BPC is international: Mario from Mexico

“Gothicrow” aka Mario could finally make the jump out of the Micros inside our PLO 6-max program at BPC and he is more than happy about his decision to join our team!

When and why did you start playing poker?

Playing cards was a tradition in my family so I learned to play thanks to my grandmother (R.I.P.) since I was 6 years old if I remember correctly. So cards and bets are in my blood!
By 2010 I started playing online because I wanted to learn to play poker and make out of it a profitable hobby… I just love the challenge and the game.

Why did you decide to join us?

Because I wanted to take a step further in my poker career. I was playing PLO since the end of 2011 but I never could make the jump out of the micros. I was always trying to play at PLO50 but without success.
In fact, at the middle of 2014, I just withdraw almost all my bankroll and stopped playing to concentrate on other things.
In January of 2015, I started to play poker regularly again with a $100 bankroll and with a very aggressive bankroll management I could win the necessary deposit to join the CFP program by the end of the year and here I am.

How has being in BPC has improved your game?

Awesome! I think the decision to join CFP was the best one I could have made regarding poker.

All the courses prepared by John are just pure gold, we were able to spot many leaks that I had, and I’m still improving constantly. Even my mental game has improved thanks to the tilt-free course, and I haven’t finished the exercises yet.

I’m very happy because now I know how to improve, how to work on my game and in which areas exactly to put my efforts to be a better player. Right now, I’m playing PLO50 and PLO100.

I’m so happy!


Where do you live and how is it to live there?

I live in Mexico City and here is always something to do. Do you like live shows, theater, good food, outdoor activities, drinks with friends and meeting new people?
Here we have all of that and more. Just imagine, we are something like 22 million people in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area, so we have everything, the good and the bad things.

What do you do, outside of poker? You are a full-time grinder, right? 

Right now I’m a full-time poker student, I would consider myself a real grinder until I’m able to play profitably at the midstakes.
I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I also enjoy being outdoors and traveling, but right now I’m trying to focus more on poker, FOR THE WIN… and my next tattoo!

How do you motivate yourself and/or do you have special rituals, which you use?

Failure is not an option! As simple as that.
There are 2 things that I do to start playing. The first one is to play mind games in the mornings to wake up my brain, and the other one is that I review some hands from the previous day to tune my mind on poker or I review a video from the courses, which is related to one skill that I want to improve that day.

Do you have a special hand or moment in poker, which you would like to share with the community?

Yeah, my best day since I started here was playing on PLO50 and winning a little bit more than 17 BI.

This was a very happy day for me because I was playing on a stake that I couldn’t beat before and I was winning big on it!

Awesome interview, Mario! We wish you all success!

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