“bencb789” on PokerStars SCOOP

Our MTT Head Coach have been doing great in this year’s SCOOP in Poker Stars!

He is no stranger to good results on these, last year he won the $100.000 WCOOP High Roller event for $1,172,360.60.

This year he reached the final table in the $25.000 SCOOP High Roller event but ended up winning “just” $153.281.25 for the 6th place after getting eliminated by Black88, who ended up winning the tournament.

Pokerstars SCOOP

That wasn’t his only final table.

On the SCOOP-10-H NLHE Win the Button Event with $2.100 buy-in, he also reached the final table, and just like in the High Roller event, he finished in 6th place, this time winning $22.500.

Pokerstars SCOOP

He also made the final two tables in the  SCOOP-02-H Event with $1.050 buy-in. For his 14th place, he won $6.741.

In case you don’t know, there is also a special series of events going on Party Poker, the Powerfest.

Of course, Ben is also playing there. And he won an event for $45.000.

For obvious reasons, he doesn’t want to share his screen name there, but you can see a $45.000 jump in his graph for the series, right at the beginning:

Those are really impressive results, but it doesn’t surprise us at all. Ben is one of the best players in the world, not only on MTTs but also in SNGs.

So he’ll always achieve great results.

His students in the MTT Coaching for Profits program are really really lucky to have him as a coach. They get to learn everything he knows so they can start winning a lot of money at the tables!


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0 Responses

  1. ben is simply the best in his format. no doubt about it. also shoutout to @healtheworld who is by far one of the best coaches I have ever come across. what an insane combination…

  2. Ben is just showing the world what it show us all the time in BPC, he really knows what he’s doing 🙂
    Good luck, keep crushing!

  3. cant say im surprised!!! but well done indeed…not easy but from his coachings makes it seem so ez….GL in the rest of the series BENCB

  4. Congratulations to both Bencb & HealTheWorld on their deep runs. You both are very inspiring, disciplined and consistent winners! Great stuff!!

  5. Great job Ben. I will consider to join in the MTT program, when there is a coach like you there !

  6. Awesome job and so Inspiring! Keep it up!
    Eventhough I do wish you all the best Ben, one day, im gonna crush you at the tables so enjoy this as long as you can 😉

  7. As one of his students I feel very lucky to be able to learn from one of the best in the world and he’s a great motivation also! Well done Ben!

  8. Congrats Ben!
    Truly an inspiration to see such results. The aforementioned just goes to show what perseverance, hard work, dedication and consistency can achieve!

    aka QuietAndPoliteStudent on raiseyouredge.com

  9. I got to know Ben as my 6 max hyper coach and immediately was stunned and excited of his clear way of explaining things and making it look so simpel. He is demanding of his students and he should be for the time he and his team invest in coaching us. I also made the switch to MTT recently and once again I am impressed by the quality of the course.
    Ben combines tve best with the best …
    A true poker mastermind who is able and capable to word and explain things like the best teachers would. I feel blessed for this opportunity to be formed and coached by him. My future looks bright thanks to him and his team!

  10. Congrats Ben! What an inspiration! I hope one day I’ll listen to your advices too. GL 🙂

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