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 NOBS Mindset Masterclass

 by coach Jake

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This is a masterclass developed by our CFP Finisher Coach Jake. He takes you on a journey to actively work on your mindset.
He shares some very valuable knowledge of being a professional over the last years.
This course is interactive and you will be taking part in exercises. 
This course is for everyone who struggles with mindset issues and looks for a “jump start” to get over some mental humps.
Jake also shares some valuable non poker related content, which will also benefit your poker game in the future.

Coach Jake takes you step by step through some of the challenges regarding your mindset.
Because he had Mindset issues himself in the past he knows what it takes in order to work on your mindset in an efficient way.
You will get to know tips and exercises that actually work in order to improve your mindset and develop a mindset like a professional poker player.

This Masterclass is made in a very practical way. It is directed towards day to day struggles that might occur to you as a poker player. It is not just pure theory talk. Jake teaches mindset content that actually helps you to improve yourself.
There is some theory involved but especially the chapters on exercise will assist you on your way to develop a strong mindset.
This course not just talks about tilt but also on topics such as habits, mental routines, a growing mindset and much more.

Yes, there is! Every week there will be uploaded the newest episode of Jake´s Coaching Session of NOBS Mindset by Coach Jake.
There are constantly valuable lessons added to this course.

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NOBS Mindset

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Andrey Z.
Andrey Z.
Read More
Today I've finished the mindset masterclass. Promised feedback. 1. As I said earlier it is quite clear, systematic, useful and practical - thanks a lot 2. I've already integrated your xls-table in my daily routine and see the first effect (really) 3. I liked your additional material about happiness - very interesting 4. I don't clearly understand the exercise "stay on a call while playing" - what is expected outcome of it? 5. How do you recommend to choose the habits to work on? Take them from my first list from the lesson or something else?
Marco Milici
Marco Milici
Palermo, Italy
Read More
BPC is the best of the best, I have adviced to all my friends, I had to 😀
they are so satisfied and they are really happy to be part of a school who makes champions! 😀
Patrick H.
Patrick H.
Moers, Germany
Read More
It is simply the best poker coaching site I have encountered.
Great support
No bullshit - literally
Great for everyone who is motivated and dedicated
Great enviroment - people have super good attitude and they are there to help and support.
Victor Simionato
Victor Simionato
Marilia, Brazil
Read More
So before I joined BPC I had no clue what it meant to be a Professional Poker player.
I was losing player and all I had was a dream that someday become a great player. Right now I know I'm walking towards my goal. BPC can really teach how to make money. The coaches are great and the atmosfere is really cool, everyone likes to help each other. I just love it.
Jackson M.
Jackson M.
Bakersfield, CA
Read More
I was getting wrecked at 50NL before I joined. ONly 1bb/100 winrate at 25NL over 40k hands.
Now, after completing all the course videos the winrate is 7.9bb/100 over 36k hands at NL25 and NL50 (combined).
Almost able to start shots at 100NL. Best poker coaching works.
Join now, win big 🙂
Jay Stevens
Jay Stevens
Springfield, MO
Read More
I was winning sng player for years, but wanted to switch to cash games. I searched for coaching, found BPC> I went into it with a lil doubt, it sounded a lil too good to be true. They do have great marketing, but 6 months into the program, not only my poker game, but also my life has changed so much... the concepts taught about being successful carry over into everything.
Best investment I have made. It's not magic, you have to study, follow their plan... but you will see results... being surrounded by winning professionals 24/7 ... turns you into a pro.
Jan B.
Jan B.
Neuss, Germany
Read More
I think BPC is one of the best poker coaching sites one can join. Especially to get from limits to higher. They have the best step-by-step approach and a course that you can follow easily. The coaches are also great and take time to make sure every student gets his problems solved.
Marco Perozziello
Marco Perozziello
Milano, Italy
Read More
joining BPC is something anyone willing to success in the poker world should do. You get everything you need to improve your game from 0 to whatever you want.
You get access to materials that will gradually help your understanding of the game. Moving up in stakes is faster than ever and I'm not even through half yet.
Ralph G.
Ralph G.
Columbus, OH
Read More
I joined and now I have made major changes in my poker career! I learned so much from the course and there's always a lot of things to look forward to. And it's one of the best decisions I made that totally changed my game and my mindset! Thanks BPC!
Madoumier Julien
Madoumier Julien
Lansargues, France
Read More
Started from NL5 to NL50 and currently taking shots at NL100.
It's very user friendly about materials of the course and the coach is someone you can rely on.
If you're serious about poker, you can't go wrong with BPC!
Karl F.
Karl F.
Kiel. Germany
Read More
I think that you can't make a better decision in your road to poker success! All the things I saw here made me see my passion in other more interesting ways.
I trully feel like a pro player! Thank you BPC!

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