BPC is international: Algirdas from Lithuania

Today we want you to meet up with Algirdas from our 6-max Crusher team, who is only at the beginning of his journey in his poker plans.

What was the reason for you to start playing poker?
Probably the reason I started was just playing with friends for fun. Then I realized that poker is a very comfortable job and I started looking at this more seriously.

Why did you join BPC? 

I joined BPC because Gordon is very good marketing specialist 😀 But let’s be serious: Everything is legit and you pay only if you earn something at the tables.
I had a couple of coaches before that. I always paid them after the coaching and they were not very motivated in seriously teaching you anything. Additionally, BPC has a very good coaching system setup. It is step by step and without any bullshit!

Has being in BPC improved your game?

Yes, I improved a lot since I joined BPC and now I’m playing my best game, but I’m only at the beginning of my journey.

Where do live right now and how is it for you to live there?


At the moment I’m living in Lithuania in Klaipeda. In this city, everything is good here for me so far. In the future when I improved even more in my game, I have plans to live in other countries with others players at grindhouses or something fun.

Are you a full-time grinder? How do you spend your free time?

No, I’m not playing full-time, but close to full-time. I will start playing probably in autumn. Since I joined CFP most of my time goes to poker and to the gym, where I go about 3 times a week.

I don’t spend time on hobbies at this moment but my hobbies are sports, girls, games, cars, good movies etc.

What is your motivation for the daily grind? Do you have tips for others?

I have a clear plan what I want to do and for my plan, I need money so my motivation comes from that. So tips for others to have a plan 😀
Thank you for the answers and good luck with your plan! 
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