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Payment Plan

Joining the club is simple. Membership will cost you €29 per month. You will be charged automatically every 30 days to keep access to the BPC Club and it’s Course Libraries..

Since membership is exclusive, and you get access to literally thousands of euros worth of courses, you will need to pay an entry fee of €500 to join.

The BPC Club Is The Fast, Fun, & Convenient Way To Learn How To Effectively Grow Your Bankroll And Move UP The Limits Systematically… You’ll Learn to:


Our comprehensive Library or Poker Courses makes it easy to learn practical strategies quickly. We don’t just teach you the complicated theory of poker… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually win money at the tables.


Going through our specifically designed training curriculum means you get the same set of strategies our best coaches are teaching to our students (as well as select outside experts who actually know what the heck they’re talking about). We constantly research and update our strategies based on population database analysis. This stuff WORKS every day for us – in 2017. Keep your poker skills on the bleeding edge.


Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with hundreds of smart, generous poker coaches, professionals and online players such as yourself. And with members playing virtually every poker format (and from every country on the globe) you’re sure to find someone who “gets you.”

Grow Your Bankroll

Your BPC Club membership has 1 primary goal: To make you a winning player at whichever game you choose to play. Poker is a great game, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re winning – and we want you to have LOTS of fun!

“It’s Like Ninja-Dojo For Poker Players!”

As a BPC Club member, you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to our entire library of step-by-step Poker Courses.

You can use these “operating manuals” to learn new poker formats or capitalize on tested and proven poker strategies and tactics.

Below are just a few examples of the courses you’re about to access.

No-Bullshit 6-Max Poker

A bulletproof system to start winning regularly and moving up limits.

Poker theoreticians will HATE this ebook because there is not one mathematical formula and super advanced concept that can be debated in a cold winter night. Break-even and losing 6-max players will LOVE this course because the simple strategies outlined are effective AND easy to understand.

  • The Ebook of Standard Lines
  • Preflop and Postflop Charts
  • Coaching Sessions with HansTheGreat from $50 to $100k!

The weakness of every “system” is that it is very good at handling the majority of situations, but not good when it comes to exceptions. My system is no exception.

If you think poker math means calculations and formulas, you are not doing it the no-bullshit way. We cut out the bullshit, trim the fat, and present the main concepts with practical, real-life examples.

This is where we need to start using our brains! The videos cover these situations and will not just demonstrate the standard lines in practice, but will also teach you when and how to adapt to your opponents and table dynamics.

In total, there are 12 recorded coaching sessions of me and my student HansTheGreat, who started coaching with me playing the micro-stakes with $50 and ended up making $100k in 9 months of coaching with me using this system.

No-Bullshit Poker Math

Simplified poker math presented with practical examples without all the bullshit. This course will develop your feeling for mathematically correct poker play, without boring you to tears with algebraic equations you don’t need.

Basic Poker Math

  • Explanation of basic math concepts in a clear and simple way.
  • Demonstration of simple equity exercises that will keep you sharp.
  • Free training program and all the poker charts you will ever need.

Introduction to Hand Combinations

  • What are combinations and how to start counting them.
  • Cheat-sheet with the basic combination concepts and numbers.
  • Detailed examples with Flopzilla and Equilab.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.

Practical Application of Poker Math

  • Two simple techniques of value-betting (and bluffing) the river.
  • How to bluff-catch correctly on the river

Bonus: 3 complete recordings of coaching sessions with Gordon and his 6-max students, doing all the demonstrated techniques in front of your eyes in a quick and efficient way, hand by hand.

Taking Notes

Learn how to profile and exploit ANY opponent at the table. This course applies to all poker formats, including 6-Max No-Limit, PLO, Heads-Up, SNG, MTTs, Spin & Go, etc. and was developed by former CFP Student and current BPC Coach Jan “Somebody”.

  • All basic things you need to know, regardless of playing experience.
  • How to take a note and what to focus on the most.
  • His most important advice and tips – and straight to the point with no bullshit.
  • No advanced theory or non-interesting filler content.
  • 26 practical examples of note taking to hone your skills.
  • How to adapt and crush your opponents with a few simple notes.

