BPC is now open for membership!

After years creating the best poker courses and providing the best coaching for profits program in the world, Best Poker Coaching is now open for membership! It will give players a chance to access courses they couldn’t buy and will give an alternative for people who didn’t want to join one of our coaching for profits programs.

We have two membership options, BPC Club and BPC Academy. You can check below for more information:


Have you ever wondered which poker course is best for your current skill-set? 

Should you work on your general 6-max and cash-game skills?

Maybe you have a tilt problem with lucky fish that prevents you from moving up limits?

Or maybe the math foundations are what is missing from your game plan?

There are many skills that form a complete poker player, and here at BPC we have courses for all of them. In the past, players had to decide which course to get first, and missed out on improving the other skills until they improved enough to afford the courses that covered other essential skills.

What is the BPC Club?

  • It’s the collection of all of our most popular courses, offered for a fixed monthly price
  • It’s a chance for you, the player, to get access to all the value NOW, and spreading the payment into the future. We are confident you will see and benefit from our study materials so much, that you will keep coming back!
  • The library of materials and courses will continually be improved, expanded and updated with new lines, tools, quizzes and tests
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other BPC Club members and our coaches
  • Member rewards: Every 3 months as a member, you can choose your FREE gift among our premium courses (€197 value)

You can find out more about BPC Club HERE


Follow along the step-by-step 6-max Bootcamp, and join the coaching sessions to personally solve your problems at the tables with our coaches – or just chill back and let them explain our newest findings, what works and what doesn’t at today’s 6-max tables. ZOOM or regular tables, we cover it all.


What is the BPC Academy?

  • It’s a step-by-step NL 6-max course (more detailed info here)
  • A coaching program with 4-6 monthly coaching sessions
  • YOUR hands getting reviewed by our coaches
  • And it is the “soft” CFP: no contract, and no profit sharing – you keep it ALL

You can find out more about BPC Academy HERE.



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