oUR COAches are prOfessionals

We’re an international team with coaches from over 20 different countries. We probably have the biggest coaching team in the industry. What unites us is our passion for the game and helping others to succeed. We started as a team of dedicated mentors for professionals which are specialised in different areas of the game (one of the reasons we are so many).  We have very strict and very high standards for teaching and production of materials. All of our coaches agreed to the BPC ethos of “only finish the sessions after every question has been answered”.


Head Coach and Founder

Alan Jackson

Database Analyst

Panos “Asimos”

6-Max Zoom Coach

Jan “Somebody”

HU Coach

I like coaching. I really enjoy it. It's fun to meet a lot of different people. And it also improves my game because I think more about poker while I'm coaching. I also learn how other people think. Thus I help my students and they help me back.

Alex "Lateralus"

Alex “Lateralus”

6-Max Coach


6-Max Brazil Coach

Julian “HealTheWorld”

MTT Coach


MTT Coach


6-max Coach


6-Max Coach


Guest MTT Coach


HU Coach

What I enjoy the most at coaching is challenging my students with interesting questions, expanding their thing process and their limits. I also enjoy when a student bring an interesting hunt a tough spot. After-all it is all about how to improve, how to become better at the game we love.

Panos "Asimos"

Paul Collins “Cog Dis”

Spin & Go Coach

Ivan “m1ndcrtl”

HU Coach

Tomas “Maestro”

HU Coach


6-max  Coach

Maciej “Nubson”

HU Coach


6-max Coach


6-max Coach


HU Coach

I never had a mentor, I never had a coach that I could relay on. And I know I could so much faster succeeding if I had someone who had told me "Don't do that shit, do that, do this!" That's the reason why I started BPC. I wanted to be that guy I never had myself.


Scott “Fred”

HU Coach


HU Coach

Steven “Imachampion”

HU  Coach


PLO 6-max Coach


HU Coach


HU Coach


HU Coach


6-max Coach

It is awesome to be a coach. Also because I'm pushed by my students. If they work hard, I don't want to be a Hypocrite I have to work even harder.

Maciej "Nubson"


Spin & Go  Coach


6-max Coach


Assistant 6-max Coach


Assistant Spin & Go Coach


HU Coach


PLO  Coach


PLO 6-max & HU Coach


6-max Coach


6-max Coach


Assistant PLO 6-max Coach

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