BPC Students on the UP: Updates from the CFP camp

The main break-through stories of the recent weeks are coming from the HU camp.

First, there is Alloin, who finished the CFP this week and is fighting to win his first monthly ranking in his last month of the program.


He is approaching 8k EUR in winnings for the month and is on the way to also break his personal record month.


Then, we have two players who moved up to the advanced HU group, one a couple of weeks ago, and one just today!

We met XcreminatR a couple of weeks ago, and since then he has moved to the advanced HU group, and starting to work on getting that first 10k month. He is currently closing in on 7k EUR, so there is still some way to go…

He too already broke his personal best for the month, as did the next player: Aleksandar “hITthAT”.

Aleksandar cracked the 5k EUR month for the first time, and practically doubled his total winnings before February in this month, and is one of the most improved players in the CFP in February, if we just look at the progress made.

It was a month of personal records for these players (and some others in the program), and there is more to come in the future months, as they really kick it into gear and go for the 10k!


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