BPC Ski Trip to Bormio. Recap.


We did it! Skiing in Bormio became a historical event. It was the first BPC meet up in the winter time. Hope, It will become a good annual tradition. As it often happens, the begging of anything started from small. Thus we meet in Bormio in a small, but cozy group: Gordon, Scott a.k.a. Fred, BPC partner Bench, his wife Angelica and me. There was supposed to be Alex “Lateralus” too, but we lost him on his way. Too bad for him, because we had prepared a birthday cake that I promised to smash into his face.

The view on Bormio from 3000m high

We have to confess, that we felt a bit sorry preparing this event and being unable to find available accommodation in ski resorts like Kronplatz, Val Gardena or Cortina d’Ampezzo. Bormio was considered as an emergency exit, and we were wrong. Bormio is a great place for skiing, one of the best we’ve all have seen, and definitely is the best place to ski in the high season. The tracks there so wide and spacious, that you can enjoy downhill skiing and full speed without worrying about crushing somebody else. 

Scott a.k.a. Fred, Bench, Angelica

For those who didn’t join us because of being not very skilled at skiing. Gordon had the foot injury and was unable to ski, but he was there at the event. And yes, he was super jealous of us, when we were meeting all together in the evenings and discussing our adventures at the piste. 

That’s what the group picture would look like if Gordon wasn’t injured

Bormio is a very pretty Italian small town with lots of restaurants and wine cellars. Thus, evenings we were spending enjoying good food and tasting good wine. And after a fantastic dinner, we were gathering at Gordon’s room. If you were in Cannes 2017 or you read about it, then you know how much Gordon is into party games like “Mafia”. This time he went further and suggested a totally new game with similar principles and a very exciting name that we can’t tell you about. We played this game every evening and never manage to give up it earlier than at 2 a.m. I assume those nights were sleepless for our neighbors too because playing the game we were arguing so loud, that all neighborhood could hear us accusing each other of belonging to a certain political party.

In the morning of the 22nd of February, we had breakfast together, then we checked out and went our separate ways. This event has not been announced ahead of time, unlike our main summer event. For the next year, we are considering making this a big event like in the summer, although less focused on poker. So be prepared, start doing squats and start learning about Jagertee and other good skiing traditions.

Until soon!



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