BPC is International: Danel from Estonia

A few days ago I introduced Michael from Canada, who is running away with the rankings this month.

Today, it’s time to meet Danel from Estonia, who is on the up in the 6-max Crusher program.

Danel joined CFP in December, after 2 years of averaging around 1.5k per month, and getting tired of slow progression. He decided to give it a real try, joined BPC, and the rest will be history!

History is already in the making, as he is, in his second month at BPC, already on the way to smash his personal best month ever of 5k, and looks like he will get there by the end of the month. 


He is currently 4,7k up, and the month is not over yet. Not a bad start to his CFP project, and we can expect more from him in the future, I am sure. 

Danel comes from Pärnu, a colorful beach tow which is a summer capital of Estonia.

He says there’s lots of things to do in the summer and many tourist and different events, making the place a fun summer spot. But the winter is pretty boring – making it an ideal place for grinders! 🙂

Good luck, man: this month your personal record, in the next months the Crusher record!

P.S.: Update your blog once in a while, people are curious… 😉

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