BPC is international: Meet Rafał from Poland

Most people decide to start playing 6max, when they get involved with poker, so did Rafał aka “claher”. Nonetheless, he joined our HU program and is doing pretty well.


When and why did you start playing poker?

I started playing Texas Holdem Poker in high-school, around 6 years ago.  My classmates played during the breaks and I was interested in making some money playing poker, and so I started with cash games.

After I had finished school, I tried my luck in online poker with a free bankroll from one coaching site.  And probably like most of the fish, I lost my first bankroll. Then I deposited and lost this one as well.

The next step was trying my skill in HU SnG Hyper Turbo. Without any idea about the games, I deposited my first salary and doubled up it. However, later I lost all that money and learned to not trust people who you almost don’t know. I met this polish poker player at the tables and I lost all my money in my Pokerstars account.

It was a horrible time for me, I felt pretty bad. But because I love poker so much I gave the game with real money a second chance. I started playing 6-max cash NL2. For almost 3 years I was stuck on NL2-Nl25 6max as a break-even player.

I had my first coach to take my game to a higher level but it wasn’t the best choice. So I was searching for someone else, someone really good.


Was this the moment, when you decided to join BestPokerCoaching?

Yes, after reading the success stories of Ilidek, Nubson and GoodFake in Gordon’s CFP HU program, I made the choice and joined Gordon’s CFP deal. I have the will to crush and win money for a living playing poker and my goal was to do it as fast as possible.

It was Christmas, 2015. I went through all the starter stuff in almost one day. Then I started playing, with results of hitting 20BI stop loss in about 10 days. It was time for my mindset test. Then I STOODUP ONE MORE TIME THAN THE REST and now I am building my bankroll to shot NL200.

Where do you live and how is it to live there?

I live in Poland, in a small village near Krakow.  I like my country but the weather could be better and sunnier like in Greece ;). In terms of income people can’t be happy here: The average salary is around 450€.

Are you a full-time grinder?

No, I have a regular job and I plan to drop it and become a full-time poker pro. The idea of working 8 hours daily, 160 hours per month for 600€ is a joke for me.  


What do you do outside of poker?

I like reading motivational books and books for self-improving. I can recommend Anthony Robbin’s books and the one which made the biggest change for me was “Awaken the Giant Within”.


How do you motivate yourself and/or do you have special rituals, which you use?

My motivation mainly comes from my plan to change my life and the first big step is to drop my full-time job. I was grinding as much as possible after my job every day, and almost didn’t spend any time with anybody.

I was in work/play/learn/sleep repeat mode.  I’m not using any special ritual, but I’m trying to play only with a fresh mind.  If I feel that I’m losing control over my emotions, I quit playing and do other stuff.

For example: Spending time with my wife, cleaning the room, doing something outside. Just to take a break for my brain.

The goals for my next months also motivates me: We want to buy a new car. Then we have the plan to build our own house but probably it will change, because we need to invest money from poker winnings to build better financial fundaments.

If we spend money now, who knows what will be later, like 5 years from know.


Do you have a moment in your poker career, which was/is really important for you? Can you describe why?

Yes. The most important moment was when I decided to join the CFP HU Soldier program. I was a b/e 6max NLH player and I had the big will to make money playing poker. Since I joined CFP, I started playing HU, broke my personal record of monthly winnings (2k€) and now I want to become an HU poker pro. It’s only a matter of time because with all the coachings and material available it is impossible to not make money in the long run. 


Alright, so the plans are clear for you: Simply upwards! All the best for your personal goals!

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