“I don’t consider myself as an awesome player at the moment, but I will become one.”

We have quite a few players from the small, but beautiful country of Slovenia among our poker students. One of the previously introduced members of our team has even the same first name, Miha aka “crazyhorse” – from our 6max Crusher program.

But today we will meet Miha aka “TheProject20”, he is successful in our HU program. Let’s meet him!


Please tell me, when and why did you start playing poker?

I started to play poker with friends in 2009. It was at the seaside. I fell in love with the game immediately.

Since then I played just for fun. And actually, a friend introduced me to BPC last year. And I decided to give it a shot and to play seriously. The situation in Slovenia is not good, as there are not many jobs available, and the salary is pretty bad. And I will not work for some people for the rest of my life for 700€, because I know I can do better.


Where in Slovenia are you actually from and how is it to live there? What do you like about it and what not so much?

I’m from Velenje. It is the 5th biggest town in Slovenia, but still small with around 30,000 inhabitants.

In 2016, Velenje won the award for the most beautiful “big” city in Slovenia. I like living here, as the nature around the city is really beautiful. We have a small lake, around which you can go running.


And that leads me to the next question: What do you do if you do not play poker?

If  I’m not playing poker, I spend a lot of time with my friends or go to the gym (just recreationally, not for body building) because in our job we sit most of the time and I go there to just to not get rusty.


How do you motivate yourself to play every day? And to play a lot?

To be honest I’m not a hardcore grinder. I probably can’t do a 14hour-session, because I will make too many mistakes, at least for now. In general, you have to always see the big picture, and why you are doing this. You need to have goals, and if it gets tough – and sooner or later it will – push you even harder!

In the beginning, I had a lot of tilt issues (some serious problems) and I work really hard to fix them. So now if I notice that I start tilting, I stop grinding for a moment, take a break for a few moments to relax and look at the big picture. Then I start crushing again.

I wanted to ask exactly that. That is a good advice for your fellow grinders.

I don’t consider myself as an awesome player at the moment, but I will become one some day, for sure. I believe that emotions are a big problem for us poker players. We have to learn how to control them and make good decisions at the tables. If we are able to do that, success will come!

And what does your name, “TheProject20” actually mean?

Ok, I will share that with you. When I started to play, there was a  promotion available on PokerStars which said you will receive 20€ if you make a deposit of 20€ (I think it still is for new players). I had opened 2 or 3 accounts, and I opened another one, just to get that free 20€ again. So that’s why “TheProject20”, and of course they found out and blocked all of my accounts, except the last one and warned me, in case I will do it again, they would block my account for lifetime.

Do you have tips or advises for other poker players/fellow students? Something that helped you?

Work on your mental game. This is really important: Why do you do things that you do? If you say that you can do it, or you can’t do it, in both cases you are right.

Keep fighting and never give up on your dreams!

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