Tilt-Free Today

Learn how to stop losing money at the tables due to emotional decisions! This course will give you all the tools and resources you need to become tilt free in under 30 days. Get over the gambler’s fallacy and stop tilting today!

  • Why most of the things you’ve learned about tilt are wrong.
  • What tilt really is, the reasons for it, and how to grow out of it.
  • Understand what variance really is, why it’s important and how to deal with it.
  • What mental coaches don’t want you to know and why they talk a lot of bullshit.
  • Learn about punctuality quitting, emergency quitting, and that tomorrow is another day.
  • Exercises that will train your self-discipline to the highest degree.

How to Become a Poker Millionaire

Do you ever wonder if you are really giving it your best shot? Do you have that grinding feeling that you should be doing better? If you feel that you are underachieving, that you are stuck in the same place for too long, this multi-day seminar master class is for you.

  • See the logic behind the success of our best poker students.
  • Deeply understand why poker strategy alone is not enough in today’s games.
  • Learn EXACTLY how to start putting things into action and get results.
  • Get precise instruction on how to make the next steps along the way.

In this seminar master class, no subject is taboo, and no topic is “too sensitive”, as we take the students on the journey of self-examination. You will understand why the students at BPC consistently get such good results, and why you were not getting them until now. This is not some wishy-washy mental game course. This stuff works, and it has worked for many poker players.

Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind

It is not enough to know good poker strategy if you want to crush at the tables consistently. You need the correct state of mind as well!

  • Learn exactly which steps to take to remove mind blocks that prevent success.
  • Realize why rich players play to win and why they are always a little bit crazy.
  • Understand why rich poker players constantly educate themselves and stay up-to-date.
  • Learn exactly how rich and successful poker players think and how you can too!

The book is very compact with real practical advice and cuts out all the “psycho-babble” that you simply don’t need. None of our products have filler material and this book is no exception. I’ve taken a lot of my time and picked the best of everything. The language is rough, but it WILL motivate you. If you don’t like tough language, if you don’t like to hear the truth, or if you are not ready to crush this game, then don’t waste your time!

NL 6-Max Micro Stakes Mini-Bootcamp

Six 1-hour sessions of exclusive insider training with our students with PRACTICAL examples.

Interactive progression through the bootcamp: QUIZZES and tests you have to pass at the end of each chapter to unlock the next video:


✓ Facing a raise on the flop

✓ We CB flop and get called, bet turn (2nd barrel) or not?

✓ Value betting the River (3barrel) in single raised pots

✓ Bluff-Catching on the River (Tough River Decisions)

✓ Call or fold facing a CB

✓ Facing River Donkbets (Villain calls flop and-or turn and then donkbets the river)

At the end of the Bootcamp section, your understanding will be tested by the FINAL Bootcamp test.

Mini Combo Pack

All you need to know about poker combinations. Quickly learn what are combinations, how to practice getting better at them, and how to think about ranges. Includes practical examples with step-by-step analysis which you can apply to your own hands and start practicing on your own today!

  • Learn the basic combinatorics in Texas Holdem.
  • How to count combinations preflop and postflop.
  • How to account for board texture, blockers, and dead cards.
  • Downloadable data sheet with the basic concepts.
  • Practical examples of pot odds, combinations, and ranges.
  • Homework (with downloadable solutions)
  • Detailed examples with Flopzilla/Equilab
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the materials presented.

Core PLO Concepts

Introduced by WSOP bracelet winner John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez, Core PLO Concepts is a video strategy guide that gives you everything you need to know to start winning at PLO.

  • The power hands of PLO
  • The truth about the nuts why it’s ALWAYS relevant
  • How hand values run close together
  • The most important factor about a starting hand
  • Cumulative equity in PLO
  • The counter-intuitive approach to preflop play
  • And quizzes to test your knowledge

Atvars Presents: The Road to Success

From our 4-day workshop in Malta, former CFP student Atvars and current record CFP record holder (finished in 5 months, 24 days), shares his story and provides a detailed plan for how you too can become a successful poker player.

  • What made him successful
  • Why you need to set powerful, meaningful goals
  • Tips for success in poker
  • Explains his thought process during a hand
  • Advanced hand debates between 6-max and Heads-Up CFP finishers
  • Download the presentation PDFs

SNG Basic Strategies

Learn how to quickly master low stakes SNG tournaments. You will also learn how to analyze your play from the biggest MTT winner in online history, Bencb789.

