Bulgaria strikes back: m1ndCrtl finishes CFP 60k HU program

Our one and only m1ndCrtl. It’s sad to see him finish the program because it has been one big fun ride.

KARMA ALERT: Guys, go in and congratulate him. Those who want to congratulate and read about his progress from DAY 1, go and check out m1ndCrtl’s blog on BPC

As far as I (Gordon BPC) am aware, he was the only Bulgarian currently in the program. Hopefully, there are some Bulgarians who want to do better and crack Rylan’s CFP record(s).

Ok, it’s just a short news piece. A more detailed interview + case study will (hopefully!) follow in the future. (You can check his full interview HERE)

BPC is very happy that m1ndCrtl remains as a coach on board and will continue to help others move forward in their development as a player.

He will be greatly missed in the monthly rankings, which he has managed to win 2 times in a row.

He crushed the fish, beat the mediocre… and now he is on his way to destroy the regs!

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