BPC is international: Mikhail from Russia

Hi everybody,

if you are a part of our BPC community you most likely have heard of him, Mikhail aka “Rylan”. If not you will now: Rylan our PLO HU student completed his €60,000 challenge in our HU program in 7 months and 13 days. Insane performance! His biggest win was €8,138.

And now he strikes back again in our PLO HU program. Meet Rylan:

When did you start playing poker?

I started playing poker when I was 20 years old, so about 5 years ago.

And why did you start with playing poker?

Because I didn’t want to study at university and then end up in a “normal” job. And I already had played different computer games throughout almost my whole childhood. So poker is like another computer game for me. But one that brings money.

Why did you decide to join our PLO HU program? 

First of all because I want to earn more money than I do right now. Second of all for motivational reasons.

 Where do you live and how is it to live there?

 Right now I’m in Novosibirsk. I don’t like it. It’s cold here and there is almost nothing interesting about the city. 

 What do you do, outside of poker?

I like traveling and meeting new people. I also love sports, right now I do MMA (note: mixed martial arts).

 How do you motivate yourself?

 It motivates me a lot to have responsibilities to other people. This is one of the reasons why I joined CFP.

How do you practice every day? How do you train yourself for the game?

I make detailed notes from my sessions with my coach and reread those notes every day. And I try to repeat those notes in my brain constantly. Additionally, I do equity analysis with equilab and meditation before each session.
Alright, thank you for the insights! We are looking forward to seeing you climb up!

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