BPC is International: Darwin from Colombia

Today we will find out more about Darwin “hucol”, the family man from Colombia.

Darwin joined BPC in June, as pretty much a total poker newb. He started playing poker at the start of 2015, trying out some Full ring and Spin’n’Gos, without success. One year later, he is currently topping the CFP leaderboards, having made 2k in the first 5 days of February.

This is no lucky upswing.

Darwin is averaging close to 6k EUR in winnings over the past 3 months, which is making him one of the most consistent performers in the HU program, if not the entire CFP crew.

So what we are seeing here in February, is a charge to take down the monthly race as the next step in his transformation from a poker beginner to an HU master.

After joining the program, he was learning the basics for about 4 months, when the work started showing results. After making 2k in the first 4 months combined, he hit 2k in October, followed by 7k in November and he hasn’t looked back since. His average is close to 6k in the last months, and his personal record is probably in the making in February.

This is a true success story of a family man dedicated to making it, and willing to push hard to reach his goals.

When I asked him what’s the secret of his success, he answered:

First of all, you have to believe it is possible. I knew you could make good money in poker, and I was not going to accept being here to make 1-2k per month. After that, you just have to take action and do whatever the proven system tells you, in other words, follow the orders of the coaches and the program and work hard.

It is an eternal truth, that the guys who have the faith and do what the coach says, are the ones who make it the fastest. In fact, Darwin himself realizes, that is was probably an advantage for him to come to BPC as a beginner, with a fresh mind and willing to listen to what our system teaches 100%.

Darwin lives in Pereira, a small relaxed city in the center of Colombia, surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains.


He doesn’t have much free time, as on top of grinding the tables, he is a serious and successful sports-bettor as well. The two have some things in common, he says, as it is also not hard to tilt with sports-betting. Variance is high there as well, so having experience with that probably also helped Darwin to settle faster at the poker tables.

Besides that, he trains cross-fit every day and still finds time to spend with his family. For him, the day is not too short to do all of it, he says.

I can’t help to think here of some of the young guns, who play “professionally” and manage a miserly 30-35 hour of play per week…

Darwin is a true example of what can be achieved by anyone with the right mindset and attitude.

Speaking of mindset, special thanks from Darwin to our coach m1ndCrtl for all the great work you are doing for him (and the rest of the guys)!

Good luck in the monthly race Darwin, $10k is waiting!


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