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1. Intro

2. Master Mechanic

3. Population Secrets

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This course uses the population research feature ( range research) to develop highly profitable strategies. This will be the easiest way to make a lot of money very quickly on almost any poker room you play at (where you have stats on opponents)

It will help you uncover hidden data in order to make large amounts of money by exploiting the average tendencies of the playerpool. This means you can increase your winrate quickly.

Yes, it includes the free BPC HUD and the guide to install it and get it running even if you have 0 experience with Hand 2 Note software.

Hand 2 Note offers support for a wide variety of sites. The best would be to check with the Hand 2 Note support or check their site for the updated list of sites.  >>Click here to check the list of sites

This course does not come included with Hand2Note as it is a different company that created this software. We provide you their free version but in order to take advantage of the full functionalities detailed in this course you will need their paid version (20$ / month at the moment, but price can change on their site).  You will have a link inside the course where you can get the free version or the paid one.

You don’t need to have the Edge subscription to watch this course. But if you want to apply the knowledge onto your own database and find out exploits, you will need the Edge subscription of Hand 2 Note.

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Below you can see our Top 50 monthly performances from our internal rankings. All achieved while students were learning. Students made a lot more on their own after graduating.

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€1497 €497

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