BPC is international: Ilja from Russia

Today I want to introduce you to Ilja from Russia, who has great results since he joined our team and just recently entered into our Crusher team. 


When and why did you start with poker?

I start playing poker around 1.5 years ago. I was working as a network engineer and saw the advertisement of a poker room. So I give it a try 🙂


Why did you decide to join BPC?

I was beating NL5, but I couldn’t beat nl10. And I decided to save my time, so I joined to CFP.

How do you feel, being in BPC has improved your game and/or results?

Being part of BPC is really cool. It saves a lot of time. I improve really, really fast, we have a lot of coaching, and the BPC Team is made of really cool and fun guys. 🙂 

Do you come from Moscow? What do you like most about the place?

Yes, I live in Moscow but I don’t have any special feelings about the place. Personally, it does not matter where I live.
The most important thing is the people you surround yourself with 


How do you spend time outside of poker? I mean you are a full-time grinder, right? Do you have hobbies for your free time?

I am a full-time grinder. My hobby is boxing. I’ve been boxing for 10 years now.


How do you motivate yourself for the daily grind?

I just love to play poker. It’s fun, and also it can change your thought process. You become more specific in real life.


Thanks a lot for your time, Ilja!


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