BPC 6-max student: WSOP ring winner!

This time we had a talk with Kaivon from Atlanta in the United States. He just recently moved up from our 6-max Micro team into our 6-max Crusher team. 

And guess what: His most memorable moment in poker was when he won a WSOP ring.  

How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?
I started playing poker with my friends when I was a sophomore in high school.  I had always taken a liking to card games and puzzles so poker naturally captured my interest very quickly.
How did find out about BPC and how did it help you to improve your game? 
I found BPC on twoplustwo.  I was looking for something more than coaching… something very structured, and that’s exactly how BPC is.  It’s a perfect fit for me.  Although I’m relatively new to the program, I’ve already learned a lot about how statistics drive many of the decisions that we make at the table.  
Coming from a primarily live background, learning the basics of using/manipulating a HUD and implementing database analysis is quite interesting to me. 
Where do you live and how do you like to live there?
I’m from Atlanta, GA, USA where other than the fact that there are no casinos nearby, I really enjoy the city.  
What do you do outside of poker?
When I’m not playing or studying I enjoy playing guitar/listening to music, playing and following basketball, and spending time with my girlfriend and our dog.
What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?
For me, motivation to get to the tables every day is about far more than the money.  Obviously, I play poker for money, but I have always had this strong desire to work hard and become as good as I possibly can.  I take pride in working hard on and off the tables and I have a habit of beating myself up when I make mistakes.  
Poker is constantly evolving so if you’re not working to improve at all times, you will be left behind.  
Can you recall a special moment or hand in poker, which was memorable for you?
My most memorable hand by far is the final hand of my only live tournament win to this date.  I had 3 bet A6ss, flopped AA10 and turned quads.  My opponent shoved over the top of my bet on the turn and I called with the bigger stack, having him drawing dead.  The win was surreal and earned me my first (but hopefully not last) WSOP ring.
Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?
My best tip for motivation is that you have to REALLY want whatever it is that you are going after.  Examples of bullshit motivators:  I want to make a lot of money, my parents will be proud of me if I do so and so, I don’t have anything else to do right now, so why not?  
Let me clarify, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a lot of money.  I have this desire too.  It just can’t be your sole end game if you want to succeed.  If you get into poker or anything else for the wrong reasons, it will eventually catch up with you.
Could suggest only 1 thing for people to improve their game?
Focus on both your poker game AND your mental game.  
If you are a superstar player who is weak mentally, you are going to fail! If you have laser sharp focus and stamina but your poker game is shit, you are going to fail!  Keep studying and putting in hours at the tables, but don’t forget to take care of your mind and body and continue to grow as a person.
Awesome interview! 

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