early frustrations, he was ready for what the future would bring.


A self-described nerd who studied computer science in college, ilidek jumped in the NLHU Soldier program not quite knowing what to expect. But he had plans to embrace his training and give it his all as he outlined in his first BPC blog post.

“The day before yesterday was the first day I started playing NLHU,” he wrote. “I played a few times with my friends for fun, but it was never  something serious.”

The game would now certainly become serious. But his positive attitude paid off almost immediately after he began. He noted: “I know it’s going to be hard, very hard, but I can’t wait to understand this game and crush it.”



After some slow steady growth at the beginning of the program, ilidek’s trajectory rocketed up after only a few months – and continued to climb. His coach said he was one of the toughest students he’d ever trained, but ilidek took his coaching well to advance in the program.

Amazingly, after three months twice he had already achieved profits in a single day that topped the average monthly salary in his home country. He had also moved from NL25 6max to NL200 HU in only four months.

By about his fifth month in the program, llidek had reached the €20,000 mark in overall profits. Then only two months after that, he reached €60,000 in profits – and continued to climb. By his ninth month in the program he recorded a €4,000 month.

Coaches and other students in the BPC community took note of his commitment and dedication as his earnings continued to soar. He was earning profits and plenty of accolades.

“Your commitment to not just improving your technical poker game, but mental game as well is admirable,” one community member noted.

They weren’t all good days however, and he blogged about his frustrations after a bad session.

“Crushed next keyboard,” he wrote. “Pressed sit out. It didn’t work and I lost stack FD versus FD.”

Broken keyboards aside, ilidek’s progression shows what can can happen when one takes the strategy and applies it at the tables. By June 2013, he was seeing big results and his profits only continued to grow.

“Only one session for today, but pretty nice,” he wrote in his blog. “It’s a second time I earned more in one session than people in Poland in a month. My bankroll improved 400 percent since I started working with Gordon. Tomorrow I am going to shoot for NL100 for the very first time.”



After such a huge accomplishment, finishing the program was a relief but also a positive step in the right direction for this player. He was recognized for his work at the 2015 poker camp in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

After receiving his trophy for his completion, this man of few rods had one simple comment about the honor and his huge accomplishment.

“Awesome,” he said.

Throughout the process, ilidek realized how important it was to track his play and reflect on how things have gone. Looking at trends and profit wins/losses helps a player know where he stands and set goals on how to overcome those shortcomings or keep on the right track.

“I am a person who needs to track his progress, no ifs or buts about it,” he said. “It’s like with commitments – I am not a huge fan of them. They consume time, and not a perfect solution but work. I don’t have better solution, neither do I need one.”

His efforts worked and the poker winning continued. In August 2015, he blogged about how well life was going after BPC with all goals being met and even his life outside poker seeing big improvements.

“What can I say, everything’s perfect,” he wrote. “Grinding a lot, everything’s great with my girlfriend, working out, spending time with friends – all is going as it should.”



Those who want to live like ilidek can now add him as a coach. Poker has been good to him. He now travels around the world playing poker and coaching. He regularly posts €10,000 months and hopes to lead students in that same direction.

As part of his efforts to make his students better, ilidek regularly posts hands and strategies on BPC for students to consider and play out each scenario He’s thorough with his training and tries to give students real situations they might encounter at the tables.

After a particularly tough run at the tables, ilidek reflected on his play – offering some words of wisdom in the process for others trying to work their way to a program completion. It’s important to keep those eyes on the goal. Play smart and work hard to get there, and don’t become complacent.

“As I said, I am very grateful for what happened,” he said of that tough run. “I needed a solid punch to wake up. When everything goes well you get lazy, you don’t work as much. It’s human nature. Why should you work extremely hard when everything works very well? However when things change, you change.”

It’s important to keep that killer instinct and constantly work on your game in other words. Hard work, studying, and using what you learn – putting it all together is the way to success.



So what about your own game? Are you looking to increase those profits or you’re looking to move up in stakes?

BPC can help. Like ilidek, the program can help you learn how to crush at the tables. Maybe big monthly profits are in your future too. BPC is more than just training and coaching, it’s a community where players motivate each other, learn from each other, and become friends through amazing events like the upcoming Poker Camp in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Like ilidek’s story, when you’re part of BPC things that didn’t seem possible become a reality. What are you waiting for? Get on board and start winning and raking in profits.


Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Texas. His work appears in numerous websites and publications such as PokerNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.

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