BPC is International: Yordan from Bulgaria

A few weeks ago we introduced you to HitThat from Sofia in Bulgaria and tonight we have a meeting with a fellow countryman: Yordan aka “Yordi”. He is a member of our 6-max Micro program and doing pretty well there. See yourself.


When and why did you start playing Poker?

I started playing poker about 10 years ago. I learned it from friends and we played mostly home games.


Why did you decide to join our Coaching for Profits program?

I decided to join CFP because I want to learn how to crush the high stakes. One of the main reason is that Gordon is the most inspirational coach for me. After I watched his coaching series “Champions stand up one more time than the rest”, I changed my opinion about many things, poker and also about life.

And where do you live, how is it to live there?

I live in Varna, Bulgaria. It’s a nice city on the coast of the Black Sea. It is a good place to live in, but only during the summer season.

What do you do in Winter then?

There is not much you can do here in winter. That’s probably better so you don’t get distracted from grinding.


That is true and what do you do, if you do not grind?

I spend my time with friends or watching football. But in the last two months, I am trying to play as much as possible, so I can finish the program faster.


Are you a full-time player?

Yes, I don’t work at the moment, my goal is to make all my income from poker only.


And how do you motivate yourself for the daily grind?

Well, my motivation is to reach 30k profit per month, so I can afford to travel around the world, or maybe even live in another country, probably somewhere in Asia. The lifestyle in Bulgaria is really poor, so my main goal is to move somewhere else.


Do you have any tips for others on how they can motivate themselves?

Motivation can be different for the people, but mainly playing a lot and trying to reach always better and better results.


Thank you for your time, we gonna meet you in Asia!

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