BPC is international: Radoslaw from Poland

Today we meet Radoslaw “arianik”, a bank manager and a family guy from Poland.

He is a 6-max student, and currently on a mission to beat NL10 and get into the Intermediate 6-max group. 

“arianik” is right on the edge of it, currently holding a top 5 spot on the February Micro rankings.

He was number 1 at the time of the interview, but the Micro guys are a competitive group and things can change quickly at the top.

Radoslaw is a competitive guy himself, being a former volleyball pro, and has not said his last word yet.

Now, being a bank manager means he won’t quit his job for the micros anytime soon, but his plan is rather to make a second income from poker, a game he enjoys.

He did already get a taste of playing poker for a living a few years back, grinding the 18-mans and 9-mans SNGs to pay the bills.

After taking a few years away from poker, he decided to come back and switch to cash games, mostly due to more flexible sessions which make it easier for him to spend more time with his young family of 3, and soon to be 4 (congratz!).

In his free time, he also likes to do some photography, with his favorite muse these days naturally being his daughter.


He says life in Warsaw is good, everything he needs is close by, 15 minutes from home.

He lives in the green part of town, so he can enjoy some relaxing barbecues, and hanging out with the family.

There won’t be too much of that in the near future, though, if you want to win the Micro rankings and climb up in stakes! 😉

GL on the journey up!


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