  • What you’re chips are really worth
  • The fundamentals of the Independent Chip Model (ICM)
  • Applications of ICM such as push/fold and call/fold
  • The risk premium concept and why it’s important
  • How to use ICMizer and HoldemResources calculator

Spin & Go Basics

Learn how to get started with the hottest poker format today from the #1 player at $30 Spin & Go, Pawel “Pablo1017”.

  • Meet the coach video.
  • Introduction to Spin & Go tournaments.
  • Setting up PokerStars to find the best games
  • Standard lines with made hands
  • General guidelines for playing made hands.

Content added regularly: BPC Special Mini-Series

BCP Club Spin n Go Mini-Series:

  • Facing Donk Bets (2 videos)
  • Standard Lines With Bluffs (3 videos)
  • Playing Limped Pots (2 videos)
  • How to Play Draws  (2 videos)

BPC Club NL 6-max Mini-Series

  • How to continuation bet on the flop the right way (3 videos)
  • Turn Cbetting (3 videos)
  • Slowplay vs Fastplay the flop (3 videos)
  • Slowplay vs Fastplay the turn (3 videos)
  • How to Increase Your Winrate By Making Thin Value Bets on The Turn (2 videos)
  • How to Profitably Donk Bet The Flop (3 videos)

BPC Club NL 6-max ZOOM Mini-Series

  • Playing From The UTG or MP (3 videos)
  • Playing the CO Unopened (2 videos)
  • Playing The BTN Unopened (3 videos)
  • Playing in The SB vs CO-BTN Open (3 videos)

BPC Club MTT Mini-Series

  • How to play the nuts (2 videos)

BPC Club SNG Mini-Series

  • When to Cbet and when to check (2 videos)

BPC Club PLO Mini-Series

Coming Soon!

BPC Club Mindset Mini-Series

  • How to Set Up Your Poker Environment (1 video)
  • Table Selection Principles (2 videos)
  • Why You DON’T Run Bad (1 video)

BPC Club Poker Tools Mini-Series

  • Holdem Manager: How to Tag Hands for Analysis (3 videos)
  • PokerTracker: How to Tag Hands for Analysis (3 videos)
  • How to Use Equilab for Daily Practice (1 video)
  • The Basics of Flopzilla (3 videos)
  • UhlvarEquity: Custom Equity Trainer (2 videos)
  • Which Poker Room is the BEST to Play On? (1 video)

Premium Courses Included in the BPC Club Membership

Mastering 3-Bet Pots

Big 3-bet pots can be a source of HUGE profits, or they can be a source of frustration. This course will give you the guns you need to bring to the 3-bet battle at today’s tables.

Mastering 3-bet pots has 5 modules, with several units in each module such as:

  • Advanced preflop charts that will protect you
  • Solve and exploit any play preflop
  • Standard lines for outplaying ANY opponent postflop
  • When to bluff, float, and make “crazy” moves that work
  • Destroy aggressive regs, both as the aggressor and as the caller

Heads-Up Mastermind

If you are playing NL50 or higher and struggling to obtain a big win rate, taking this course will be the smartest decision that you will make in your poker career. Every situation possible has been analyzed and presented with step-by-step advice.

There are 35 modules in all, each with several units, including:

  • How to cheat legally with Gordon’s special HUD
  • Basic preflop strategies and practice techniques to hone your instincts
  • Postflop standard lines for any situation
  • Bonus videos on how to play 3-bet and 4-bet pots
  • Analyzing villains and how to exploit them

How to Crush Fish

This course was developed by HansTheGreat and he will teach you not only how to crush the fish, but also how to find them! You will learn exactly how a fish thinks and why they are our “main customers” at the poker table, as well as:

  • Maximizing value against fish
  • Why a fish can make you tilt
  • How to bluff against fish
  • Why a fish will sometimes own you
  • How huge of an impact your strategy against the fish will have on your profits.
  • How to take notes on fish

Bonus: HUD and the HansTheGreat Scrap-Book

How to Crush Life After Poker

In the summer of 2016, the cream of the BPC coaches and students met in Malta, for a 4-day workshop at the Hilton.  Now, the contents of the lectures are publicly available to the general community in this video course. Here are just some of the things you will learn in this course.

