BPC is International: Jonas from Sweden/Germany

Alright, today we have a meet-up with Jonas aka “Kanelbullar” (btw. “Kanelbullar” is a Swedish cinnamon bun) from Germany, who currently lives in Sweden.


Why and when did you start playing poker?

I started to play NL 6-max in 2007 and ground up until 2015 in 6-max when I decided to start in the CFP HU program, where I am right now. I started to play in school with friends and later I decided to also play online.

And why did you join BPC?

I saw the great results of previous students, like Hansthegreat, JurassicDaniel etc. And I knew I could do the same.


Where do you live and how is it to live there?

I live in the south of Sweden, in Jönköping for 2 years already. The city is located on one of the biggest lakes there.

I decided to move here for my Master studies of “International Logistics und Supply Chain Management”.  Jönköping is a nice and relaxed town with lots of students. I enjoy it very much because it is less noisy and crowded and it is easy to reach other cool places, like Stockholm and Göteborg.



What do you do, if you’re not playing poker?

I love traveling. I traveled through Australia for half a year. It is nice getting to know new countries and cultures. If I am traveling I also want to be active and go hiking or try out new things in general. In Bali for example, I took a surf course and I lived for a few weeks in Thailand.

Other than that I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, we enjoy traveling together. Also, sports play an important role in my life, and I try to run the marathon in my hometown, which takes place every year. This year I won’t be able to participate because I’m here in Sweden.

How do you motivate yourself and do you have tips for others how to fully concentrated grind at the tables?

I always set myself new goals and I’m never satisfied. For example, this month it is going up nicely, however, I’m still a bit disappointed, as it is for now just half of the 10k/month.

Additionally, I think it is important to always keep in mind what is the reason you’re doing things. I am talking about intrinsic reasons. I mean 10k per month is nice to have, but you should always keep in mind what for you are doing.

In general, I do not have an advice on how to fully concentrate on grinding, as I don’t have any problems playing longer session.


Thanks for an inspiring interview and I wish you many more nice sessions!

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