Breaking News: $teezy Finishes The CFP 6max Program (less than a year!)

Congratulations $teezy. You’ve done it.


What started on August 31st, 2014, with your first blog post (check below his first post), and with his first coaching on September 6th, has ended yesterday night, August 29th, 2015.

Everybody, go ahead and gratulate him in his thread:

$teezy’s Blog here on BPC

For the selfish haters among us: Wishing others well brings good Karma to yourself. That’s what $teezy did the last months when interviewing others. Spread the good word and energy!


With more than €25k winnings in August (close to €30k with bonus), he has officially finished his CFP 6max contract in LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

This also shows that progress is not linear at all. Poker is very often like banging your head against the wall. You keep doing it and nothing really happens. The difference between winners and losers, between quitters and DOERS, is that the winners don’t stop.

Champions stand up one more time.
Steezy is definitely a Champion and the huge majority of the credit goes to him for making this happen.

While doing CFP he also worked for BPC, did Interviews and helped a lot to organize the event in Dubrovnik.

At the same time, he must have paid a lot of attention to what was taught in Dubrovnik, because he certainly took action on it.

Well done Steezy, I know the last word about his run to the top is not spoken. Now he’s on his own boss, ready to reach even higher for the stars.

For those of you who have started with $teezy, you KNOW for a fact that this here could have been you. Well, be angry, do better, but don’t use excuses.
As you all know:
New to BPC ?:
This can be you. $teezy will be the first to tell you that it is his work ethic and never giving up that made him great. He had his moments of doubt and frustration. Another key was WORKING A LOT HIMSELF.
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