BPC is international: Evgeniy from Russia

Evgeniy from Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) always wanted to make a living without having to go to the office. And he already reached the halfway margin, here he is:

When and why did you start with poker?

I started in Summer of 2010. I always wanted to make a living without having to go to the office. I was studying in the university then – so couldn’t have any other full-time job.

Why did you decide to join BPC?

I was playing 6max at PokerStars NL100 then and was feeling that it’s becoming harder every day to beat those games (no more 4-5k month which I did before). And I had a couple of bad consecutive months.

I didn’t have any coaching for a year at that moment (and previously I always tried to invest money into poker education) – so I was searching for new information anyways. BPC seemed a brilliant variant though I had to transfer to HU.

How would you describe your experience in the program?

I didn’t receive exactly what I was expecting. But the problem is on my end. I have pretty bad long term memory and have huge problems with assimilation all the knowledge and adapting to what is needed to beat nl200+ games. 

But instead, I received VERY solid basis to beat nl50-nl100 games which will always be with me. I definitely became hundred times more stable and began to work 1.5 times more and came to my “limit” in this question.

Again – my brain is not too great, I can’t play more than 2 tables, can’t play much more than 150+ hours a month (quality of the game decreases drastically) or have insanely long sessions (like some of our coaches are speaking about – I play only 3-4 hours max in a row, then I take a rest).

But all that I began to do in the best way I can. And who knows – probably one day I will be able to beat games higher than nl100 – I still have 3 full 90sheet copybooks of summaries of all the videos I’ve watched and I keep learning them every day 🙂


Do you come from Moscow region? What do you like most about the place, where you live in?

I come from Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) and although one day I plan to move back to Moscow (lived there 7 years during studying at the university) – I enjoy my living here right now. What I like most is obviously the nature (better ecology than in the capital).

Our town is surrounded by a vast amount of picturesque forests, lakes and rural landscapes in general. I try to explore it on my bicycle as often as I can. 🙂

 The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra is located in our city. It’s kind of the heart of the Orthodox Church worldwide + the whole history of Russia is closely connected to it (it was a great fortress in middle Ages + a lot of monarchs were hiding here during revolutions later) so we have thousands of tourists coming here to watch it every day 🙂

How do you spend time outside of poker?

Sport (gym/street workout), bicycle, I used to watch films and play online computer games a lot (but it was before joining BPC obviously ;)). Now when I have a day-off or just taking some rest – I try to stay away from the computer and spend time outdoors.

How do you motivate yourself for the daily grind?

Don’t need any motivation. If I don’t play – I don’t have anything to eat 🙂 

Do you have a special hand or a moment in poker you would like to share?

No, can’t remember anything significant. I like moments when you understand something (regarding poker) and feel that you’ll be making more money from now on. But there’re plenty of them and I can’t pick the one.


Thank you for your time, and keep pushing!

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