  • Why poker is STILL too good to be true
  • What you need to be successful
  • No-bullshit investment strategies
  • The flag theory of internationalization
  • Complete action plan for continued success

Bonus: presentations by Jan “Somebody” and Atvars, plus CFP award ceremony.

Meet Your 1,000 New Best Poker Friends

BPC Club is much more than just structured, step-by-step Poker Courses covering all game formats and topics. It’s your new poker home. We’ve built & fostered the premier online community for poker player – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to one another’s success.

Before, I was trying to do it all by myself, as many people do. And I was getting nowhere. Joining the coaching for profits program was the best decision of my life. They are just so good, that nobody else could even come close.


“It was my big breakthrough. BPC is really going to teach you how to make money in poker.


Find a good coach, and do what he says. From BPC, I got everything I need to make 10k EUR per month.


I can’t even understand, how I was able to play before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place.


I couldn’t imagine before that this could have been achieved by me.


It’s so easy, and yet we make more money than in most jobs. It’s crazy, if you think about it.


They know exactly what to do at BPC. I’m a better player, and also a better person now.


I approach poker differently now. I have clear goals, and the right tools and mindset.


You can be sure they will tell you every little secret, because they only get paid if you win. I had to earn the trust of the coach. I learned a lot about life, business.


I simply earn a lot more money than before. That’s what I care about.


Your Membership Is Better Than Free

Our goal is to make sure your BPC Club membership pays for itself (and a lot more) in poker winnings starting right away! We are VERY results oriented. Call us “superficial”, but we desperately want our members to win money at the tables! And we do everything in our powers to make this happen.


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Who Should Join BPC Club?

Recreational/Hobby Poker Player

If you’re a time-strapped poker player and poker is not the only and your #1 priority in life, you don’t have time to spend hours researching the complexities of winning poker strategies. You need someone to show you, step by step, exactly how to implement the strategies your game needs…and that’s exactly what you’ll get in the BPC Club.

Serious Poker Player

If you’re a passionate poker player determined to move up and start making real money at this game, you’ve found home. BPC Club is where ambitious poker players like yourself come to meet, to learn, and to share their ideas & experiences. Even if you’re already a winning poker player, your membership is well worth it for the support and friendships you’ll build with other like-minded players.

Who Should NOT Join BPC Club?

If You’re Already Making €3000+ Each Month At The Tables

If you are already winning $3000+/month regularly (not winning a tourney once!), you should consider joining one of our CFP Programs instead. You would still benefit from the BPC Club, but for those $10k+ months, CFP is the right place to go.

If You Are Happy With Being a Losing Player

Not everybody wants to make money at this game, and grow their bankroll. Everybody has the choice to stay at their current level. However, BPC Club is for ambitious players who would like to develop as poker players, grow their bankroll and move up the limits. Since you have visited our site, I assume you belong in this second category!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How Much Money Can I Expect To Earn By Joining The BPC Club?”

A: First of all, BPC never makes any promises that by doing nothing money will come flying to you. We are different than the rest. We actually have real and verified results not only from ourselves (world class coaches, record holders) but more importantly from our students.

So anything from “only” $1000/month up to $3000/month is easily possible to achieve by studying the material from the BPC Club. How much will depend on how seriously you take this.

What we can promise to you is that there is no better and effective training out there. It’s also the most fun and engaging you will have ever seen at poker! If you have bigger ambitions and/or want to learn a specific variant at a deeper level, you should definitely join one of our Academies, where you will also get personal attention from our coaches in live coaching sessions and unlimited questions in both live and written format (Coaching/VIP Facebook group).

Keep in mind there are many “coaches” out there who might be ok-ish, sometimes great players, but they are simply incapable of relating to you and teaching you something that works for YOU. In other words, they are bad coaches!

You can follow day-by-day blogs from the past and present students to see what the most successful BPC students do and have done. Then go and look how many of these successes other “coaches” have produced.

You will realize our most successful students were (and still are) normal people like yourself. Some just out of school, single and ready to take on the world. Others already in their late twenties and early thirties with serious relationships or even with children. Even senior people are part of BPC (recently had one very charming older lady in the coachings who did not want to reveal her age!).

