BPC Students on the up: Updates from the CFP camp

Usually, all the pomp goes to the top of the rankings, and deservedly so, of course.

But there are guys at the lower stakes making their progress each day towards those $10k+ months.

The first steps can often be the hardest, so shout-out here to the guys fighting their way up through the ranks.

Our 6-max Micro student from Serbia, Lateralus, will soon reach the halfway point of the Micro program, after having joined a few months ago.

He made close to 3500 EUR already, over 5x what his starting bankroll was.


6-max student “justplayff” joined BPC in September with 50 EUR in his pocket and a willingness to learn, and grind.

He started at the bottom, playing the Micros.

Currently, he is over 4000 EUR up, playing NL50, and planning his shots for NL100.

Check out his blog here: LINK.


Our 6-max student “skenderbeu13” also started his Coaching for profits at BPC with $50 in his pocket, and a determination to succeed no matter what.


He started grinding at the very bottom, the infamous NL2.

After a few months, he is over 3200 EUR up – and that’s just the start. Now he is out of the micros, and the real money-making is about to begin…

Check out his blog here: LINK.


Keep on grinding guys, it takes guts and determination to climb up from the micros, respect to all the grinders pushing hard day after day to hit the goals they set!

Good luck!


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