You will see that things are like life. Some will give up, but those who persist will win. And they win big. Our data from millions of hands shows that the “average” person can earn $10.000/month and only after that “talent” comes into play.

Q: “Who Should Join And Who Should Not Join The BPC Club?”

A: For Whom is it:

  • You are new to BPC and not yet ready to join the Academy/CFP
  • Hobby player who wants learn poker the right way with a minimum investment
  • Somebody who wants to learn a little bit about all poker variants
  • Anybody who wants to access special tournaments, discounts on meet-ups, special Webinars and BPC-member only advice from our founder and most successful players
  • You are already decent at one variant of poker, but want to get started on another one (for example you know 6max cash games, but want to learn PLO, Poker Math or about other topics)

For Whom it isn’t:

  • You are making already $3000+/month regularly
  • If you love to keep losing money on the poker tables to our players
  • If you are already a member at BPC Academy or Coaching For Profits (unless of course you are a member of 6max cash Academy, but want to learn PLO concepts, MTT or other concepts).

Q: “Which Type Of Poker Games Can I Learn At The BPC Club (Such As MTT, Spin’n’go, 6max Cash, Zoom, HU, PLO…)?”

A: BPC Club covers the following games variants (we will add more in the future):

  • Heads Up No Limit Holdem (NL10 up to NL100) 
  • 6max NoLimit Holdem (NL2 up to NL400), Zoom/Fast-fold games included 
  • Pot Limit Omaha (PLO 5 up to PLO 200) 
  • SNGs, Hyper SNGs 
  • MTTs

Those are the plans, but before you join, make sure that your game of choice is already included (we are still producing more and more every day!) 

If you game of choice is not included in this list, let us know and we will look for ways to create content at BPC quality for your games.

Q: What Is The BPC Club And Which Type Of Content Will I Get Access To?

A: The BPC Club is a way for us to show you around BPC. It’s like a tasting Menu in a 5-star restaurant. You will be able to learn a lot, get access to complete courses, but also learn different types of games.

In the past we have sold courses for up to 500 Euro each (yes, 500 Euro for each course and we have sold a lot of them). Now that we have quite a few courses, we want to simplify our offering.

You are getting thousands of Euro of value for 30 Euro/month. The reason we change the model to a monthly membership is also that we want to earn your loyalty every month. We understand that you could watch a lot of material and just cancel after one month.

Our job and challenge is to give you so much value that you will either want to deepen your learning experience (at the BPC Academy) or stay willing to pay the monthly membership

  • Here is the type of content you can expect to see:
  • Collection of high quality courses that teach various topics and concepts
  • High quality learning material, with quizzes and self-evaluation
  • You will be able to learn about any topic, MTT, Cash, SNGs (check for updates what variants of poker are covered and which not)
  • Fun and entertaining way to learn
  • Certificates for completing courses

Here is a specific list of courses you will have access to:

  • No-Bullshit 6-max Poker
  • NoBS Poker Math
  • TiltFreeToday
  • Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind
  • How to Become a Poker Millionaire
  • Taking Notes
  • Mini Combo Pack

Member Rewards:

Every 3 months as a subscriber, you get to choose your FREE GIFT among one of the following courses:

  • Mastering 3bet Pots Course
  • How to Crush Fish
  • HU Mastermind Course
  • How to Crush Life After Poker

The emphasis is on a fun and supportive environment where you can learn about simple to advanced concepts in poker. The main difference to our other programs is that in the BPC club you do not have daily access to our coaches, but still very high quality materials. Of course you can always ask us if anything is unclear.

Q: “Can I Get The Premium Course Now By Paying 3 Months In Advance?”

A: The premium courses are rewards for our loyal Club members. If you wish to purchase 6 months or a yearly subscription (and as such get instant access to all premium courses), please select the appropriate option when joining.

If you would like to purchase any of the 3 courses separately, this is possible (independently, they sell for €197 each) . In that case, you would keep life-time access to the purchased course. 

But getting them in advance in the subscription program is not possible. 

Q: “What About Cost, Refund, Cancellation Of BPC Club Membership?”

A: The cost is 29 Euro/month. There is no signup fee.

You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

Payments already made are not refunded as per our general refund policy.